Watching Asia Cup Final in NJ?
OK friends, Anyone in Central New Jersey, USA watching the Asia Cup Final tomorrow? And if so, can I invite myself for a few hours to watch the action? Please e-mail me: [email protected]

Quiz: Assess and Name this Test Cricketer
How would you rate a Test Cricketer with the following (genuine) averages: Matches 71 Batting Average 32.99 Bowling Average 33.85 Well? And for several Bonus...

24 hours to go till puki JJ cry like an infantile
Mark my words and get ready to watch puki JJ cry like an infantile watching India and NOT PUKIS playing Srilanka in Asia Cup finals.

Laxman less prolific against mere mortals For the final, they will be further bolstered by the inclusion of VVS Laxman...

Sri Lankan chauvinist forces are marching to prove that Tamils atrocities are right.
War mongrels monkeys are marching under pretext of Oslo Conference on "Road Maps to Peace in Sri Lanka" - 20 August 2004 Norway representatives will be the victim of false propaganda. Sri La...

Another century by Mongia
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_006E_01C47713.F16F8C80 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Re: Agarkar's day at the office
>> Batting 0 (out first ball) and 1* >> Bowling 0/27 and 0/53* sorry, my mistake. he was not out first ball in the first innings. he actually managed to play 2 balls b...

Fit-again Laxman rearing to go at Sri Lanka in final
an intriguing heading by the pakistani columnist, mr mohammad wahid khan... Fit-again Laxman rearing to go at Sri Lanka in final From Waheed Khan

McGrath silghtly better than Agarkar.
Middlesex v. Kent. McGrath 30 10 71 1 (3nb) Agarkar 17 6 53 0 (3nb) Thanks, --GS

Agarkar's day at the office
Middlesex v Kent at Southgate, 28-31 Jul 2004 Batting 0 (out first ball) and 1* Bowling 0/27 and 0/53* He should be batting behind McGrath... and not bowling at all ___...

Eng-WI Online Audio
Hello, where can I find online audio coverage of the England - West Indies series? Thanks, Cliff

Re: 24 hours to go till India's batting collapse
Ram wrote: > Could very well be, but you sound as if you wish that it happens rather than > putting out an informed speculation. > > "JJ" <[email protected]

HHTC EvWI T2 D3 tea
Player scores: Trescothick (108) 101 Gayle (7) Strauss (24) 20 Smith (4) Sarwan (90) 51 Key (39) Lara (115) 111 Vaughan (4) Thorpe (71) ...

My Indian team for the Holland tourney + Champions Trophy
I will select 5 fast bowlers for the simple reason that they are breaking quiet frequently and others need to be available soon instead of being flown across the continents. I will not ...

24 hours to go till India's batting collapse
Mark my words and get ready to watch India get a royal spanking.

Murali speaks out
Murali speaks out 'There will always be 10% who are jealous' Charlie Austin July 31, 2004 Muttiah Muralitharan recently went to England to shoot...

cricket on zee
no idea what about viewers in india ??????

Pakis - a bunch of Harami Cowards......
Some say tomorrow's finals could have been easier to clinch if Sri Lanka faced Pakistan instead of India. Some even venture to say that some top order batsmen latterly threw their wickets in...

Another cuncker in making from larry's arsehole
Love of cricket unites Sri Lanka By Ayanjit Sen BBC, Colombo Belonging to the minority Tamil community, Pradeep Jayprakash is a promising 19-year-old fast bowl...

It's Official, FLINTOFF >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AGARKAR
With his 167 against WI, Flitntoff has officialy overtaken Aggy as world's leading allrounder.

Natwest Challenge
With the way England has been playing and dominating this year, I think they will whitewash India 3-0

Fred the bat
Classically stylish, and very compact. At his most exciting and unnerving when thrashing sixes, he is also at his most vulnerable when on a roll; an echo of what I've heard about Botham, ...

OT : Mandira Bedi in Kohinoor Basmati Rice Commercial
Bad choice of husband and son - could have picked up someone more suave and cute respectively. As Preeti in DDLJ she appeared so dorky - she has metamorphisised! Neat commercial though I tho...

HHTC EvWI T2 D2 close
Player scores: Trescothick (105) 98 Gayle (7) Strauss (24) 20 Smith (4) Sarwan (38) 9 Key (29) Lara (94) 82 Vaughan (12) Thorpe (61) ...

HHTC scores ne1?
I'm excited bcoz Sarwan's doing well... -Vig

Re: Latest Legends
Vig wrote: > How about a list of latest legends from Test playing nations? Here's mine... > I feel some of these are borderline feel free to > disagre...

Harmlessone ?
What's happened to Harmison ? It's just one match & some overs, but he just has 2 wkts around 100 runs per wicket in this series. Is he bowling badly (i.e. lost his rhythm) or are...

SL players
need to shorten their names. What is up with these weirdass names?

SL-RSA matches on ZEE TV
ZEE TV is advertising that they will show tests and ODIs between SL-RSA in the US on dishnetwork. DOes anyone know if it is true? Rakesh

Highest 10th wkt p'ship starting at 500-9
For lack of something better to do, here is a list of all 10th wicket partnerships (Ps) of 40 or more runs which started with the team score at 500 or more runs. Number 11s are listed second...

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