Things I have noticed lately
I am on a journey of self improvement , Here lately I have been scarfing up every video or book on the subject of my beloved sport of Pool and now I believe due to all this stuff I find that...

ATTN: Mark O
I couldnt find your post once i read it to reply to about the DCC here is the info you requested The room rate...

Hey Lou!
So I haven't run 100 yet... just letting you know. Business circumstances (too busy!) have caused an interruption in my play for a good while now but I hope to get back to the game before t...

Even with all my talk about the mental games and pattern play I know that the biggest thing required to advance in ability is cue tip accuracy and cue ball judgment The KNOWING of where th...

Business: shoes, clothes, glasses, purses, watches, caps, welcomed patrons:)
Hello,LTD greets and desires of success and wishes you happy times. This is professional export company from china who carry PAYPAL payment and DROPSHI...

Instructional videos you might fine interesting
I thought some folks here might want to check out my youtube videos on various subjects Sidespin: Squirt & Swerve Doubl...

Houston - Pool Rooms Downtown
I will be in downtown Houston, TX the week of December 10. Are there are any rooms within safe walking distance downtown or a short cab ride away? Thanks in advance,

the AIM of LIFE
What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Peop...

speed & feel
didja ever notice that there is a range of speeds at which you can "feel" the cb? Too fast, and it feels like you're "hitting" it, too slow is just a roll. In that nice range, english, dra...

Play your best straight pool
Is this book a good starting place? Think of two clueless 8-ball players trying to learn 14.1. John Black -- Posted via a free Usenet account from http://www.teranew...

9 ball - I love this game
Last night I played in the weekly tournament. I'm at the 6 ball, however on the "B" side so are other folk and I had to play 9 ball. I'm the "old fat guy" who doesn't always play well s...

R.I.P. - Andy Hudson I only knew Andy from his late sixties on but he was a great inspiration to many Denver players. Andy played from an upri...

2007 US Open
Interesting that once again there was almost no discussion of this exciting tournament by anyone on RSB, myself included. I wonder why that is? Anyway, congratulation to Sh...


APA 9-Ball?
My wife wants to play 9-ball (her league is CPA 8-ball at present) and they are piloting an APA rules 9-ball league. She wants me to put together a team and sign up. What are the ...

Here's the latest trick to pickup dates!
Here's the latest trick to pickup dates! Hope you tried my Super Powerful TIP-1 to find dates. Great, isn't it? As promised, here we go ...

Recommendations for a free newsserver
I've finally had it with Teranews. Over the past few weeks, my posts have been showing up many days late if at all. Many have just disappeared into the bit bucket. This is about the thi...

Calling Gail Grecar
Gail, I don't know you, but Elmer (from Cleveland) asked me to send you his cell phone number. He is trying to stir up some action at Kickshot Billiards in Florence, Kentucky. Anyway, he sai...

Warning: Do *NOT* doubt my killfile abilities
For I am the master of killfiles. !PLONK!

Fatloss computer program
I have been using this computer program for a couple weeks now and i am very pleased with the results so far. its a software fatloss program, if your looking for a diet/weightloss plan i reccomend you...

Watch NFL Games Online
Watch NFL Games Online! For every one who wants to watch the games online because they dont live in the teams town or are at work i found a site that has basically every game covered. Its perfect...

HP Desktop for sale!
Hi, I have an unused HP Pavilion with the fallowing specs: # Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1GHz, 2000MT/s System Bus) # Memory: 2048MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory (2x1GB) (e...

Eyesight and pool...again
This has been discussed many times and I've always been of the opinion that eyesight, as in really acute eyesight, is overrated as a pool attribute. I could be wrong but as far ...

Rack Inspection
I know we all like to look at a rack every chance we get...but I'm talkin about pool here. Typically I don't make a scene about the "rack inspection", but instead I arrive at the ...

Rack inspection
I know we all like to look at a rack every chance we get...but I'm talkin about pool here. Typically I don't make a scene about the "rack inspection", but instead I arrive at the ...

The 1st shot
It seems to me that not enough importance is given to the very first shot in 8 ball (although this would apply to other games as well). Everyone talks about the key ball and setup balls fo...

APA Safety situation, 8-ball[email protected]@ You're stripes... hill hill... it's APA so this guy can foul all night long... he just gave you Ball in hand for...

Looking For Johnny Tona
Around 1996 - 1997 I used to play pool in Huntsville, AL at a family oriented billiard room. It was owned by on older gentlemen named Johnny Tona. He was one of the best players I've ever ...

Opening a Pool Hall
Anyone have any experience at Opening a Pool Hall? I have been strongly considering it, and would like basic advice if anyone has any. What to do, what not to do, what to expect, etc. Thanks...

3 Rail Banking System... calling out Bob Jewett
In a post I found in my basement... Bob Jewett wrote the following: ~~~~~~~~~~ There is a standard way to come up with distant spots. First you have to decide what spin and ...

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