This could make an interesting pool table

The pool learning center
It is at BILLIARD SUPER STORE, lowest prices on pool tables, cues & accessories. We will meet or beat any price on the net. You want it, we have it or we will g...

Bar Table Championships
Anybody from Denver enter? I see there is a bunch from Calgary in the 9 ball event and I imagine even more will be in the 8 ball event. Not just the top guns in the city either (though the...

joeconnorguy is LARRY GRINDINGER
X-No-Archive: Yes }_PW)JREGPSJDg ]P(EJUGpSJdpg As if everybody didn't already know, joeconnorguy is of course Larry Grindinger. I told you he wouldn't leave. He CAN...

Recent threads have made note of the comportment of Efren Reyes and Jose Parica, who smile and/or giggle when they make mistakes. While most other players would display varying leve...

off topic: technology is amazing; new felt. Think that one day (in a 20 something year old's life time) they'll make a cloth that's see through? -Duane Edwards &l...

RSB an intelliuctucal waste land
FL said he was leaving because RSB is an moron waste land Since he left look at all the exiciting threads on the top 9. This place is hot and these topic fog up my glasses. Now w...

Patriotic Americans Saddened Cheney Escaped Attack
Cross posted from alt.activism.......Thought it is very funny........ Americans sorry Cheney survived 'You can never find a competent suicide bomber when you need one' ...

Grindinger gone AT LAST?
X-No-Archive: Yes [09esrj'g(J '}PS(REUJGP(SJDGjspdfjg I don't believe for a minute that Larry Grindinger will for ONCE in his life say something that's true - there's...

Cuemaker Pete Tonkin gets some press

I wanna RAPE and KILL Jenna bush and Barbara bush, current president bush's sexy whore daughters
I want to rape barbara bush and jenna bush in a threesome and then carve out their eyes, chop their ears, noses and then stab them a hundred times on their faces and ...

Try this with a pool table instead of a desk
The Internal Revenue Service decides to audit Ralph, and summons him to an appointment with the toughest auditor in the office. The IRS auditor is not surprised when Ralph shows up with his ...

I came into RSB to expose and identify who my two attackers were, Eric T Hu and Debra Li. Now that I have done this my mission here is complete. There is no need to keep beating the same d...

Archer wins Turning Stone
Pretty well covered at AZ. Finalists were John Morra and Archer. Morra is 17! /I hate talented youngsters

OT the movie "Bable" sucks
We rented it today and the only positive thing I can say is that it might be a good movie idea gone bad. Trust me on this, you'd enjoy the 2Hrs.23min. way more if you took a nap.

zo & magic, post 2
Some strange stuff happened with this post. It got deleted from the Time Warner news server almost right away, but shows up google groups. Mebbe it's a Time Warner show, and they're to...

zo & magic 8-ball
If this got recorded on your DVR as a billiards show, just delete it now. Save wear and tear on the ff button, as you look for some pool playing. Maybe two minutes total in the whole show....

The best pool chat site rated by J>P. Powers

I'm a granddad again! 11:30 am. Boy. 8 lbs, 6 oz. 20-1/2". Mom and baby are doing great.

The Power Source Pool School
BILLIARD SUPER STORE, lowest prices on pool tables, cues & accessories. We will meet or beat any price on the net. You want it, we have it or we will get it. www.billiards-superstore....

Porper (and other) tip tools
Does anyone have any experience with the Porper Big Shaver? Is it a good tool for cutting oversized, newly installed leather tips down flush with the ferrule? The description in ...
"You sign up and pay $2.99 per month and in exchange you get a coupon for a 1 cent drink every night of the week to your favorite bars in your city! You just print it offline and bring it i...

14.1 safeties
I've seen plenty of threads on how to set up the break ball, which side of rack to work off of, etc.... so what happens when you get out of line and aren't going to be able to get...

14.1 atats?
So I was looking again at the 14.1 league stats Bob linked to and I wonder...what do they all mean and what are good but not Bob like numbers. What is a breakdown of C player vs B player vs ...

Strange but true fish tales
Strange but true fish stories: After reading about Lou's one pocket heist a few weeks ago, I could not help but think back to what was my best score, best hustle, biggest fish...

T' Stone mini report.
Last Wed, the night before the Turning Stone/Joss tour event, our opposing VNEA team graciously let one of our players play all of his games first, so that he could leave for Tur...

Home tip replacement
There are so many tip shaper tools and de-mushooming tools .... with an associated great range of prices. So: What is the best hand tool to cut a newly installed tip down to the ...

OT: windoze/spyware
Lately, a box has been popping up: Windows has detected spyware programs running.... ya da, ya da. Windows will now download the newest aintspyware for you. click OK to prote...

Straight pool fans
RSB's old friend Steve Lipsky posted some of fantastic insights on 14.1 over on the forum where they discuss pool.

Uh-Oh, Cuetech Fires Earl Strickland
After 17 years, the other shoe finally drops..... Doug

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