Fast Larry website!
X-No-Archive: Yes }RE)UY_S(RFJH"PJD I just discovered a website devoted to the lies of some guy named Larry Grindinger/Guninger. It is an astonishing litany of un...

Triva history question
How many pro players have ran over 300 balls in straight pool. You may be surprised to find out how exclusive a club this actually is. Did you know the greatest player of all time, Ra...

Adrenalin 1-7-04 CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. 3 pages. Czm, upm, bpn, rsb, ppt, btt,ip. The noun "adrenalin" has 1 sense in WordNet. 1. epinephrine, epinephrin...

HOPPE The story of Willie Hoppe
HOPPE The story of Willie Hoppe 1-03-99, Rev I, 2-10-05, published in upp, bpn, rsb, czm, ppt, flp, btt, CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. 9 pages. I s...

Fast Larry has left the building
Fast Larry has left the building I am off on a road trip into the NE. The board is now clean of all the filth that was on there. Try and keep it that way until I return in a cou...

FOLLOW How to make a stroke with power.
FOLLOW How to make a stroke with power. 4-15-04, REV 1-28-05, 2 pages, CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. Published in DC, bpn, czm, upp, ppt, flp, btt. An inte...

FOLLOW: Parallel shaft to the table bed is the method.
FOLLOW: Parallel shaft to the table bed is the method. 1-10-04 rev I, 1-31-05, 4 pages CR Fast Larry Gunigner all rights reserved. Bpn, czm, upp, rsb. Published in DC, bpn, czm, up...

Is there a perfect pool table?
After reading some responses in another thread that was debating different cloths I was wondering: So, what is the perfect table? Does it really matter since all poolhall/bars hav...

Dealing with a problem. advise sought.
I am reaching my wits end regarding what best to do about a friend. This friend has anger issues. It is embarrasing to watch. He never blames himself for the loss. He ...

Re: Interesting Happenings at the IPT Vegas tourney
Oops--hit send button by accident. I continue: For a guy who spent weeks on a TV show slamming the world's best players, he had a lousy showing. There are APA g...

Statisical Analysis of final match
It was the break. Hohman sunk a ball on 5/8 tries and ran out 3 of those. The 2 he failed to run out Manalo ran out. The 3 he failed to sink a ball, Manalo ran out 2 and failed on...

Hohman wins! Here is the recap
for those of you who don't browse. Red from bottom to top. Hohmann making the final runout look easy handles the pressure and wins the game. Hohmann configuring ...

Got this off a website
This guy apparently played in some qualifiers. This is his plug for the IPT and 8 ball. I only quoted the most interesting part. "These guys and gals that are competing in the IPT...CA...

Manalo-Hohman live on the IPT website
They are doing a play by play blog style thingy if you are interested. Hohmann up 4-3 right now. Ed [email protected] remove remove to email ----- 

Is this a Palmer?
Doesn't look like any Palmer I've seen, but I haven't seen 'em all.

A WPBA player one can look up to
Debbie Schjodt - 6 feet, 4 inches? Holy cow!

Will Kt and the IPT enslave the pool players
Will Kt and the IPT enslave the pool players Bill withers sang: My friends feel it's their appointed duty They keep trying to tell me all you want to do is use m...

DRAW. JACK UP AND DOUBLE JUMP THE CB & OB in & out of the pocket.
DRAW. JACK UP AND DOUBLE JUMP THE CB & OB in & out of the pocket. REV........................... 2 pages, , 1-5-02, rev I, 7-30-06, CR, Fast Larry Guninger, all rights rese...

The grip
I seem to constantly struggle with getting the proper grip. My usual grip has the forefinger wrapped around the cue with the second and third finger resting lightly on the bottom of the cue...

The Final 6
Player Name WIN Loss Win% B&R B&R% * Reyes, Efren 340 201 59.12% 58 28.86% Souquet, Ralf 311 185 59.49% 72 38.92% Hohmann, Thorsten 322 ...

Quote from Hohman-pool players are
Now athletes. He ,means because of the grueling tournament schedule and needing to be in shape. "Hohmann commented on the format, which will very likely have a direct effect on wh...

IPTat Inside Pool seems to have the best all around coverage of the North American 8 Ball Championship. Lots of photos. It looks like the American players need to head back to the practi...

Fast Larry's RSB plans
Fast Larry's RSB plans I plan to post instruction articles on RSB. I plan to talk and teach pool here. I plan to contribute, to be polite and to be helpful. Eric T Hu and ...

How about that Colorado smoking ban?
<> "Ami Ben says the state's smoking ban is forcing him to lay off three employees "who are like family." "My business went ...

Some Vegas IPT stats
Here are the guys in the second last round. While they are all somewhat familiar, they are not the names you would expect to see on top in a nine ball tourney necessarily expect the usual Fi...

More Interesting IPT happenings in vegas
Earl was apparently making rude comments to Van Den Bergs family yesterday. Not really too interesting. Just Earl. Quentin Hann appears to be another Earl. I read he ran a rack but hoo...

IPT Run Outs posted on AZB http://forums.azbilliards....

OT: Since you're looking for me Fast Liarry....
Can't wait to see you Liarry. Boy, I can't wait. Since you are so interested in finding me again, I'll save you the trouble, again. I'll be at the US Open in Chesapeake, VA for the f...

Q for cuemakers: whitening ivory
Recently, I handled a cue that had ivory joint collars and inlays. The ivory looked "very natural" in that it wasn't perfectly white. Some tiny black pores and light yellow-brown streaks wer...

It appears Bill O is sharking himself because of how his opponent racks. I used to get pissed when my opponent would mosey to the table, answer his cell phone, stop in mid-stroke to take a p...

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