despite all the spin (pardon the pun) and nationalistic fervour that sri lnkan fans and others in the cricket world, who wish the problem would go away, put on murali's performance, the fact...

Finally: Murali warned "no more chucking the doosra" or you're out
Excuse me for being a stickler for detail, but hasn't he already been told this? I know I posted something to this effect weeks ago. Thing is, he should never have been allowed to get ...

Hot off the press: MURALI IS A CHEAT

so it can be corrected !!!
The article says that Mutli's(tm) arm has been straightened from 14 to 10 degrees. I wont be surprised if some more remedial action (after the ICC does not chage the limit) the bending will ...

Exclusive : Final Report on Murali's action
The previous post was not by me and it was from a person in whose PC, I mistakenly kept my Outlook Express account open. I have instructed the person to remove the links mentioned from...

Exclusive : Final Report on Murali's action
Final Reports on Muttaih Muralitharan's Action ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Sri Lankan off-spinne...

WE WANT JESSOP! by AA Thompson
Thanx Sadiq for this extract. +++++++++++++ ....Yes, it was Jessop. As soon as he took his stance at the wicket, you knew. There was only one man in England who crou...

Move over Michael Clark
++++++++ Gilchrist deal hits jackpot Adam Gilchrist has signed the most lucrative sponsorship contract in Australian cricket's history. What is believed to...

A true Tiger
A true Tiger There is only one national hero in Sri Lanka and he answers to the name of Muttiah Muralitharan. In a country torn apart by internal strife, the 32-year-old off-spinn...

Murali record fires up Warne - says Aussie coach
Murali record fires up Warne - says Aussie coach BRISBANE, Australia, Monday, (AFP) - Muttiah Muralitharan's world record number of wickets has fired up Australian Shane Warne to seize it of...

Next matches for India
Are there any One Day tournaments in which India's playing in the new few months ? And what about test matches ? -- Cheers, C Rajan Live and don't learn, that's ...

Murali and Courtney Walsh
A classic!! Brings a tear to my eye. What a bloody legend Murali is!! I honestly think that those here putting shit on Murali's achievements must hate their own mothers. Laz...

Cricket and the joy of decks
++++++++++ Novelist Steve Jacobi paid 6,000 to travel on a luxury liner with sporting celebrities and assorted eccentrics as it cruised the Caribbean during the recent Test serie...

Muralitharan to retire after 2007 World Cup
This news means that Murali bashing will continue unabated until the 2007 World Cup. In the article below, Murali announces his plans to leave the game on a high note. -----------------...

Interview of a renowned coach in Hyderabad Cricket
Aditya, I am posting from google so my reply wouldn't be directly across to your post.. "Aditya" wrote in message >"Srinivasan" wrote in message >news:fc2a...

Interview of a renowned coach in Hyderabad Cricket
Aditya, I am posting from google so my reply wouldn't be directly across to your post.. "Aditya" wrote in message >"Srinivasan" wrote in message >news:fc2a...

Interview of a renowned coach in Hyderabad Cricket
Hi Indian-Domestic cricket lovers, Being in Hyderabad, I thought of interviewing the legends of Hyderabad Cricket whenever I get the time and so do they. The first interview was ...

His Excellency pimps for Michael Clarke
+++++++++++ ...Michael Clarke from Australia is going to be a sensational player to watch in years to come. Already in the one day team, he is yet to make his Test debut. He...

Zim sacks 15 rebels players The mess which is Zim cricket only gets worse

Best six deliveries
I read the MM report published by Hindu rather quickly. Just wanted to know if there was any explanation on what is meant by the "Best six" deliveries. "Best" to clear him or othe...

Ben Johnson wants his Seoul Gold Medal back
Ben Johnson, the disgraced sprinter from the 1988 Seoul Olympics, held a press conference yesterday. "I want my Gold Medal back", he said in his pseudo Canadian accent. "If a blat...

A hammering from Hick

Trueman Vs Gibbs
What is this Fred vs Gibbs controversy? Could someone throw some more light on it? +++++++++++++++++++++CiL+++++++++++++++++++++++++ There were few dissenting voices back in...

Is Gus Fraser an Idiot?
In The Independent, Angus Fraser admitted that the action might not be perfect, but added that "I turn up at cricket matches hoping to be entertained, and Muralitharan seldom lets me down. W...

Murali's record marvel should drown out the din
The row over Muttiah Muralitharan's 'doosra' should not detract from his genius says David Hopps in the Guardian. He mounts a rather solid defence of Muttiah Muralitharan in his article belo...

OT : Sonu Nigam's Pakistan Concert
It's available on PPV on Dishnet for $4.95. I am not trying to pimp it but it really is a must see because Sonu Nigam's performance was absolutely mind-blowing Shariq

Lets stop Tests Matches and only do ODI's
Frankly speaking Test Matches are boring,and the only 2 forms of the Game should be One-Day international and 20/20 Cricket and thats it. At least you can go and see a match and come h...

Wright Interview
Right reasons for Wright to smile on Balaji and Pathan +++++++++++ It's pretty simple. They are physically very fit, worked harder at their strengths and th...

Procter files a report on a suspect action after T1.
Hold your horses! The subject of the report is Zimbabwean medium pacer Blessing Mahwire. <...

Clearly Murali isn't beiong victimised.
Blessing Mahwire has been reported Maybe the RSA MR is trying to nobble the Zim ch...

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