PRO POOL PLAYER What qualifies one?
PRO POOL PLAYER What qualifies one? Is Fast Larry Guninger a pro player. Sure he is? Any body who say's he is not, does not know squat. 3 pages, CR, Fast Larry Guninger,...

The Power source pool school heads to Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California.
The Power source pool school heads to Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California. The pool school in Florida was just concluded and it was a smashing success. The best one we ever did. ...

Accu Stats DVD's ending tomorrow

Expert Knowledge
For most of my life I've followed the adage "If you want to learn to do something well, talk to someone who has already been successful in that area." I'm sure that the regulars on this n...

Fl died of gonorrhea, the pool world morns his passing
Fl died of gonorrhea, the pool world morns his passing. the Great one is gone from us.

Interesting Mental thred on AZ
> It also contains 4 articles in word format by a guy who says he is a psychologist. I read them and found them interesting but...

Give the illegal wet backs the boot amigo
Give the illegal wet backs the boot amigo If this does not wake up the bozos here, nuttin will. As you know, I don't give a flyin flip about being politically correct, I aint runnin <...

Beautiful, peace and tranquility is here
Beautiful, peace and tranquility is here. The entire weekend and half of Monday, not a single yap wolf gang member attacked me with lies or slanders. You see if you do not attack ...

Predicting Lady Luck
I see that some of the guys here are into statistics, probability, percentages, etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of some numbers that relate to chances of getting lucky. When I play w...

Maintaining Quality Practice
I have only gone into the city to play twice this summer and so have mostly been just keeping my game up by practicing at home. I live too far from any real pool and have too much to do to...

When to pushout 2
Duane has tried twice to create this discussion and since I'm mostly to blame for diverting the discussion maybe we can all try again to talk about what we look for when evaluating where t...

Seasonal Slumps ????
Have any of you experienced this phenomenon ? What do you do about them ? I am having one right now but it will have to wait until the Fall session for the remedial fix . The only...

The Power source pool school heads to Denver, Colorado.
The Power source pool school heads to Denver, Colorado. Hu wants to come work with the Grand Master the...

Moving a pool table. Help.
I have a three piece slate pool table I have to move 200 miles. I see underneath where everything's bolted together. It's all hardwood, NO particle board. It looks like the rails just u...

Amazing Scams
So let's here some pool scams, heists, hustles or other outrageous behavior that you've witnessed or even just heard of! Ed got me started in the Amazing Shots thread: "Ed ...

Warning: Do NOT doubt my killfile abilities
For I am the master of killfiles. And don't think I haven't got the storage capacity - I have a 30 Terabyte RAID array just for my beloved killfile. !PLONK!

Attention all trolls
I'm going to killfile you ALL! If you're deluded and think I won't killfile you all then keep taking the pills morons, one day they might work. !PLONK!

Please be aware!
The troll has reverted to forging my name again, it seems they HATE me and my beloved killfile so much they want to be me. Make sure the trolls go into your killfile like this:- ...

My New Killfile Song
Let me introduce you to my new song: "The Killfile Song" (sung to the tune of Zippity Do Dah) Plonkity doo dah, plonkity ay My oh my, what a wonderful day. Got me a kil...

Amazing Shots
Ok, how about something a little less controversial for awhile? I'd like to see some amazing shots that you've witnessed or preferrably been involved with. Here's a shot that Efr...

a little humor
For some reason my wife thinks this is funny. PatH

The story OF Interest: ME with small cousin
The Story of Interest PART 1/? Once was here in this village and moving from here and there and waiting for some excitement until I went to my cousin's home. She looked dashi...
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- --- our phone conversations are too private, too personal to be monitored in a dragnet fashion. You find out everything about someone: who their...

New gallery of images from the Dallas pool scene in the 1980s
I finally got around to editing scanned negatives of the Dallas pool scene from Mike Haines. I believe all of these images are from the 1980s. We fully understand that the audience for such ...

Nine-ball mindset
I've stated elsewhere on RSB that a player's goal should be "control of the table". (This concept applies to other games as well, especially eight-ball, but just sticking to nine-ba...

If you're looking for smaller pieces of Delrin or Nylon at discounted prices...
Hi, Just want to let you guys know that I have a store on ebay where I sell pastic offcuts. We just listed about 200 new sizes (approx. 350 listings in total at this point) and I h...

RSB Trashed again by Blackjack David Sapolis, his wife Debra Li, her nutso pal Eric T Hu and his gave lover tu tu
RSB Trashed again by Blackjack David Sapolis, his wife Debra Li Sapolis, her nutso pal Eric T Hu and his gay lover tu tu They have done the same thing, dozens of times before, which ran ever...

Harry Potter
How many peeps do you reckon stopped playing classical music today to read the new Harry Potter book ?

"Pro" Fast LarryGunninger
I happened to check with the UPA via phone re: Fast Larry's UPA stats. FL is not the 35th ranked player in the world, never was. At the end of 2006, he was ranked 60th with 20 points. Thi...

Fast Rary reave Da Building
Fast Rary reave Da Building He go, he not here, no mo... Any one post in great one name is yellow smelly piece of chink dawg shit probably named Li LI or Hu, or his gay lover, tu ...

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