Double H leaves.
Double H leaves. Yep, I am outta here double time. U are all double dumb, double stupid, U bore me, Scottie beam me up, there is no sign of intelligence here. I just want U all out of...

US GOVERNMENT WANTS TO MICRO-CHIP ALL AMERICANS - Aaron Russo (Ran for Governor of Nevada)
Aaron Russo's film suggests neo-cons seek to micro-chip all Americans Compiled by David Stein Aaron Russo the maker of the film ran for Governor of Nevada in Republican

Diamond Drill
Karen Corr's WPBA profile says that her favorite practice is the "diamond drill". Anybody have an idea what she may be referring to? Bob Keller

Here is that website you wanted
Hey!! here is that website that you wanted.. Wonderful billiard lights !!!

Be sure to videotape your playing occasionally
Bob Keller's interesting recent thread on ways to maximize his 14.1 runs triggered a memory of something a Straight Pool buddy and I did about 15 years ago when we were deep into a similar c...

This just in, friends! Efren Bata Reyes, Francisco Django Bustamante, and Rubilen Amit will do a motion picture with one of the top female 9-ball players in the world! And I kid y...

A must watch movie. . . long due!
Glad someone is doing this, it's about time:

Can you do this draw drill?
A friend of mine challenged me with a drill he found on youtube. The description says its Bob Jewett but I can't see his face. The dril...

Trick Shot Contest!!!!!
Guys, come and take part in PoolStars Trickshot contest. Only making YouTube video featuring play on PoolStars sofware needed, some creativity and you are willing to get Grand Prize - a che...

Over 20 Poker Bonuses & a Huge Amount of Special Freerolls
Over 20 Poker Bonuses & a Huge Amount of Special Freerolls USA (ok) Freerolls Poker Site Reviews 24/7 Expert poker advice and support 2008 WSOP Schedules 2008 WPT S...

Predator Blak Case!
Guess what, friends! The Predator Air Case in now a reality! The 2nd generation Predator case is called the Predator Blak case! And it comes in either leather or vinyl!

flipping pool table cloth
I had to tear my table apart so that the carpet installers could do their job. I am in the process of getting it back together. Since the cloth wasn't worn hardly at all (only a small wear l...

in search of 100
OK, it's been a little over 8 weeks that I've been practicing and trying to get a big straight pool run. I've won all ten matches this session in our straight pool league, but the

Atlanta Run
So I be looking at a few days in Atlanta, the week of April 7th. Any decent pool halls around there? Lou Figueroa Dan White need not apply :-)

Over 20 Poker Bonuses & all kinds of Special Freerolls !
Over 20 Poker Bonuses & all kinds of Special Freerolls ! USA (ok) Freerolls Poker Site Reviews 24/7 Expert poker advice and support 2008 WSOP Schedules 2008 WPT Sch...

Orcollo Wins Again! It's The Japan 9-Ball Open This Time!!
Dennis Orcollo has won the 2008 Japan 9-Ball Open! The reigning number 1 player in the world bested more than 200 pool players from around the globe to win the championship and pocket t...

What would you do here? Final game @ Predator 9-Ball Tour 4th Stop - Tony Robles vs Shin Park
You just made two balls on the break. Unfortunately, you can see a hair of the 2 ball. What would be a smart move here?[email protected]

End game safety reply
This end game safety came up in the thin cuts thread[email protected]@ and John Black asked a very good question, "Is there ...

Pics from the $30K SMB-QC 9-Ball Tour!
Posted some pics from the semis and finals of the $30,000 San Miguel Beer-Quezon City 9-Ball Championship held in the Philippines. Much thanks for looking! Link is here, fri...

Over 20 Poker Bonuses :-)
Over 20 Poker Bonuses :-) USA (ok) Freerolls Poker Site Reviews 24/7 Expert poker advice and support 2008 WSOP Schedules 2008 WPT Schedules Poker News and More...

My 14.1 Match Up in NJ with Lou Figueroa
Oh NEVER HAPPENED! I even resorted to bribing Lou and his wife with a free meal, but no luck! Maybe next year... boo hoo, :) dwhite

Fabio Petroni Bangs His Head Against Pool Table!
Rounded off all the info i could find on what happened with Italian pool player Fabio Petroni as he was playing against 2004 US Open Champion Gabe Owen in the very first match of the Super B...

Fraudulent Pool Giveaway....
This one probably wouldn't have revealed itself if not for an untimely accidental death. It bears telling though as it reveals alot about this loser. If you recall, Larry alleged...

Guinness Videos on Origin of Pool!
Just saw some humorous YouTube videos on the origin of pool. The videos were made by Guinness as a marketing tool. To those who haven't seen em, link is here friends! http:/...

Efren Bata Reyes on Time Magazine!
Here is a read on Efren Bata Reyes from Time Magazine's November 13, 2006 issue - "60 Years of Asian Heroes". Time Magazine's special anniversary issue pays tribute to the remarka...

Efren Bata Reyes As A TV Show Contestant!
Here are the YouTube videos on billiards' Efren Bata Reyes as a contestant on ABS-CBN's television program, Kapamilya - Deal or No Deal. This is Efren Reyes' second time to try hi...

Orcollo Wins SMB-QC 9-Ball Billiards Tour!
Congratulations to Filipino pool player Dennis Orcollo for winning the San Miguel Beer-Quezon City 9-Ball Championship at the Trinoma Mall, Quezon City! Dennis Orcollo beat Robert...

Thin Cuts
A teammate ended up with an eight ball something like this.[email protected]@ He made it using centerball (but wondered out loud how to avoid the scratch ...

A Mosconi position-sharpening technique
I'm going to describe a position-sharpening technique that has some wonderful merits: it permanently ingrains a great deal about handling the cue ball; it is essentially quite self-teaching;...

have a look over a orange city
Dear Friend, Check Out: Look, I have found good site of best places for traveling in India... U also check it out: (The ORANGE...

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