Ok, another PwC musing, this time for ODIs
I think we have reasonably established that at higher ratings, ratings move in either direction a bit slower than they do at lower ones. That is, it takes a huge performance to go from, say...

The unsolved problem
How long have we been searching for openers?Last time we went to Australia we did not have any solid opening batsmen.Now we will probaly be going to Australia with the same problem.The worst...

Highest total without a 'hundred'
For Aslam and others. When Sussex score 614 for 4 decl against Leics in the last match of the season, every Leicestershire bowler conceded less than 100 runs (but seven gave away ...

Emerging India XI
I see the following players in the emerging India XI [that lost to both sri lanka and pakistan] - anyone knows how good/bad they are and what their roles [batsman, bowler, all-rounder, agark...

Most wickets in 'away' countries
The following is the list of bowlers from different countries who have taken most wickets in each of the Test-playing nations: In ENGLAND: 96 DK Lillee (Aus) 94 MD Marsha...

Most consecutive Tests without conceding 400
Most consecutive Test matches without conceding a total of 400 or more: ENGLAND: 25 from v Aus Adelaide 1884-85 to v Aus Manchester 1893 20th century...

Most consecutive Tests without 1st inn lead
Here is a list of countries that have had a sequence of 10 or more consecutive Test matches without gaining a first innings lead. Matches in which the lower of the two first innings was not ...

Re: Now IF this had been Asoka.............................
Larry de Silva wrote: <snip> From the Quote/Unquote section at CricInfo: --- "We welcome them with open hearts and minds, and they should also tour with open...

Hayward available for SA again
http://sport.iafrica.com/cricket/news/273951.htm Summary: The contract with Worcs is amended and MH is available for SA at any time. He has no regrets, believes he is an improved ...

SRW slams SRT & Gangs
Under prolonged questioning on the ABC tv Andrew Denton hosted talkshow 'Enough Rope' last night Steven Waugh completely failed to mention SRT or Ganguly even once. I think we all know wha...

Boycs on Indian team n Durga pooja
'‘‘Next Monday we are going to Ganguly’s house in Kolkata to shoot at the puja in their house. I don’t know anything about it and it’s supposed to be great. I want to see the puja. So it’ll ...

RSC Meet in Bangalore?
Hi, I'm going to be in Bangalore at some stage in late November. I was wondering what the possibilities of having an rsc meet there are. I don't have my precise dates yet, but I w...

Wow! Willow to show India-NZ series
Wow..I had written to them few weeks back and just got a response today: We would be announcing the prices and schedule for the forthcoming India-NewZealand series by Wednesday/Th...

Hubble Bubble Google Trouble
Am I the only one, no URL found, I can't see any threads on most posting, first it was on home PC now at work the same thing 'No URL found', must be contagious, better have a check up with t...

Should Dravid continue as wicketkeeper?
I know the Dravid experiement worked beautifully in the World Cup, but wicketkeeping in India as opposed to South Africa and England, is a lot harder especially because of the uneven bounce ...

Mosts before, after and between Test 100s
Dates are the first day of the Test match and the last day of the Test match comprising the interval. A. Most Test matches from debut before first century: Ms 50 SM Poll...

Indian openers are all crap: Boycott
Looks like he has been exchanging mails with RK quite a lot to be using such lingo :) http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=206432

Feud bet. Chanderpaul and Sarwan
More from the Kamath house. +++ TOny Cozier My information is that the situation has been festering for some time and there are now those who have publicly stated their concern th...

S Waugh Ambassador to India
Tourist Ambassador that is, I wonder if that is like sending George Bush as Tourist Ambassador to Iran ???

Sobers being shunned, ignored- Where is Justice?
Sir Garry: Use me ++ The world’s greatest cricketer has offered himself to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). But he hasn’t got the phone call yet. ++ http://n...

Bad Dreams
I've had two bad dreams in the past week. As both were cricket-related, I'll post what I can remember of them in the hope that any budding dream therapist can tell me what it all means.

Kiri to chair BCCI selection committee
Just read that Kirmani is the new chaiman of the selection committee, replacing Patel. I don't know what he's been doing for so many years, but last year he spoke out strongly in favour of...

Was Chopra good or the Kiwis crap?
Just wondering. - Gussie

Matthew Elliott vs. Steve Waugh?
CricInfo's "All Today's Yesterday" section mentions something about Matthew Elliott getting on Steve Waugh's wrong side on Australian 1998-99 tour to WI. So, what happened? Intere...

Cricket Fever: Zambia is in need of a plan,
Luke Alfred ++++ Figure show that if you are young, black and play cricket in Zambia, the likelihood is that you're an orphan. So says Saide Malama, manager of t...

Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka
http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2003/sep/28emerging.htm 23 extras in a total of a 100! Is that the same Junaid Zia who was in the front pages recently? -- Shripath...

Re: I am a broken man: Prasannaleys hypothesiz
Narayanan wrote: >>>>> Performing adequately to get selected is the issue here. In case >>>>> you don't realize, a bowling avg of 37 is mediocre. His away avg <...

Re: I am a broken man: Prasannaleys hypothesiz
Narayanan wrote: > "Raghu Jetley" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] >> Narayanan wrote: >>>...

Wright history?
Looks like it. http://www-ind.cricket.org/link_to_database/ARCHIVE/CRICKET_NEWS/2003/SEP/26 5016_IND_27SEP2003.html

Yuvraj and Chopra save face
The Kiwis had India reeling, with Sehwag retired hurt (wimp) and Shiv Sunder Das out caught behind off Ian Butler. BPXI, at tea, are reeling at 105 for 1. Their position would be much ...

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