Shaun Pollock Chases Kapil Dev
Shaun Pollock Chases Kapil Dev. Best, Venkatesh

Bangla- kicks some major QCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC butt! Who's your daddy, Moby? Who's your daddy? Dav Whatmore. That's wh...

No Warne and maybe no Mcgrath ... getting interesting Australian paceman Glenn McGrath is out of the three-match one-day cricket series against Bangladesh with an ankle injury. He h...

Ev RSA T2 D1
South Africa's bowling: mediocre. England's batting: appalling. England's bowling: lacklustre. South Africa's batting: efficient. It won't shut up the toerags like Botham who...

India 'A' Pacers: Update
Name Mat O M R W Best Ave Econ SR 5 10 A Bhandari 7 119.2 23 424 16 6-38 26.50 3.55 44.7 2 0 AM Salvi 4 ...

Question for American Cricket Enthusiasts
Given the recent few queries by the Americans like Steve, I am getting optimistic about the future of Cricket in America (and with the advent of 20-20 games ofcourse :) ) This is also for t...

Where are the Smith bashers now?
Hey, where are all those who said Smith is just someone who puts his foot in the mouth for nothing. Do you consider his saying after the Natwest Final that "I want South African ...

Ken Barrington
Citizen Ken 'Years later, some English journalist asked Barrington the secret of his success in India. "Eggs and toast, old chap,"...

PeWC rankings: Gough jumps to number 3
PeWC rankings: Gough jumps to number 3, as reported by Anil. Best, Venkatesh Darren Gough's excellent performance today in the second England-Australia Test has p...

Larg 10th wkt p'ships on the 1st day
Here are all tenth wicket partnerships of 50 runs or greater achieved on the first day of a Test match. The second column gives the end of the first day score for the side. P S...

An "Ed Smith for England" campaign
An "Ed Smith for England" campaign gathered momentum during the lunch break when TMS went around the grounds in County Talk. Smith was the first man to 1,000 runs this summer ...

Aussie Sledging-Marsh's defense and recommended International Response
As usual you have the pathetic aussie defence of unconscionable behavior. The Indian team need to, prior to its trip to australia, clearly state its official policy on sledging and negotiate...

Is this Nasser's last test?
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0028_01C357A5.356DBB30 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Ahem! T2 - session 1
Heard on the BBCs radio commentary of T2... "It's not his cock. There's a lot of wrist in the action". Good morning for SA. They go to lunch with England 5 down for 94.

Listen Now! Discussion on in Phil Tufnell' show on English cricket. Bob Woolmer says that SA first Test performance was a pleasant ...

Father Darcy's TC
Just under 2 hours to go until the second Test starts. Any more late entries? Those who did not start last week will enter the competition one point behind last place. http://gr...

Patil reflects on the A tour
Our frontline batsmen are hitting form: Patil One match to go on England tour, coach says ‘fairly good job’ Chandresh Narayanan Pune, July 28: This was a to...

Nostalgia: The Victory Tests of 1945
'Well what's your favourite recollection from playing in those times, Ross? Ross Stanford: Well it was the great spirit that existed between the two teams. I can give you one exam...

Who would you choose?
The past few days have featured some threads related to captaincy eg Jardine, Best Eng captains post WWII, how good is Hussain, and even related to pornography. I want to ask one ...

When the wife made the colonel the captain
From an interview of Colonel Hemu Adhikari in October 2000: "You see, when this [call] came we were posted in the Army and my unit was in Dharamsala, about 7000 feet high, where you ca...

12th man this match, Captain next match
Anybody ?? -k

On winning/losing side most often
A. Players appearing most often with a side which WON a Test match (W-matches that were won; T-total number of Test matches in career): W T 83 162 SR Waugh (Aus) 72 128...

Tendulkar has not yet reached the peak.
Read more on IMO, SRT's peak was in 1998 and it's over now. -k

Hedley Verity: a study by John Ward
'Comparisons with the great Rhodes were inevitable, but Verity was a different type of left-arm spinner, being taller and quicker through the air, which did not satisfy many harsh judges. He...

tickets for Sunday of Lord's Test for sale
Another commitment means I have two tickets for the Sunday of the Lord's Test for sale. They're in the Mound Stand, row 11. For sale at cost price of 45 pounds each (no offers, higher or...

Gavaskar at the MCC
I am not sure if I came across this article already. or 5812_CI_30JUL200...

Has this happened to you?
One time, I opened Outlook Express--the best NNTP reader on this planet--to read rsc, and the ng indicated 277 unread messages. So I opened the top most one, and guess what? It c...

Barry Richards 'Batting should entertain'
Wisden Asia Cricket 'Batting should entertain' Rahul Bhattacharya - July 3, 2003 In July's issue of Wisden Asia Cricket, Barry Richards talks to Rahul Bhattacha...

Very few 1st change bowlers as captains ?
Can anyone think of any ?

Opening batsmen captains - very few.
Suddenly there is an increase in number of opening batsmen becoming captains. If Jaya had not quit there would be three now. Smith, Vaughan and Jaya (and Fleming maybe sometime) ...

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