30 Mar 2008 11:20:37
India's last 3 test matches....and contributions

Just keep on reading comments somewhere below that Sehwag has 300 or
nothing...lets look at the last 3 matches since has made a comeback..

Perth - the crucial 29 and 43 giving India the best starts of the
series( far better than both Australian opners)..not to forget how he
threw Brett Lee and Clark off track when they started bowling bouncers
and short deliveries out of nowhere...Not to forget the cruical twin
wickets of Gilchrist and Clarke at the right moment...

Adelaide - while there were tons of centuries and good knocks made in
the Ind-Aus series, there wasnt anyone that was done when it really
mattered this most..
when India needed one while trying to save the match at Melbourne and
Sydney, no one delivered....while when Australia needed one to save a
match at Perth, no one delivered though Clarke's innings was very
good...and then while India were in trouble in Adelaide when suddenly
3 wickets fell, it was how we played the session between lunch and
tea, even Gavaskar and Dravid would have been proud....
and another 63 in the first innings.

Chennai - enough said!