Sehwag & Chopra
In this series, in the tour games, Sehwag has 53 runs in 4 innings. Chopra has 68 runs in 4 innings. But generally there seems to be an opinion that Chopra has been very good & Sehwag h...

Anyone else shares this observation?
Everytime an Indian batsman has gone for his shots or tried to punish a 'loose' ball, something bad has happened. Just seems to have happened to Ganguly. He seems to have been batting...

Sehwag gone for 4!

Die Wondering
Many sports following people around may remember the words of Wallabies captain, who said they would not want to die wondering. Wallabies, the underdogs, gave a great fight in their fi...

Prediction : Eng vs SL T1
My prediction is that SL will win this one - subjected to weather of course. Historically, SL has done extremely well in Galle. I don't know why, but they seems to love that venue. May be ...

Try all players
In the first two warm up games, we have tried all the players in our touring party. I checked on the tour page of the 1999 tour by India to Australia - there too, over the first two warmups ...

Australians in India - 2004
I thought the initial plan for Australia was to play three Tests in 2004 in India. Australians wanted to play four, so that they could enhance their chances to get a series win. <...

Nikhil Jaane: Handling Sachin easy job!
Whew! That's a relief to know. The rumors of Tendulkar's prima donna attitude were getting to be scary.,Curpg-3.cms <...

Why don't the Indians give Gautam Gambhir a chance?
I take it he's an opening batsman and not a bad one at that. Sehwag can use some "rest" to motivate himself again to become a bit more consistent.

Anyone signed up for Ind-Aus yet on Willow / DISH?
The Willow Tv links are still non-functional -- anyone got any email from Willow about exactly when the Ind-Aus series will come available? I'm guessing no confirmation from ZEE o...

Peter Roebuck's preview
It'll be a test of strength but Indians must remember real game hasn't begun By Peter Roebuck December 1, 2003 India have made a rotten start to their tour and already the dogs ar...

My team for T1
I would go with the following team Ramesh Chopra Dravid Sachin VVSL Ganguly Patel Agarkar Harbhy Nehra Khan I think it is ...

Vengsarkar hits out at Australians Stop stepping on Sachin By: Dilip Vengsarkar November 30, 2003 -----------------------------------------------...

Good allround performance by Gayle again Will he supplant Flintoff at the top of the PwC ratings? -- Shripathi Kamath ...

Pop quiz
Was the following statement made *before* or *after* the therapy session? -- Shripathi Kamath

Reid's on board! Cool. Either Aggy, Irfan, and Pathan end up dismissing the QCC Academic Fraud within the first hour tomorrow, or they need ...

How to beat the Poms ... or is CricInfo just a joke? England (possible) 1 Michael Vaughan (capt), 2 Marcus Trescothick, 3 Mark Butcher, 4 Nasser H...

Thorpe vs Murali in Tests
Thorpe vs Murali in Tests England batsman Graham Thorpe aims to relive one of his greatest achievements when the first Test against Sri Lanka starts on Tuesday. Thorpe's ner...

Aid donors wait and watch while Sinhala chauvinistic ruling elites continue to deny the rights of Tamil people
Fear, posturing cloud Sri Lanka's fate ========================= By HARVEY STOCKWIN HONG KONG -- The latest Sri Lankan political crisis is still unfolding. The peace pr...

I'm a failure abroad: Kumble

India in RSA 2001-02
Looking back at that tour just to see how we did on similar tracks against much weaker batsmen. This is what our current bowling heroes did In the first test, I1: Kumble ...

GO Zim!!! Go sick em.........
Zimbabwe 76/2 (15.2 ov) West Indies

What will Qld cricket academy do tomorrow
QCA ended D2 with a lead of 175. I would like to see them knock off 75 quick runs, and back themselves to bowl India out for less than 250 to win. If India hang on or even win, Qld really lo...

Cricinfo's sense of humour
20.6 Kumble to Carseldine, bye: FOUR, down leg side, misses batsmen and keeper

My team for Test 1
Sehwag Chopra Ramesh Dravid Tendulkar Laxman Ganguly Patel/Dasgupta Kumble Harbhajan Nehra 7 batsmen, 1 dropper & 3 tail enders. ...

Did anybody see this on TV
Would like your comment. Prakash --------------------------- 9.6 Pathan to Payne, no run, caught on the back foot just above the ankles going back, huge appeal, ...

Would Giles tactics work for India?
Given that the indian bowling lack fire power, should the Indian captain follow Giles' example against SRT? i.e. play two spinners in the 1st test and use them to bowl outside the leg stump ...

My mind is at rest now Yamraj promises to deliver in the ODI's in Australia.

Uncertainty is bad
I am quite annoyed by the amount of uncertainty there still remains about the team selection for the first test, which starts in 5 days. We still do not know who are openers will be, who our...

slogan revealed!!!
The secret slogan of India revealed. Read at: KD

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