Antique snooker table?
Greetings! I have recently been commissioned to sell what appears to be an antique snooker table. Unfortunately, I am not having any luck finding information about this table. The plate o...

Ping Nat
Hey Nat could you drop me an email at [email protected] Everything I send you gets punted back so I guess I don't have a current email address for you. PatH

predator shaft on maxton cue
does anyone have any experience with this; is it possible?

If Momma ain't happy...
... ain't NObody gonna be happy!

Mosconi vs Fats on TV now
Right now on ESPN classic. Bill O - At the 5 ball

How is Joey A doin'
Saw a Documentary about NO and Katrina last night and got to wondering how Joey was getting along since I haven't seen (could just be me?) any posts from him. Bill O - at the 5 ...

What would you have done?
I was playing a guy in the league last night and it turned into one of those dogged safety battles. Finally I was faced with an 8-ball on the rail 6 inches away and no way to sink it unless ...

Tuscaloosa Squirrel
I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Marshall Carpenter, aka "Tuscalooa Squirrel". He graciously consented to a few pictures and I have posted a couple of the best ones ...

OK,Here It Is.... imo (My E-Mail)
As adept as Billy 'Stinko' Senko is at reading & posting non-stop 24 hours a day online, he can't seem to get the hang of finding my e-mail address. Hey, dumbass..... I believe it's a...

Anybody Know Who the REAL Smorg Is?
All of you have been duped since the beginning of RSB's existence by the most paranoid psycho chickenshit in forum history who goes by SmorgassBored on here, or Doug Wiley. Doug W...

Champion Billiard's killer spared!
Robin Lovitt, who was convicted of murdering Champion's manager Clayton Dicks in November of '98 has had his sentence commuted to life without parole. -- Bob Johnson, Denv...

How is Mike Page
We have all been so concerned about the FLA and NO clans in this years natural disasters, but I don't think anyone's mentioned Mike Page in Fargo, with ND under record snow falls. ...

The Truth About Billy Boy (very looong)
I have the time now to tell the truth about poor little boring Billy Senko. Billy, who likes to poke around google (formerly Deja) stole his posting style from ME. I have put many peo...

What I've learned on RSB
I've learned that, for the most part, this is an all talk, no action clique fest headed by the master plonker PJ. I've learned that, although you elitists think you know this game and ...

Practicing safeties.
Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to practice safeties? Usually I throw a few balls on the table and keep trying to play safe on myself. Any other methods? Tha...

Re: California Billiards Reno Warmup?
Anyone have an update on who placed in this past weekend's tournament?

check out this new news group You guys can take over 'cos my knowledge on the subject is nowhere as good as it used to be, as you can prabably tell. My in...

Name the 14 people Willie Mosconi beat to win his 14 world championships.
Hello All, Willie Mosconi Born: June 27, 1913 14-time world champion from 1941-57. Died: Sept. 12, 1993 Is there a person on this earth, or book that could pro...

IPT - 8-Ball on Thursday
Anyone know if Kevin Trudeau's tournament will be televised in Canada (or anywhere in North America)? If not, is there any on-line feed available? 8-ball is my favourite game (Can...

OT: Golf Joke.
Just saw this on another forum... Four old-timers were playing their weekly game of golf, and one remarked how for Christmas this year he'd love to wake up on Christmas morning, r...

USBA Regional Qualifying Tourney/ Tacoma, WA
Dec. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th- this coming Fri, Sat, Sun.! Who else is going? I will be there with fellow 3-Cushion rookie friend (AKA 3 Rail Dale!) on Saturday.

I, Fraud Liarry Grindingdong am the BIGGEST LIAR in pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE FL: FASTLARRY Re: Fast Larry's come back diary - 2005/11/27 13:39 Billiards Professional Posts: 2588 The damn cold won't go away but it's not too b...

8ft dual pool and hockey table?
Does anyone know where I can find an 8ft dual pool and air hockey table that spins around for both games? I keep seeing this 7ft "pockey" table around but can't find an 8ft one.

What is the status of the new 'World' rules?
Here is a minor rule question that has never in my experience come up, but could. Explanation first. When spotting a ball, I have always strived to spot the ball in the very center of the ...

Peer Pressure and Pool
I just got to thinking about how the Hamster says he plays better against better opponents and in the playoffs. Then i thought of all the different players I know that react to peer pressu...

RULES - Weird question, when to call a foul?
If you minds are not all to addled with Turkey here's a question for you: You are playing 9 Ball. You make the 2, 3 and then the 4 and break up a nasty cluster that the 5 is stuck in....

Are There Any Blind Pool Tournaments?
Yesterday a comment was made by someone regarding the decline of shooting skills due to age with the following statement, "I don't think eyes have ANYTHING to do with it". For any...

Hey Hamster....
Hey Hamster....wake the hell up! I was the ONLY one actually starting a few threads last week on pool and responding to others. Did YOU or were you too busy telling "Hamster" stories. ...

ping rachet
it was 14, not 16. /memory gone to hell..I should check before posting.

Life, RSB, & The Wizard of Oz
Yes, this does have something to do with this newsgoup. Read it and apply it where necessary. I have placed it all in one post, to save space. I have also made some apologies, if your name d...

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