Hal Houle
There was an inquiry here about him recently. He called me last night and we talked for 4 hrs. He showed me his super secret aiming system where I talked via cell phone from my home studio...

ping HopsNBarley
link to the Bath billiards club http://www.bathbilliards.com/

BlackMight Meucci Pool Cue
One of my buddies has a pool cue that he is calling a Black Knight Meucci. He is looking to sell this to me for 500 dollars. I tried doing a search on th einternet and could not find anthi...

Fast Larry is the now the most viewed pool player in YouTube history
I had over 3 million hits on one trick shot video during lunch yesterday. That makes Fast Larry da big fookin kahuna of da U-Tube. No otheer pool player can make that claim, just me, the gre...

Make this shot and you have a pro draw
Make this shot and you have a pro draw. I jump draw over a shaft, 9' down table, pot the one ball, draw 9' back up the long rail to pot the 9 ball, 2in2. This is a full DF11. One of the most...

Merry Xmas or happy holidays.
Merry Xmas or happy holidays. ooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh When some pussy pinco faggot hippie commie bleeding heart liberal say

Vote for Hilliary
Subject: Fw: Nightmare > > >> >>> >>> >>> Hello, >>> >>> my name be Ebonies Li Herena...

Private Billiard Club.
My Province has made smoking illegal in public places. In turn each and every pool hall closed, and now all the bars are closing. There are still pool players, but not enough places to ...

New shipping Discounts available on Delrin Offcuts
Hi, everybody, Got a bit of news for you; For the rest of November and all of December, we are offering special shipping discounts for those people that buy $50 or more of a...

Cue sticks: materials and construction techniques?
Hi all, I am thinking of buying a new cue. It has been 30 years since I bought my last one. The purchase criteria are: 1. shoots like a rolls royce 2. looks like a chevy

Pool Chat
Its done it again, for the 3rd straight year, winning the prestigious j. b. powers award for the best pool chat site in billiards. Learn new advanced things on how to play. To register is ...

Hu is Hass
Hu is Hass Somebody identify him. Hu is he. It appears he is from Minneapolis, Mn, several confirming ip's from there. But every post on RSB is a different ip. Plus, every time Eric...

RE: google archive: Debra Li, internet criminal, is stealing Fast Larry's name and identity, here is the proof. Debra Li and her fellow convicted criminal Eric T Hu has stolen larrys i...

For Sale: Brunswick Kling 4 1/2 x 9 (Private party)
Planning a move from current home and sadly will not take it with us or leave with home. Can provide photos and manufacturing build number. Interested parties; please respon...

How do you spot a home sexual and a devil worshiper?
How do you spot a home sexual and a devil worshiper? When two straight guys look at each other, their eyes then glance away. The Homo will hold the stare, looking for a sign you are g...

How do I shoot hard down the rail and pot balls on tight pockets?
RAIL SHOTS How do I shoot hard down the rail and pot balls? 6 Pages 4-8-04 rev I, 1-22-05, rev 6-12-06, 11-23-07, CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. Published in DC, b...

Concept of God in Islam
WAMY Series: On Islam No.9.Introduction God's Attributes The Oneness of God The Believer's Attitude Introduction It is a known fact that every language has one or more t...

stroketrainer and backhand english
Hi i'm just wondering. If you use backhand english, how would your stroketrainer benefit to you? isn't it going to be useless because your alignment is not gonna be straight since you are go...

........ (in a land far away) JimboCT Wrote:
Turns out over the Holiday we had a very unfortunate accident with one of our members. I couldn't believe the news but my prayers go out to him and his family. Somehow early Thursday morning...

Hamster Tales Blog
For those who might be interested, I just posted a new pool/billiards story on the Hamster Tales blog at... http://davidthehamstermalone.blogspot.com/ It's called "Lord Chum...

Brunswick cue pt2
my news server is acting up...couldn't put this in the first thread, but here's 4 pics of the cue I'm seeking info about. conversion or original? age ? know anything at all about t...

Frozen rail shot w/ draw
I've been practicing lately on a very tight gold crown. Two balls won't even fit between the pocket facings. My nemesis on this table is when I'm almost straight in on an object ba...

Brunswick cue info anyone?
I picked up an old Brunswick cue that needs some work. no ferrule, and a cracked joint collar. I don't know if it's a conversion or not. Just curious about it. I can email pics, or if...

Cue Selection
Which cue would be a good "first" cue and tip beyond the cheap cues that typically come with a new table? I've never played regularly, but now that we have our own table, that's c...

Howie and the worm.
You all Pm this one around azb....Have a nice time with it. To: Howie and Blackjack email 11-22-07 I do not read your board and could care less what your ding dongs are sayi...

Happy TDay
I hope you all enjoy a festive day and delicious bird with family, friends, loved ones, significant other, or at least a lady in purple. Lou Figueroa off to brine his bird :-)

Holiday Billiard item alert
As usual this time of year, I accompany my wife to the local Hallmark store to buy our annual Christmas ornament. And, as usual, I look for anything billiard related amongst all their displa...

To all my fine friends, fans and admirers on RSB
My best wishes to all of you. Fast Larry 'Twas The Night Of Thanksgiving And I Just Couldn't Sleep. I Tried Counting Backwards, I Tried Counting Sheep. The Leftovers ...

Frustrating to watch some people
Often I am in the pool hall and I see rank beginners. They have such awful mechanics, they cannot possibly be correctly seeing the line they are shooting and they cannot possibly deliver ...

Best Tip ?
What tip do you use and why ? I own 3 cues 1 has a Moori medium that I get good action with . the other 2 have stock tips , Players cue and Lucasi SP which I think have LePro's or whatever ...

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