WTF is Arthur Cranfield talking about?
Page 49 of "The Straight Pool Bible": "The secret to a consistent stop shot is in your rear hand. To stop the cue ball, you must stroke through it - as you must for any shot - but the...

OT: Best legislative bill title EVER!
The answer seems to be "62". The "How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change ...

Richie Richeson On Judge Judy
Richie Richeson vs Jennifer on Judge Judy today (Wednesday 31st) at 4:00 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

Gut Feeling vs Pool Knowledge
Last week I had a situation. I had 2 balls left and the 8. One ball was a long straight shot, tough shot but left easy shape on my last ball, which was a long but easy shot (close to the c...

Why does it take several tries before I can sink the last balls
Hello, Lately I have been having trouble with finishing off 8-ball racks. If I break and sink a ball, I can usually go 5 or 6 balls in row. I usually miss because of all the o...

Aramith Balls
Does Aramith make sets of pool balls weighing only 5 ounces each?

One spin anyone...?

Please Help with my new purchase (Connelly Prescott)
I wanted to purchase a pool table between the range of $2000-$3000. I was almost convinced in purchasing a Chinese import from one of the warehouse guys because the specs seemed so great fo...

"Eliminator" cue
I have an "Eliminator" fiberglass cue that shoots remarkably well, and I'd like to buy another. But one of the reasons it feels well is that from the joint to the butt end it is...

The Cure for Zen-Breath :-)

Free Sex
Sex, no othe word gets your attention faster. Want free sex: Get married, buy a wife and soon you will get bored. Sex is like drugs, they give them to you free in the beginning ...

Soak Up Chalk ????
Who, if anyone, in this group knows anything about the procedure of "blotting" the chalk out of Simonis chalk with a wet (or damp) towel. People who sweat a lot get chalk all over themselves...

Billiard Online Community/
Hey wasup, I have come across a nice new website for all Billiard lovers. Its a brand new site. The site has only been up for 3 weeks. The great thing is that you can uploa...

Sex for sale
Sex for sale, buy a wife, and when you get bored, take up pool and enroll in the power source pool school. BILLIARD SUPER STORE, lowest prices on p...

Zen Cueing (or Mis-Cueing)?
On Jan 27, 12:51 pm, "Zen Cueist" <[email protected]> wrote: > Like I said yesterday, those to whom competition is > matters most tend to be the biggest assholes. <...

And Speaking of JOY and Pressure
Where do you feel the most pressure and what situations do you enjoy playing under the most. In out season playoffs and in Vegas I felt really relaxed yet incredibly excited. I'...

Playing Better on Tougher Equipment
Since last summer i have realized that I play better on tougher equipment and playing tougher games but until why was not quite sure why. Discussions with Bob have struck a cord with me an...

Quality Practice
Other recent threads have gotten me thinking about the adage, "you play as you practice". For those who are or have been dedicated 'practicers' at some point in your pool career, w...

One-Pocket Rule? After a player shoots, an one of several object balls........
rolls and hits the shooters cue stick. I believe it is a foul or should be. I cannot find a rule that covers this. We are playing cue- ball fouls only. Any ideas - specifics? Bob in Atl. ...

I am just not getting this.....push -outs and ball-in-hand
I have been watching alot of billiards on ESPN and this always confuses me: Sometimes a player will not hit the object ball and it will treated as a foul and result in ball-in-han...

Fast Larry says goodbye for a short time.
I am going out on tour for a few weeks and will only be posting on as that is all I will have time for. For some strange reason I always get super busy in the Early Spring t...

Steve Ellis
Met up with Steve last night. I had to be in New Hampshire for the day and on the way back to CT took a slight diversion to meet up with him at Maxamillians, about 10 minutes north of Lowe...

Mag article on IPT If anyone is still interested this is an interesting read although a bit one sided. KT lied about many things...although at the t...

Who on RSB is going to the Hopkins Expo this March?
Who on RSB is going to the Hopkins Expo this March? You can count Fast Larry Guniner in on it all. I'll be playing in the pro events My pool school is conducting class...

OT: Filthy and Disgusting book!
I went to the used book store yesterday and I came across an interesting title: "Confessions of a Part-Time Call Girl" by Barbara Ignoto 1986. Being as this was for sale at a "Friends...

The next thing in cue coatings
Shafts, too; sheds chalk dust! Invention: 'Diamond'-coated gadgets a.. 13:34 22 January 2007 b.. ne...

Church of the Smoking Pool Shark
I wonder if this would work against all the smoking bans? Get a mail-order ordination and form your own house of worship. Only true believers in Big Tobacco would be allowed in to worship ...

Can M R Wilson REALLY Ban anyone from AZB?
I think not he is just stopping some folks for a while. If one want back on the Journey is actually Quite EASY. Even though in the Past Wilson has THREATENED to turn in offending ...

The Sholin temple of pool
The Sholin temple of pool I found it, a total learning center. I was also surprised to find their 800 members are now twice the size of RSB which is in rapid decline. If you wan...

an active role in learning? woman again
I was just thinking about the personal comparisons I have as far as men learning to play pool compared to how women learn, quality of play... etc. I realized that pretty much every tim...

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