For Sale: 179 billiards tapes
I am looking to sell my pool video collection. I will sell the entire batch for $900 OBO or in selected groups for $7-9/video. Please email me (or just post a response) if you would like a...

Happy Halloween.
Have a good one and may your tote bags be full of candy and razorblades... I usually get enough blades to shave for the rest of the year (although with my complementary full-body...

Pool scenario
I am just looking for opinions, there is no right or wrong answers. During league night, would you rather: 1. Play on a bar table with a mudball cueball using your custom cue.

I, Fat Liarry, tell lies to boost my ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FASTLARRY Re: Fast Larry's come back diary - 2005/10/29 19:24 Billiards Professional Posts: 2493 The only way I have been able to survive and be a...

I, Fat Liarry, tell lies to boost my ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FASTLARRY Re: Fast Larry's come back diary - 2005/10/29 19:24 Billiards Professional Posts: 2493 The only way I have been able to survive and be a...

Allison Fisher
goofy question is allison married?

Rumsfeld on billiards
Hi I hope I've translated it correctly; I found it quite nice. :-) "It's not simple pool but carambol: Balls roll around and nobody knows where they lie in the end." <...

delusional-IPT tour story-long
I am under the impression the the IPT tour is an invitational tour with some slots open to a few players who qualify at sanctioned events. So I was very surprised after hearing this c...

Side Spin
I would like to make a statement and get your opinion. Side spin is useless unless the cb goes to rail. Mt.Pockets

Joss Tour at Comet Billiards - Parsippany, NJ - Oct. 29th & 30th - $2,000 added
The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour will be at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ this weekend - October 29 & 30 for a $2,000 added event - $100 entry fee. For more information you can call ...

Rules. 3 Scenarios.
What happens if: 1. A player doesn't have a clear shot at the lowest ball on the table and the shot results in the cue ball touching no other balls on the table. It just roles a...

How Many Square Feet?
What is the MINIMUM number of square feet (inside the walls) required and the MINIMUM dimensions/configuration required for a Pocket Billiards facility consisting of: 1. Two(2) N...

Columbus, OH - Viking Tour event - This Weekend
Columbus, Ohio - This Weekend - See Schedule Below CORNFED RED'S BILLIARD CAFE Viking Tour Links / Announcements ---------------------------------- ***FREE ENTRY FEES FOR WOM...

Pool Article in Toronto Star
FWIW, there was a pool article in the Toronto Star a few days ago by a reporter who had never played before. Something just reminded me of it. She was at the Charlotte Room being coached by ...

9 Ball Bank ?
What is the strategy on breaking? hard or soft?

It hurts to be beautiful!
It Hurts to be Beautiful: Erotic Brazilian Waxing Made "Easy" Because we get so many email requests about the best way to get a smooth and shiny look around the bikini line,...

Welcome back RSB
I am a man of my word and as you can see I gave you back RSB. Post well, be well, be nice this time around to each other. I am a real fookin pool player. If you are as well, then we are br...

FAQ about Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Q - Does it hurt? A - Yes it does hurt, but it is like being spanked!!!! Q - Will the hair stop growing? A - No, but it will diminish. Q - Can I have sex the day of?

Tell me more about Brazilian Bikini Waxing!!!
You are usually asked to remove your clothes from the waist down. Some women aren't comfortable with this so you can keep them on if you prefer. The fact is, underwear needs to be ...

Brazilian Bikini Waxing... Is it for you?
Brazilian Waxing - Is It For You? By Mike Jones The terms 'Brazilian Waxing' and 'Hollywood Waxing' are often used interchangeably to refer to hair removal in the genital area.

Close Jump Shot
A few months (maybe many months) ago, someone posted a video of a guy making a successful jump from an almost frozen position. Does anyone have a working link to the clip or to a similar on...

I,Fraud Larry am a con~I love to twist the truth like a used car salesman!!!!!!!
I tell people I'm moving up in the UPA standings. I figger if I go to every event and go 2 N outt, I'll have more points than someone who only plays in 2 or three events. Such a salesman!!!!...

Viking Tours Southern Classic Open Results / Stats / Notes
RESULTS from: The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours Southern Classic Open Oct. 17th - 23rd, 2005 Held at: The Pool Room 3550 Mall Blvd Duluth, GA 1-Pocket eve...

pivot point
This has come up in recent discussions. How do you determine it, then how do you apply the knowledge? /worlds oldest rookie

Must be Larry's acution...
...before he was known as FatHead Larry.

US Open 1Pocket
I will be playing (in my case this is a short term phrase) in the US Open 1Pocket event in Vegas, that kicks off tonight. I won't have a laptop with me, but I will be phoning in period...

tapes for sale
I have a batch of 179 pool videos for sale as a batch or cherry-pick groups. Respond if you would like the list.

the spot shot
I've been practicing spot shots lately - OB on the spot, shoot it from the foot line, CB against the left or right long rail. I've always understood this to be an important ...

Actual playing size of a GC 3
Finally going to have a chance to have room for a pool table. And for all my years of playing, I didnt know that a 4x8 table wasnt 48x96. I just assumed. So my question is, is a...

Mohegan Sun Women's Tournament of Champions
I saw the ad in October's Pool & Billiard magazine.., The Mohegan Sun Women's Tournament of Champions. This 8th Annual $25,000 Winner-Take-All Shootout will feature Allison Fisher...

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