Is this idiot still around?

Hope to make it to meet TDodge ...
Just printed out the directions and am planning on making the trip to Columbus to meet the man , Just remember I reserve the right to fall back on the "But , I had whiplash and concuss...

Hope to make it to me TDodge
Just printed out the directions and am planning on making the trip to Columbus to meet the man , Just remember I reserve the right to fall back on the "But , I had whiplash and concu...

The Masconi's by R.H. Tuttle JR.
R.H. Tuttle Jr.'s master piece mafia novel named, "The Masconi's" is available now! This Huge Novel is available for purchase right now at the link below! The novel is the size of...

Mosconi-Lassiter-Breit-Moore photos now available for viewing
OK, this is my last upload for the day....Some nice B&W photos by Mike Haines, done in 1987. I believe the locale was San Antonio, TX. Take a look:

After a bad day, you can toss it on the BBQ!

Delightful excerpts from "Billiards In Mufti," c. 1919
Witty stuff by Mr. Frederick Louis Billington-Greig. Seems to sell for $350-$400 these days. For ordinary strokes it will be found by practical experience that the best results ar...

Photos from the 1980 Rocky Mountain Open 9-Ball Tournament
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just uploaded to Smugmug all the photos we used on the website promoting our interview CD. Here's the...

Bad news, good news, better news
Bad: Balabushka brand chalk is no longer being made. :-( Best damned chalk I've ever used. Good: I still have 15 new and two barely used cubes left. Better: this month, eB...

Such a deal we have for you today! :-)
"2 pieces only RED Master Chalk, Made by Tweeten USA" Only $0.99 AU, plus $33.99 AU shipping/handling. About $26 US. But it does come with a rare, canceled Australian postage lab...

Best yahoo pool cheat on the net
Well, raise your hand if you like to win, because YOU might not be able to do a multi-dimensional binary search through a fractal gamespace finding the optimal solution in the fewest moves, ...

tip offset for neutral rail bounce ???
What's the formula to find the tip offset to get a neutral rebound (no hold up or running spin) on a kick shot? TIA

888 champ snooker dvds
hello everybody! I hope you are enjoying the championship on tv like i do! for my personal collection i have recorded ALL 888 world championship matches from satellite on dvds (bo...

Possably the best cue value today ...
Check out the Lucasi L-2000 SP cue selling for $119 at eBay stores. Nice looking fancy Sneaky Pete style cue and lots of wood to wood joint surface. Let's say you throw away the ...

Which two Pro players does Brunswick sponsor?
Hello All, Off the top of your head, which two Pro players does Brunswick the Pool table Manufacture sponsor ?? No cheating, no web searches, no phone calls, just from what you c...

This a really useful shot but I don't have reliable method for estimating the spot on the rail to aim for. I maybe am 50% or less at them. Does anyone out there know of any simple methods ...

Hardwood chalker web site ..... up and viewable
Regarding my recent post about offering custom, handmade, exotic hardwood chalkers, I was able to pull together a very rudimentary web site, with photos, pricing policies and other informati...

Is the Zen Cueist being hustled?
There's this guy, Matt, down at Jason's Billiards. Looks *exactly* like Aaron, The Man Show Boy. Remember him? :-) Matt's one of thos...

OT....MSDS on women..funny
Material Safety Data Sheet | Woman Element Name: Woman Symbol: WO2 Discoverer: Adam Atomic Mass: Accepted at 118lb but known to vary from 100 to...

Why I am a "B" player
I was playing in a local weekly "B" tournament. No "A" players are allowed. A guy I had never seen before is sitting at the bar and watching the action. After playing a good set, I sat down ...

Dale Perry Low Deflection Shafts
Has anyone used DP's low deflection shafts? How do they stack up against Predator? Thnx.

Saftey Play Options?
This was the deciding game in a tournament match a month ago.(7 foot bar table, 8 ball) I was solids and had been trying to get to point D so I could play the breakout on the 1 ball as sho...

Larry Grindinger- heart attack?
X-No-Archive: Yes }{R(EUYH[0AREUJH'POIJF >A[]P9IRGPOADFG[HP9090T I was talking to a pool bum in Atlanta the other day, he said he hearad someone by the name of fast ...

OT: Kids and Car Wrecks
Some kid with his head up his ass crashed into the rear of my van yesterday ruining an otherwise beautiful day , I was temporarily knocked unconscious and had to be removed from the vehicle...

I have a friend with a problem
Yeah right, you say. And I can't tell you his name either. He has trouble with versicle tip placement when he strokes. That is to say the cue tip doesn't strike where he thinks it doe...

Just for the Canadians...
David M., a middle-aged Canadian tourist on his first visit to Orlando, Florida, finds the red light district and enters a large brothel. The madam asks him to be seated and sends over ...

Coming to Columbus
My trip came up sooner than expected. I'l be in Columbus Fri, 4/28 through Mon 5/2. My evening schedule is unknown, but I'll be spending some evenings at Cushions Billiards ...

Playing on a Nine Footer
I'm still playing weekly nine ball on a nine foot table and now recommend it for league players as a practice tool. It's not that it sharpens up your shooting skills, if you are accurate o...

8ball end game screwup
Here is an example of how easy it is to screw up an 8 ball end game if you are not careful I don't believe this would have happened on a nine foot table or with straight pool, or nine ball...

9ft. Brunswick GREAT DEAL in MD
Due to relocation issues, I need to sell my 9 ft. Bruswick Bradford pool table. It is in great shape with no chalk marks. I would include numerous accessories including the Centennial ball...

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