Happy New Year!
Here's hoping we all have a safe and festive New Year's Eve, and a prosperous New Year. The first part of that wish, we can all control. The second part, most of us can only ho...

Fast Larry says happy new year
Fast Larry says happy new year to all the nice people here. Let me raise I toast, I'll drink to that, hell I'll drink to anything, any way, I raise my vasa of Patron Anejo to ya my boy, ah ...

3C Match
Great 3C match on Pro Pool Video, Thanks Jorge. http://propoolvideo.com/3-cushion-billiards/3-c-billiards---l.-aveiga-v.-j.-cho.html -- Jack http://jbstein....

plonk file
Starting to wonder if there is a size limit to that file.

"A Game of Pool"
Twilight Zone episode. Listed at 10:15 PM EST on the SciFi channel.

Major progress accelerant tip for teaching beginners
I'm getting on in years after playing for over 50 years and thought that for whatever novices it may ultimately help, I'd like to pass along my time-tested skill acquiring tip that is a majo...

Dr Cue's Protege (Banned by Mr. Wilson)
I just returned from reading posts at AZ Billiards and much to my chagrin, I have discovered that Dr. Cue's Protege has been banned by Mr. Wilson. DCP was a member of AZ Billiards for four ...

SVB interview
Here's a 45 minutes interview of Shane Van Boening by The Action Report: http://www.theactionreport.com/SVB_Interview_12_22_07.html A couple interesting points: - he would like to...

AZ Billiards Should Extend a Welcome Return to The Woim!
Here's a list from The Woim regarding what would be an acceptable apology from AZ Billiards for wrongfully banning me. At DCC, The Woim wants a big banner saying: Welcome Back, Woim! ...

Wow Christmas?
Too soon for Christmas but it is now over --- that went FAST! Merry Christmas and too soon happy NEW Year! -- .

Follow Up for Bambu
I'm reposting this discussion from the "Thank You Bambu" thread because I think it got lost in the traffic. You seem to be willing to follow the 5 step logic I presented, and wanted to see ...

OT: Power from space
We've strayed into off-topics like Global Warming and alternative energy in the past and I found this article irresistible. I mentioned in one of those threads that others have prop...

Merry Christmas RSB!
Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all got new cues, tables, tip shapers, subscriptions to IP, P&B, BD, Byrne books and tapes, etc. Let's all hope for a great New Year with a lot of chan...

Pool cues for sale!
Hi everyone! I just joined the group! Hope everyone is having a merry Christmas! The Katana pool cue is up for sale! It's an ebony-ivory masterpiece! And what about the King Tiger...

Parsely, Sage, and Thyme3421
"Thyme3421" <[email protected]> wrote: Oh man!! I leave for a week and there's 242 unread posts in 1 thread...not to mention what I haven't read in part 1 and/or 2 ... jes...

My Apologies Ron
Ron, I see that you do in fact understand higher mathematics. Sorry for insulting your knowledge. Had I bothered to get factual info about you prior to insinuating what I did I would ...

Merry Christmas!
Allow The Woim this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Eat, drink and be merry. Be safe out there too and give and get and live and love unt...

Has anyone tried these cues?
Made by Jerry Oliver. http://www.jocues.com/index.htm Have you tried his cues? If so what do you think? I'm liking his price range. Been looking for something in the 500 dollar ra...

Medicine Assistance Is Donated To The Uninsured
As a counselor I am always looking for helpful programs. Here is a good one offered by American Consultants Rx at http://www.rxassistanceforfree.info .Free discount prescription cards with n...

Have a happy and/or merry....
I'm going to be away from the cursed computer machines that rule my life for a holiday, so I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and/or merry Christmas/Hanukah/Eid ul Adha/Yule/Festivus/D...

Archer-Strickland IPT match
Anybody else watch it? It's still available for free at the IPT website. First of all, as a vociferous Trudeau hater since the Reno event, my opinion has now mellowed some. La...

Who's on First?
Who's On First? Audio- http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/bobjonesjx/wof.htm by Abbott and Costello A Word-for-Word Transcript Abbott:...

Curving an object ball(Part IV-Whose on First?)
Being the mature and objective person that I am, I have taken the time to try and keep my eye on the ball, rather than assume that the rest of the board lives on another planet. Anythin...

Thank You Bambu
For entertaining us all. Not for a while has there been such a discussion on RSB. Right or wrong, stubborn or courageous, it's been fun. Now I just hope Bob and Ron don't burst a blood ves...

The death of pool hustling; Kevin Trudeau
Excellent NY times article about the decline of road players and an expose of Kevin Trudeau's scams. Click on this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/24/opinion/24wertheim.html ...

Pool Terms
Recent discussion have really illuminated the inaccuracy of some pool terms, and the lack of others. Some authors, for example, use "side english" to describe either left or right e...

Happy Birfday Ed McCune
for those of you not following the curving an object ball thread, you don't know that it's Ed's birthday. Have a happy one. Roger

eBay's Pool Table buying guide

Help with object ball curve needed
http://cuetable.com/P/[email protected] 2A[email protected] [email protected] I tryed this out at the pool...

Mr. Wilson of AZ Billiards
My friends, The Woim needs some help with this one. Is this guy the pompous, nazi that everyone accuses him of being? Does anyone know his other identities? Is therre another side to ...

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