Subject: Bubba goes to Paris
> > > > > > > > Bubba, a furniture dealer from Arkansas, decided to expand the line of > > furniture in his store, so he decided to go to Paris to see...

Why dogs are better than wives.
Why dogs are better than wives. By Wonder Dog. Dogs don't cry. They love it when your friends come over. They don't care if yo...

Fast Larry teaches you everything you need to know about tips.
Fast Larry teaches you everything you need to know about tips. best chat site in pool. TIP Layered pig ski...

Hamster Grounds Airliner
Just couldn't wait to make your own Internet-hyped movie, could you, David? INNSBRUCK, Austria (AP) - It wasn't "Snakes on a Plane," but an Aus...

My Goddamned Son, in whom I am well pleased. :-)
Last 9-ball game of the night, all dollars in, and Tony "Mosconi" Hakala pulls this cheese on me: START( %BX3T2%FX9D4%IX5F0%PX2X3%WE3D0%XW7F3%]X7G7%^X5S4 )END http...

Kisses and Caroms ??
I noticed on our cable "Movies on demand" list a movie called "Kisses and Caroms." Anyone heard of this one? I looked on and they have it listed: Plot Summary for ...

Saturday Night Pool!
For those of you that didn't sign up for IPT email press releases. It's Saturday Night Pool on Versus! Brand New IPT "North American Open" Action to Premiere Saturday September ...

Fast Larry - what a suprise.
X-No-Archive: Yes {(UYT{)RE(JG >a[90ru[y9rj[izjg[izfdgijfj Well, well. Now we REALLY know why he calls himself 'Fast'. As predicted here and elsewhere, Larry Gunini...

Nice Jim Buss cue!

Another copy of Eddie Robin's "Winning One-Pocket" on eBay
I remember being astonished by the price the last one fetched.

OT: Startup?
Since there isn't much else going on... :-) Last night was the 16th anniversary of our first meeting, so Mrs Hamster and I decided to use it as an excuse to eat out. I'd noticed a ...

Moori tips
I came across this on the web -- HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR MOORI TIP: A: Continually moisten and “Burnish” the Sides with leather or a dollar bill, THIS STEP IS CR...

Hamster Moved Closer to Home
Competition, or a close relative? -- Larry ================================== Re: Hamster Moved Closer to Home Bigbird <[email protected]>...

Inside Pool
Can someone tell me when their first issue comes out? Thanks, Glenn

Custom Cue Question
Hi all... I've been shooting with a Joss East cue for a number of years and have been very happy with the way it hits. Recently, however, I've been thinking about having a custom...

Try this concentration drill
Here is a simple drill to build concentration. The farther you make it, the more concentration is required because the penalty is severe. Throw 3 balls on the table and, starting with...

"START WINNING POOL ! ( Learn the Filipino Secrets)" Secret # 1: deliver ebook via email and charge $5.15 for Priority Mail shipping. :-)

"The Australian Oyster"?
I'm familiar with Rocky Mtn. Oysters. Do Australian Oysters come from male kangaroos? Timothy White, BSACA* Master Instructor? * "Billiard Sanctuary Academy of the Cueing Ar...

Stan James odds on Fast Larry Guininger Vs Bye
Whadda you guys think? I'm pretty sure that Bye should get even odds on this one. Discuss amongst yourselves.

How does one condition a new cue stick?
I just bought my very first cue-stick a few days ago, and I don't know how to condition the furrel and tip itself. It's an "Action" 2 piece 19 oz....obviously not top shelf, but it's better ...

A cue for Barbie, maybe Ken too.
Put down your beverage before viewing this one.

Anyone recognize this cue? There's a badly smudged signature between the points. Can anyone ID it?

Somebody ain't happy with Dale Perry
And when Somebody ain't happy, ain't NObody gonna be happy! Interesting comments from other DP customers in the Q&...

Now that's a sweet Keith Josey cue!
Currently $144.50, no reserve. Be still, my quivering debit card! I really gotta liquidate some of these spar...

Hey Eric
Are you going to the Open Friday night?? Jim <---Send my Love buddy

OMG! I am a compulsive poster!
Google Groups' "find messages by this author" function says I've posted 5,990 messages in all newsgroups, mainly RSB. And that's only from my Gmail account! 5,991 now. ...

An original Rambow cue for $50?
Well, now it's $7,000, but it comes with a magically self-straightening shaft! "History of this cue: When I w...

SouthWest copy cue for sale... This is a great cue for the money, just needing funds. Shorty _________________________________________...

Predator Z shaft for beginner player?
I was considering buying a Predator Z shaft instead of a 314 with my new cue, but I'm not sure if that would be a good choice for a beginner player like myself. I ask this because a guy I've...

New Cue - Predator vs Falcon/Joss with Pred shaft
Hi everybody. I've started playing a little more seriously a few months ago, and I've been using my Fury NR series cue. I've recently decided that an upgrade was in order, so I pa...

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