Comparing Rachet to fecal matter
Who is this moron, for starters he was voted by RSB as their village Idiot. A drunk, a moron, cant run 3 fookin balls, does not know shit. He is a board boil, which means, he does not...

close ball aiming system
i recently saw refrence to a 'close to the object ball' aiming system. i seem to have trouble with this kind of shot any one know of such a system or method maybe a mike siegel ...

Tucson, AZ
I am looking for readers in the Tucson area that can inform me on the local pool scene. I have not been a reader or member of this newsgroup for quite some time. We (wife and I) will be in ...

Looking for Dynamo Regent
Hi. This is my first post. I want a coin op table for the theme. I have pins and vids and want a pool table now. For look, I like the Regent by Dynamo. I live in Louisville, KY. Lookin...

WARNING - Chalk-Off being marketed as Quick-Clean by BCn
Needing to buy some more Quick-Clean I went to the website the BCn have been advertising ( as I always like to support sponsors of Pool events whenever po...

Mosconi Cup Info
I'll be there -- will you? -- Bob --------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: 2005 Mosconi Cup Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 14:14:17 +0100

FS - Viking VM-4 + Bonus
Here is a picture of the cue that I found online The cue that I am offering is exactly like the one in the picture. This cue ...

Pool ball colors -- why those, and why that order?
I've been to many history of pool sites on the Internet, but can't find an answer to this questions: why are pool balls colored as they are, and why in that order? Can anyone help with this?...

Pot Black on English TV
The Breaks Came My Way by Joe Davis Previous Chapter Next Chapter Chapter 22 : Pot Black The last great snooker test for me came towards the end of 1963 when the BBC asked me ...

ICC show West Palm FL
The International Cue Collectors will hold their 4th annual cue show this Sat. Oct 1, 2005 at the Ritz in West Palm Beach FL. The show hours will be 1pm-5pm OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (small admissi...

Comparing Fast Larry to Fecal Matter
They both smell the same. Anyway. Hi Larry. I just want to know why you banned me from your forum at your site again? I was being nice. I was asking pool questions, I was being e...

Congratulations Alex, US Open Champ!
Congratulations to sometime Toronto resident, former World Champion Alex Pagulayan, 2005 US Champion! See for the story. Gideon

any RSB/ladder players around Memphis/Nashville?
i will be in the area on/about oct 4 thru 12....wont be carrying my cue so playing handicapped with a house cue i reckon.... i should have some free time to play.... tom

I Finally Spoke With Joey A.
I finally reached Joey. He just got a new cellphone carrier and I was able to get through. It seems that he did evacuate afterall. While his home suffered minimal damage (he has no hot wate...

Straight pool handicapping
I am trying to work out a handicapping system for a straight pool league. The more I think about this problem, the hard it seems to be. In previous seasons, the handicap was base on e...

Ceiling Height
I've seen lots of advice about room size for purchasers of pool tables but can't find much about ceiling height. We're thinking about buying a pool table and we have a nice large room but th...

OT - Violence and self-protection
Due to the need for low rents for pool halls, the location of bar leagues, etc, a fair number of us spend at least some time in areas that are likely to be less safe than we might desire ...

DRILLS THE NO NO ZONE AND AVOIDING SCRATCHES. Six Diagrams 7-19-95, 6 pages, published in 3 mags then, Rev I, 9-23-05, CR, all rights reserved, Fast Larry Guninger, published in DC,...

Nice Article - Jack Colavita - An Ace with Cue Stick
Jack Colavita, 73, an ace with cue stick Friday, September 23, 2005 BY GUY STERLING Star-Ledger Staff To Jack Colavita, playing pool was more than a way to pass some tim...

Fast Larry is making his 2nd tour of Oregon this year. I will be in town in a few weeks right after filming a prime time TV show in Manhattan. Any one in Oregon wanting lessons, clinics, tr...

Rin Tin Tin the Wonder Bird
Rin Tin Tin the Wonder Bird A short story about a boy and his pet bird If you go into, in a day or two I will have up pictures there with this story. Warni...

Bob Jewett REF DCC and tight pockets
What are the pocket width measurements on "tight pockets?" I've only played on a Diamond table when I was in Florida and didn't notice that the pockets were tighter than the GC's I usuall...

Predator Sneaky Pete
Is the Sneaky Pete predator cue a real one, or a cue for children?? and what does it worth, compared to a viking or falcon for the same price? TY

New chicken recipe
Here is a chicken recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a stuffing - imagine that. When I found this recipe, I thought it was perfect for people like me, who just are not sure...

Moose the War Dog
Moose the War Dog 3 paqges, CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved, 2-15-1999, Rev 9-23-05, published in DC, Bpn, czm, upp, ppt, flp, rsb, btt. To have the ...

The Brown Bomber and roamer
The Brown Bomber and roamer tomorrow there will be pictures with this story up on For real info and the Encylopedia see An 18 page sh...

Poor Glort is crazy
Yes virginia, poor glort is crazy as my pet coon. Just humor and ignore this stalkin psyco. They eventually jump off the 23rd floor with their male lover tied around their waiste with a pi...

Care for leather pockets
I just received my first table this week & the leather pockets are very stiff. I've tried squeezing them a little to break them in but it appears that some small cracks have been created. ...

Warning U.S. Open results - Earl Strickland typical behavior at U.S. Open
I just finished watching Strickland vs. Souquet at the U.S. Open. I have read debates about his behavior over the years here on RSB. This match was Earl at his worst. During the entire ma...

Send Glort to bed without his din din
Who votes to call Glorts mommie and tell her he is up beyond his bed time fookin wit adults and he needs a bar of soap in his mouth and sat in the corner.

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