Shit a brick, Fast Larry!
Scroll down, Dum Dum... X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X <...

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American Role Models - Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina
Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question OR Miss Teen Sout...

Adjusting to cloth speed
We have talked a little in another thread about adjusting to different cloth speeds and several people have noted it is easier to adjust to slower cloth that faster. Why would that be I wo...

A thought about superstroke
Pat has been patiently explaining his thoughts on tip/ball contact time and stroke acceleration (very politely too I might add) to the unwashed masses on AZ lately and as I read through it...

IPT News
Deno Andrews: Important Message from Kevin Trudeau August 21, 2007 All IPT World Open Players & IPT 2007 Tour Card Qualifier Participants Dear All, <...

Vegas APA 2007
Well, I'm back. Our 3-man masters team only managed a 9-16th finish. We had some personal troubles and we each played at least one bad set. Neither team that beat us was "supposed" to win,...

Pool would not challenge a Vulcan child
I stumbled into the middle an episode Star Trek Enterprise today. From what I could gather, some Vulcans crash landed on Earth in the 1950s. They're in a bar seeing what food and drink t...

Zen Pool
I just saw on AZ Billiards that a book called "Zen Pool" is for sale. I checked it out hoping that it was from fellow Denverite and former RSBer David Hakala, but it's not. It's from Max Ebe...

UPA qualifiying?
I read over at AZ that the UPA is making plans to have qualifying tournaments for it's members to prevent the "buying" of pro status. So much for FL's much bragged about "pro" status....

SLIO2007 Video from Final Match / 1400+ Photos Available
Sang Lee International Open 2007 has just finished this past Sunday. If you'd like to get a feel of the intensity during Caudron / Sayginer final match. Please check

Search for Billiards patents on Google
Being bored (having recently injured my hand and being therefore unable to fill my free time with actually playing Pool) I noticed today that Google has added Patents to it's many search s...

Video links
Last night I watched Crane run 150 and out vs Balsis at the Straight pool championship held in Chicago in 1966, awesome. I found it in one of these links. Watched some billiards before I...

Are AZ Billiards 'Forums' Down ?
Can anyone connect to the AZB Forums ? (7:30 p.m. eastern) D.

Used Cue Companion
Due to financial difficulties, I am reluctantly selling my Cue Companion repair lathe. Please check out the ...

Major action ($10,000) at Kickshot Billiards
We have a match between Chris Bartrum and Tommy D'Alfonso that will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoonn. It is my understanding that they are going to play two sets at $5,000 per set....

Have table, will travel
An interesting table. -- DISCLAIMER : WARNING: RULE # 196 is X-rated in ...

Re: Simonis 760 vs. 860?
Hello all, I have decided to refelt the table, and do so with Simonis cloth. However I am unsure about the type (760 vs. 860; please see:

Opinons on a table
One of the tables I'm looking at getting is the Presidential Charleston for the house. Presidential makes a big deal about having Teak Wood which is very hard and scratch and dent resista...

Played Allison Fischer Last Night
Bumped into Allison Fischer at the pool hall last night, and we played a little. A long set of 9-ball went about 50/50 I think, and I took a couple of games of 8-ball before she had to go (...

re over heard in the pool room
Yesterday a discussion about break speed began with a question, "how fast is a break ball hit?" Someone said 22 MPH and someone else said, "I read somewhere that the fastest break measure...

Got Chalk?
I saw that on a tee-shirt not too long ago. Thought that was pretty good. John Black -- Posted via a free Usenet account from

How much clearance?
In my current location, the pool table could go only one place. Wall to wall is 13'4", and the table is 54" wide. On the long side, there is plenty of room on both ends. On so...

8x4 table dimensions?
Sounds like a dumb question? Well what I'm really wondering, when someone says "I have an 8x4 table" do they mean the dimensions of the outside edges of the table or the dimensions at the b...

Low or high
I've been playing pool for fifty years. I'm living proof that someone can do something for a long time and never learn it. My question is this: Should your chin be on your...

Overheard in the pool hall last night
"Did you break, or did the A/C kick on"? John Black -- Posted via a free Usenet account from

NBA referee pleads guilty in betting scandal
Ex-NBA ref pleads guilty in betting scandal NEW YORK (CNN) -- Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. federal court in Brooklyn to charges that he bet on games he <...

What makes a cue valuable?
I was given an older cue the other day. It is all wood with no thread wrapped handle. It looks like a maple foreshaft. It has a nice ferrule, some inlaid mother of pearl, some inlaid di...

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I'm going to be in Vancouver from August 27 to September 7. If there's anyone lurking from that part of the world, I'd love to get together. I'll also take any recommendations for good pl...

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