Digital Level: Necessary?
I have one particular pocket on my table that loves to spit balls out. The rail to this pocket is just not forgiving at all, even at slow speeds. Something is definately wrong, but the tab...

What Do you Do? 1pocket Situation
This from a match yesterday. I'm giving up 8-7. The game score is 2-2. The other guy has just scratched and spotted a ball. You have BIH and the right corner pocket. htt...

the beauty of a push sot I broke and made a ball (diagram shows all 9 balls) and had no shot on the 1 ball. I noticed the position of the 8 and the 6 and thought I had a bette...

Physical Cueing Cues?
I was watching a new teammate play last night (a very solid player) and noticed he had an interesting habit. Just before he strokes he sort of drumrolls his bridge hand fingers. Just once ...

interesting pool link
while going through my favorites, i found this link. very informative. i think jim passed away some time back. ...

Racking Secrets book by Joe Tucker
I would like to buy a used copy if you have one. Or "rent" it for a week or so. My email is [email protected] Thanks.

What am I doing wrong in my 14.1 breaks?[email protected]EMO4NBJl3OBal2PKXd2TLFb3phwa4XCYe4XCpn4YFCe4YKQo3a[email protected]...

At first glance ........
Tim (The Monk) Miller passed through Lancaster on his motorcycle trip around the U.S. and I had a chance to meet the man , at first glance he is a diminutive man of small stature but when h...

Bob Jewett hoedown...
Well... ..last night, while banging some balls & drinking beer, no other than our hero Bob Jewett walks into the pool-hall. Since I've always wanted to play him, I...

The Monk is Coming to Lancaster,Ohio
Monk Billiard Academy A Special Week in Lancastor OHIO I am going to hold a Monk 101 workshop on November 17th & 18th. I will also hold a special class on November 21st & 22nd. Th...

A couple of good nights
I palyed Monday night, and came in 4th but my first 3 sets were 6-0. 6- 2, 6-2. I'm sure some of you will agree that there are times when you not only see possibilities but you are able to ...

Really made this shot last night
At the end of a practice session, I somtimes like to throw 15 balls out (no clusters or rails) and run them off in any order just to finish on a nice run. I try not to leave until I have ...

Break shot. Men vs Women
Quite a while back there were comments on this news group that women didn't play as well as men because of a weaker break shot. I think the poster(s) mentioned upper body strength. ...

Hey worked!!
I used Bob's suggestion of waiting a bit before approaching the table to shoot in order to stop my mind from rushing ahead too fast and it appeared to work well. My mind was cle...

14.1 shot off the rack
I was playing a good 14.1 player yesterday. He made this shot, calling the in the corner off the rack.[email protected] 1AHmU4BCYB3CCpA4DCYe4EFCe3FCxe4GBKP3HAMB3IAUe3JFb...

trusting your stroke
There is, once again, some Houle discussion going on in another forum with and I don't wish to continue that over here but there was posted a link to an old RSB discussion of same in which...

famous pool player from the 19th century?
Anyone ever heard of a pool player, last name Dion, who was supposed to have been a champion after the Civil War?

New Mosconi/Minnesota Fats biography
Here's the publisher's announcement of a new pool-related book to be released October 1st. ------------------------------ "The Hustler and the Champ: Willie Mosconi, Minnesota Fat...

Colorado Cue Maker/RSB meet up?
A while back there was a thread that mentioned a cue maker/vendor based in Boulder (or was it Ft. Collins?) Hell, I can't remember.... but I'm headed that way around Halloween, and I'm ...

9ball rules
(apa) In 8 ball.... CB has to hit OB before ANY ball hits the rail. NO foul. But CB to Rail, to OB, then it's a slow shot, nothing else hits rails... Foul. I've always been u...

What do you do to end a slump
Last session I was 12 - 2 , this session I am 4-0 against players that I should have beat , I keep trying to run through a mental checklist before , during and after I shoot to no avail ? Co...

OT: Trudeau in contempt? Bob Keller

Cueball close to object ball
Shot difficulty is generally a function of distance cueball to object ball, distance object ball to pocket and cut angle. Usually, the more distance the harder the shot. However, at a ce...

RUMOR CONTROL as it FL is making a Movie
RUMOR CONTROL as it FL is making a Movie

What table uses the trade mark "K" ?
I bought a old coin op table today. I'm tring to find the manufacture/ model and maybe age. The side cover is missing But the prevoius owner said the side shirt said Valley (when he had it)...

Trick shots you bozos could not make in a fookin thousand years.
Trick shots you bozos could not make in a fookin thousand years. cHECK em out, den ya no, hu da man is, and it aint you bubba?

Trick shots you limp dick bozos could not make in a fookin thousand years.
Check em out, den ya no, hu da man is/

A real pool player, a real teacher, read all about it

The best pool school is?
THE POWER SOURCE POOL SCHOOL GOES ON THE ROAD IN 2007 and is traveling the entire USA. We present the 2007 pool schools where you can take your game to that next level you have dr...

Hu wants a laugh today

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