How about introducing captain's challenge for controversial decisions?
After watching recent test series with neutral umpires, it is abundantly clear that more technology needs to be introduced for better decisions. So here are my suggestions: - Elim...

when will this revenge end ?
When NZ played in India it supposed to be a 'revenge series' . The aus - ind odi was a revenge match for India. Now that India has won the first, The second ODI is revenge match for Aus . ...

Audio feed of TVS Cup ?
Anybody knows if there is one ? G.

Munaf Patel fails to make Bombay XI
Or so it appears, at any rate. It was announced publicly only last week that he had handed a qualification certificate to Ratnakar Shetty, which made his eligible to be picked for the Ranji ...

Most matches before ODI captaincy
During the recent Pak-SAf Limited-overs International series both Youhana and Boucher captained their respective sides for the first time having appeared in more than 100 matches. Here is a ...

Chanderpaul's metamorphosis
I was wondering if anyone from West Indies (or someone that follows West Indian cricket) can shed light on Chanderpaul's remarkable transformation from a cussed grafter to an honest to goo...

OT: Anand wins world rapid chess +++++++++ 30.10.2003 Indian superstar Viswanathan Anand has won the World Rapid Chess Championship, a title recognised by FIDE ...

How come...
...everyone is talking about the depleted Australian side and not the depleted indian side? Is Gangu so useless that everyone is convinced he wouldnt have contributed anyways? Also Nehra?

SL/RSA.. cricketers do not like Aishwarya Rai

A Human Interest Story
Hi, The catches win matches and a good catch can inspire the team to fight back in the field. Or a bad miss can dishearten the fielders and ruin bowlers's analysis. But a ca...

BVETC standings after D3
On the assumption that Mortaza either won't bat or will come in at 11, here is the latest line-up. Mark 325 MH/AH 230 Jan 168 Shripathi 13...

Mark Butcher- Dad knows best
+++++ By now his marriage to Alec Stewart's sister had broken up (something the Surrey team-mates agreed should not affect their professional relationship) and in his worsening state of...

Lara classier than Hayden: Murali
Murali says Lara is classier than Hayden. Best, Venkatesh

Srinath for Australia tour?
He *wants* to go, at any rate. --------- Retirement if Aus tour is missed: Srinath By: PTI October 30, 2003 ---------------------------------------------...

How to handle Gilchrist
I saw the recent Aus vs NZ ODI . I could not help notice that Gilchrist approach to batting is lot like Srikant ( although he is much better version Srikanth) trying to hit each and every...

Willow TV Problems
I'd like to know how much frustrating is to deal with this company. They are rude and not worth dealing with. I could not watch the best pieces of the India/Australia game and de...

[eBay] Cricket books - Bradman biographies/criket skills
I have the following books on eBay. The Don - A biography of Sir Donald Bradman Bradman - The Illustrated Biography Skills and Tactics - Australian Test Team Cricket Book

NZ Cricket Almanack Giveaway
I have taken the bold and unusual step of purchasing bookcases in which to house my cricket collection. As a result, I'm actually going through what I own and and have found some duplicates...

Chaminda! "If someone has a cute figure, they are known to have a nice Chaminda." Kerry O'Keefe, the former ...

Has anyone else noticed the astounding similarity between Daniel Vettori and Dr Daniel Jackson? ...

Chanderpaul in Zim
I gather that Chanderpaul set a world record today by scoring a f-c century of which more than 92% was in boundaries. I'm sure I can rely on Aslam to post the relevant list in due course.

Most innings to 1000 runs in Test career
Batting in most Test innings for the first 1000 career runs: Inn Ms 118 86 Waqar Younis (Pak) 99 69 CEL Ambrose (WI) 92 67 J Srinath (Ind) 79 58 SK ...

My old ODI cricket simulator game
I made this ODI simulation game about 2 years back. No graphics in it, but just brings out the thrills and spills in text format. Each game goes roughly 5-7 minutes. You need to extract the ...

Australian media on Sachin Thanks, Aakash

Indian attack for the Mumbai onedayer
I think India should start their bowling with Zaheer and Harbhajan. Facing some spin will certainly put the Aussies somewhat on the backfoot in the beginning and not get the pyschologic...

Standard deviation and consistency of batsmen
The following two lists are confined to batsmen who have scored at least 5000 runs in their Test careers. A. Lowest/highest standard deviations for the individual scores: S...

BVETC standings after D2
So, CricInfo were wrong to advertise an altered Bangling order, which has done good things for Narayanan and bad things for Uday. At the end of day 2 we have: Mark 3...

if anyone's getting private email from me on posts. I'm using pan rather than knode at the moment, and 'R' is reply by email, not reply so I keep sending private email :(

Growing Concerns for WC 2007
Amid growing concern over the ability of the West Indies authorities to stage the 2007 World Cup, rumours are circulating that Australia might be asked to step in and host the tournament.

Now this is what I call the ultimate irony. Australia v New Zealand, TVS Cup, Game 3, Faridabad Done in by the conditions Th...

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