Why wasnt there aTest in WACA?
The Australians must be kicking themselves for not scheduling a game at the WACA. But, it was great to see the same old Ganguly again :) Cheers, Lax

Good show by Indian tail
By law of averages, something like this was bound to happen - Indian top order failing and tail finally wagging :-} And it was always most likely to happen at WACA. I would bl...

Lee has beaten
when blithering lee will be belted in the finals even more contemptuously than he already has been so far, we will sure find these same ozzies baying for his blood... Lee must be ...

Hopeless CricInfo coverage
Stuck at 1.2 overs for the past 30 min. Most pathetic service today...

Old Photo Dilemma
Hi everyone, Have a few questions about an old photograph we found... My wife's grandfather passed away a few years back and we discovered a trunk with loads of stuff saved ...

Tendulkar out!
Waited so long for his return. Damn ! __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free web site building tool. Try it! http://webhosting.yahoo.com/...

Butterflies in my stomach
Is it just me or have others had butterflies in their stomach watching India-Aus contests this year?

Re: FDAIZTSTC Game 11 Selections
Tendulkar,Sehwag,Gilchrist,Ganguly(res: Agarkar,Gillespie) __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free web site building tool. Try it! http://...

Times of India continues to suck up to Bangar
http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/453650.cms __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free web site building tool. Try it! http://w...

Sehwag to 'Shag' !
Read the article .... Looks like Bobbilli has done a 'Shag' on Sehwag. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/467530.cms

ODI run rates: then and now
A couple of questions: 1. When did they start making ODIs 50 overs instead of 60. Reasons for the switch? 2. When it was 60 overs, did teams have to use a minimum of 6 bo...

Bouncing Perth pitch will kick Indian batting ass
Get ready.

Should India play an extra seamer at Perth?
Someone like Nehra might well turn out to be a handful at Perth. I don't think he should be left out of the XI. Perhaps, India can play an extra seamer (and bowler) intead of Badani/Gavask...

India vs Pak (reply to Nikhil)
"Nikhil Shah" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > Shoaib Akhtar -- 11 wkts @ 7 > Shabbir Ahmed -- 10 wkts @ 23 ...

Indian batsmen much better than Vengsarkar
Tendulkar Dravid Gavaskar Hazare Merchant Laxman Sehwag also has a better average than Vengsarkar. Other batsmen who have an average similar to Veng.:

Why are Paks scared of playing cricket against Israel?
Are they so afraid to get their asses whooped?

India vs Pakistan
It was interesting to hear the PCB chairman say that India start as favourites in the upcoming series. I am not convinced that such is the case. There are very few definite statements that c...

Tino Best for first Test - Wi vs Eng
+++ Best for first Test WATCHING CRICKET Garfield Myers Saturday, January 31, 2004 Losing to Barbados in the Carib Beer series earlier this week must have s...

Pakistan Cricket / Wasim / Miandad
Miandad and Raja are short sighted people. They have insulted Akram by advising him in public what he should not do. They should understand person from their own era that he would not do a...

Will Shoaib Akhtar bowl for Kashmir's honour?
Will he break Ganguly's nose and win self-determination for Kashmir and save Musharraf's life?

Wow - Kumble really broad-minded for a guy from orthodox Indian family
Anil Kumble comes up aces in SC in child custody case Press Trust of India New Delhi, January 31 Star cricketer Anil Kumble, in the midst of a successful Australian tour, ...

live sport online now
go to http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000 enjoy. marco.

'Cricket - fastest growing sport in England'
'Cricket - fastest growing sport in England' By Sa'adi Thawfeeq http://www.dailynews.lk/2004/01/31/spo19.html Cricket and not football or rugby is the fastest growing sport ...

New cricket powerhouse Asia?
New cricket powerhouse Asia? Saadi Thaufeeq http://www.dailynews.lk/2004/01/31/spo05.html The fact that India and Pakistan are to resume Test cricket ties once again af...

Are they Sisters too?
Victorian women won their first of the Finals against the NSW women. One of the trivial things was that NSW team got a pair of twin in the team. Blackwell (AJ) and Blackwell...

IND-PAK: Predictions
Before IND-AUS, Shripathi asked for expectations of Indian batsmen, along the lines, 'Exceed/Meet/Below expectations' etc. I dont remember all the replies but, ahem, I dont think anyon...

Time to update the All-Time Indian XI?
I am looking around the All-Time Indian XI's posted in RSC, the most recent one I found is Mike Holmans' 2002 list. SM Gavaskar VM Merchant D Vengsarkar SR Tendulkar

Any Namibians on RSC?
Would love to get some news/updates on the one day games with Bangladesh. TIA, Zunaid

If India scores 500 runs in every single ODI, then it becomes very difficult for any team, including Australia, to beat them EOM

ICC Champions Trophy - Schedule?
They have to post it by the end of Saturday, 31 January or they are lying: http://usa.cricinfo.com/link_to_database/NATIONAL/ICC/TOURNAMENTS/ICC_CHAMPIONS_TROPHY/ Just out o...

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