Who should be playing for SL in Tests
1. Tilakaratne (he is the captain !, but not my choice) 2. Vaas 3. Murali 4. Mahela 5. Sangakkara 6. Marvan 7. Sanath 8. Dilshan 9. Zoysa

Gilchrist's field setting
Australia's agrresive policy (implemented in ODI #5) by Gilchrist backfired in ODI 5. When Zoysa came to bat SL had no chance (so I thoought0 I wanted to rurn off the TV and go to skeep...

SL vs Aus, Prospects for SL not very good
Given the dismal batting performance in the ODIs vs Australia, one can be too confident about SL chances in the coming Tests. Their batting have no consistency, except for may be Mahela, wh...

Is Joginder Sharma the next Kapil Dev ?
Two players in the current North Zone team hail from Haryana and Punjab. After giving up 360 twice recently in the finals against Australia recently the search for quality bowlers ...

Indian Captain and coach playing seperate tunes
Ganguly claimed that if Ind performed 60% of AU tour, they should win the series in Pak! Now his coach is terming the upcoming cricket series in Pakistan as a "new challenge", India's coach ...

Another Indian media Bullshit regarding Imran
TOI line says, "India good ONLY on paper: Imran" Now if someone bother to read the complete context, Imran never used the word ONLY which completely changes the topic. What Imran said ...

Troops set fire to the whole village later in the day.
LTTE official criticizes child rights double standards [TamilNet, February 29, 2004 15:51 GMT] "More than twenty five thousand Tamil children, from a three month old infant ...

Pak into U-19 Final
Congrats to Pak for getting thru to the finals. Khalid Latif disappointed me but Afridi & Amjad continue to do well and are definite very near future prospect. Afridi has got the built of so...

What to do about Willow?
I paid for Under19 package. They never credited the package to me and needless to say, I missed the most important match last night. Doesn't seem like they are going to respond to my m...

Only one spinner for the odo series in Pak?
Selectors undecided about Harbhajan's replacement frm http://www.ptinews.com/pti/ptisite.nsf/$All/25BB0D0A2456667B65256E49003F38A9?OpenDocument +++++ ...... ...

No play on the 1st two days of a Test match
Here is a list of Test matches in which there was no play on the first two days. Home sides are listed first. The number of scheduled days (D) for the matches are given at the end of the lin...

Fleming hits out against Sunshine
++++++++ ' Captains at odds over testy moments ' +++++++++ Rival captains Stephen Fleming and Graeme Smith were at odds last night after numerous testy moments during...

Is Munaf ok?
I see WZ got NZ out for 191 in I2 but Munaf did not bowl. He had just like 6 overs on day 2 for Chopra wicket and does not seem to have bowled at all on day 3. Hopefully he is f...

Pushing back the boundary rope
+++++++++ VISA BE: To provide a level playing field, Pakistan has allowed its mission in Delhi to entertain visa requests from anyone with a confirmed match ticket. So long, the c...

Roebuck: Top Spinners
+++++++++ ...Of course the pair are in some respects as different as pulao and pie. But they have more in common that meets the eye. Most particularly, they understand the importa...

Dhawan in Finals/SF ... Same old story continued
Averages a crap 8 in all finals/semi finals of ODI tournaments. Whats the use of all those useless ODI 100s? Drop him now before he entertains any hope of a position in the Seniors team.

Good contest going on between India & Pak. Under-19s
India Under-19s 169 (47.3 ov) Pakistan Under-19s 86/5 (28.4 ov)

Federalism, Prosperity and The Global Economy
Federalism, Prosperity and The Global Economy By: Vasantha Raja Source: Tamilcanadian - February 28, 2004 The fate of Sri Lanka's economy is inseparable from the Tamil...

2003-04 Ranji Semis - no TN-Mumbai clash?!?
hey guys, saw the schedule on Rediff and its Mumbai vs Hyd, TN vs Railways from Mar 14-18. wasnt it supposed to be TN-Mumbai as assumed in rsc? neway, hope it merely delays the in...

Bread Lee n butter
Lee 9 1 52 1 Kaspa 9 2 20 2 Somebody rush the Lee fans to hospital, they must be finding it di...

Atherton: Caribbean is fun but Tests are testing
+++++++++++++ .......As most commentators have told us in the build up to this series, things are different now. Sabina Park is regarded as one of the best pitches in the region a...

Stuart Williams has Finger Amputated
++++++++ Former West Indies batsman Stuart Williams has had his little finger on his right hand amputated, the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) reported over the weekend. ...

Congrats Murali you legend......
Muralitharan becomes only the third player to take 350 one-day wickets Associated Press, Sun February 29, 2004 01:29 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lanka - 's ace offspinner M...

Apparently Jayasuryia continues to monkey about with his batting
6.2 Lee to Jayasuriya, OUT: short pitch delivery, on the back foot and pull it away apishly but not timed, perfectly taken by Williams in fine leg I sure hope it is a Sri Lankan ...

U19...Semi Final .... Indo- Pak
47/2 off 10 overs Shikhar Dhawan ( http://www.hindu.com/2004/02/29/stories/2004022901591900.htm +++ A lot will depend on the left-handed opener from Delhi in Sunday's...

Jimmy: ' crowd screamed at Imran to Kill me'
From the rsc archives, a article extract posted by rk ++++==== Mohinder has written at length about that tour which reactivated Indo-Pak cricket after the first war in e...

What's up Willo?
I signed up around 8pm for the Under19 package, 1:40am and no news. Site still says that I haven't paid for it. Shot them an email at 10pm. No reply. Hope these guys get the...

Unassailable (was Congrats Black Caps
"Andrew Dunford" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:wmk%[email protected] > Yes, it probably was churlish. Immediately prior to reading your pos...

Come on Mills!!!!
go NZ!

Asoka strikes again!
Yet again, he does not call for the 3rd umpire in a run out call, and yet again, the 1st couple of replays do not indicate clearly whether the batsman was out or not. Thank heavens he is off...

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