HHTC Ev NZ T2 selections
I have not seen T2 selections posted or at least I don't see them on Google groups. Here's my selection for the second test: Trescothick, Harmison, Flintoff Astle, Cairns

murali coming to australia?
will he or won't he? who the hell cares? cricket is bigger than one prima donna player, especially one, who a best, has a dubious bowling action. neil

Google not updating posts for a few days!
I hope google does not go the way of other free newsreaders

Have the Windies really sunk THAT low ?
...a first innings lead of 64 to the Bangos. Shame on you guys.

SL needs help from India again!!
Why? When will you poor little bend arm monkeys learn to manage your own affairs. This is second time in a month (after the MUTTLI episode). http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sout...

Simplify the 'crooked' law: Chappell
In an article that is bound to raise the hackles of Murali bashers, Ian Chappell, forthright as ever, tells the ICC how to sort out the chucking problem once and for all. He says that the an...

Google sux
No updates since some time on the 27th and half the time when you go to reply to an article it starts complaining that you can't post a reply to an article that doesn't exist... I...

'Silence is Golden'
'Silence is Golden' by Peter Roebuck Politicians must keep out of cricket. Prime Ministers must learn to hold their tongues. Now and then an issue might arise that attracts ...

County injury list?
Is there a website with all the current county injury lists of players I need to find out injured players for my fantasy teams Many thanks Dave

Should or shoudn't Murali go?
Should or shoudn't Murali go? By. T.M.K. Samat NEARLY a month has gone by since Muttiah Muralitharan declared he would rather stay at home than tour Australia. Being a heat-of-the-mome...

SA to seek indemnity for Gibbs and Boje
http://tinyurl.com/37suf South Africa are due to play seven one-day internationals in India later this year, but they are seeking an assurance that no police action will be initia...

Re: Cardus Archive
Sandaas wrote: > Adding to this ... > > 22. On sledging in a Roses Match (Colin Kynoch) > http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=43qu60dhoe47vsscc4cpjlfpg...

Cricket's a foony game, innit?!
++++++== ..Check out a certain Charlie McGahey, picked for the 1901-'02 England side to tour Australia. The reason the selectors gave was that Charlie suffered from the early stag...

NZ injury watch - episode 73
Oram - side strain, still hopeful of being fit for second Test. Always seems to get side strains. Bond - out of the Test series. Much is being made of the possibility of him pla...

Bill Johnston
Lindwall, Miller, Bill Johnston. Statistically at least, Johnston's bowling record is comparable to that of Miller, but we don't hear him mentioned as a great bowler. Cricinfo too does not...

Davison takes 17 wickets?
The scorecard on cricinfo is incomplete - but it looks like the US collapsed chasing 230 while Davo got 9 wickets in the 2nd innings to add to his 8 in the first - plus scoring 84 and 3.

Retiring gracefully while still on top
Few names come to mind Nasser Hussain Bobby Simpson Greg and Ian Chappell Gary Kirsten Clive Lloyd?

I'm unable to access cricinfo today. Is anybody else having the same problem?

A Mural of us all
A Mural of us all Nigel Kerner May 24, 2004 We can write endlessly about a cricket phenomenon we call Muralitharan. We can hail him with the most extended expleti...

Sri Lanka privileged to be coached by cricketing knights
Sri Lanka privileged to be coached by cricketing knights Sri Lanka has had the good fortune of witnessing six great cricketing knights play in the country and indulge in coaching for the ben...

Despite reluctance, Muralitharan may tour Australia
Now watch the demented Murali bashers lining up to say that he will tour purely for selfish reasons............ Fuckwits! Laz ------------------------------------------...

old post by Diivolunt,, ++++++++++++ In 1970s, Nawab of pataudi invited several test cricketers including Vishwanath and Brijesh Patel etc. maybe even sandeep patil to Bh...

Damn you North
Cost me 8 Colin Kynoch

Cruising home in fourth-innings run-chases
Chasing targets upto 250 in the fourth innings of a Test match seems to have become relatively easier for most sides, either due to better pitches that last for 5 days, or due to the lack of...

Charles Fry - Up with the Gods
Charles Fry - Up with the Gods By his early 20s he was known as Almighty and held the world long jump record but, as Iain Wilton tells, his distinguished life was not all roses <...

Mohammad Rafique 103 not out
Mark Banfield <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > Prior to this match he had a highest Test score of 32 and an average...

long term weather and pitch conditions in Leeds?
Does anyone know what the long term forcast is for the second test in Leeds? Also what does the pitch play like, according to some it seems to be a pacy pitch with a lot of bounce.

Trvia Question
What is common to the below 4 bowlers? 1.) Hanif Mohammad 2.) Chris Lewis 3.) Ray Price 4.) Gareth Batty Hint : Think of something the above four won't...

Hobbs reigns in the shadow of the Quantocks
RC Robertson-Glasgow recalls two memorable centuries at Taunton in August 1925 ++ Jack Hobbs was my hero. He was the greatest batsman that I ever saw and, very occasio...

Mohammad Rafique 103 not out
Prior to this match he had a highest Test score of 32 and an average of 13.53, which must put him somewhere close to being the lowest-averaging batsman to make a Test hundred ? An...

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