India's Exceptionable batting lineup,curpg-2.cms Frankly, the only person I find exceptionable in India's batting lineup is the opening bat - Yuvraj.

Waugh's technical mistake?
Sorry if I missed something obvious, but what is the mistake that Border referring to here? -raghu

Once again!!
Sarkar out first ball in a test, by Pedro Collins... Anyone else has had a deja vu??? Ciao, Andrea -- Posted via Mailgate.ORG Server - http://www.Mail...

10th wkt p'ships stats...
Jimmy Ormond and Mark Ramprakash have just put on 104 for the last wicket for Surrey against Gloucs. The ninth wicket fell at 109. Has there ever been a case of the last wicket p'ship ...

Aslam - stats help needed (again)
Hi Aslam, Can you help with a list of those players who began and ended their Test careers playing in one-off Tests? Just to make myself clearer, I'm looking for those like ...

Dolphins announce new captain but still looking for coach
The team formerly known as Kwazulu-Natal (and before that just plain old "Natal") have announced that Hashin Amla will captain the side for the 2004/5 season. Amla is 21. His two ...

Scots whingeing about umpiring Including this gem: "The crunch came when one of the two Highland umpires waited until a Huntly fielder had made a catch ...

Muralitharan the bridesmaid again
20 May Race 9, Bulli Wollongong GBOTA Stakes 1 Cawbourne Mim 2 Muralitharan 3 Kelly Will 4 Joe Strummer 5 Jenmar Token 6 Yallah Doll 7 Perisher Lad <...

cricket article in newyorktimes

Vaughan and substitution rules
On the first morning of the rain-infested heap which is the Headingley Test, Sky TV reported clarification from the umpires on the issue of Michael Vaughan taking leave of absence to attend ...

Ron Saggers
Over the years, a great many players with the same names have played for different countries. Right now a couple of Smiths are playing for the Wind...

Just in case anyone's forgotten
Murali is a chucking cheat. Liarry and Ananda are liars. Liarry and Ananda are cowards. Andrew Dungford (TM) is not funny.

Border- my hero

links for the NZ/ ENG test?
video would be better as usual..

Cricket Stats for Clubs
See: if you are interested in Online Cricket Stats for your club. For this first 'pilot' season it will be provided to the first 10 clubs that apply ...

JW Lloyds
Anyone know what this bloke's qualification for doing the latest Test are? He's done 2 ODIs, the most recent in 2001 (plus a handful as 3U). Given Mallender, and now Lloyds', remarkably rapi...

Sri Lanka grooming second Muralitharan
Sri Lanka grooming second Muralitharan

The future of Australian quick bowling :-)
Andy Blignaut signs for Tasmania... Fast bowler Andy Blignaut became the second Zim...

Farewell Utpal Chatterjee
A long career ends gracefully - with a first class tally of 499 wickets! 04.html Utpal was one of that...

What's the weather going to be like for the 2nd test tonight?

PCB Chief Loses Cool
PCB Chief, Sharayar Khan loses cool at a press conference in Pakistan as he is questioned over recent defeat to India. He undermines the captain's performance and now has introduced an attit...

Fastest to test 100 and 5-WI
A very preliminary list Bruce Taylor on his debut Shahid Afridi took 5WI on his debut and scored a century in his second test. Ian Botham took 5WI in his first two tests and scored a ce...

Nzl vs Eng 2nd test a four day test prediction
Well the first day is to be rained off with the forcast calling for heavy rain, if the pitch can drain in time, the next four days forcast is going to be good. Well I was tot...

Tests in 1929-30
I went to the shop today and consulted "The Two Maurices", the book written by Maurices Allom and Turnbull of MCC recording their tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1929-30. What we know t...

Need an Answer
Q : What is the Highest Score by a No. 11 batsman in both Tests and ODI's?? Cheers, Ashwat

More fitness problems for Zaheer
Zaheer Khan's short county stint with Surrey has come to an early end. He was supposed to play his last match a four-day game against Gloucestershire on Wednesday, but The Indian Expres...

Gros Islet
The recently concluded Bang-WI test was played at "Gros(s) Islet". Besides this and "La-hore", do we have any more of such places where TMC and ODOs have been played.

Rafique - first BD player to have both test 100 and 5-fer?
If I'm not mistaken, Mohammed Rafique becomes the first BD player to have both a 100 and a 5-fer in test cricket. Who are the respective first players for the other countries? Lala Amarnath ...

Herman's Test Ratings after the test in Gros Islet
Herman's Test Ratings after the test in Gros Islet 2004-05-24 batting bowling rating matches prev Australia 46,30 31,08 304 (1) 12,4 300 (1) South Africa 44,29 34,02 206 (2) 11,6 2...

Irfan Pathan's excellent adventure
The May issue of Wisden Asia Cricket profiles Irfan Pathan and carries an excellent article on him. Sample some of the stuff written in the article below. ------------------------------...

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