shot of the century!
Made this shot today against a pro player! Cant believe it!!! START( %Io9F4%Pm7H5%]t0C3%^n1H0 )END
Our site is just about to hit 500 Members, it is mostly Canadian content about future and past tournaments in Ontario. We are looking for new members, Advertisors, and people who want ...

BCA 9Bll league
I am going to running a BCA 9Ball in house league. Any suggestion? 3 man or 5 man per team? Thanks

Looking for more information.
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam [email protected]

printing pool drills with graphics?
I want to print out all the drills I have learnt so far... Will I have to draw a pool table with Adobe Photoshop, or is there some easier way to print out a pool drill? The Wei tables cant...

How many players buy books and tapes?
I'm curious about this and none of my research has been able to come up with a satisfactory answer. Among the players you know (including yourself): 1. Do you prefer table b...

FA Predator 3K1 ---- New condition This cue was in a persons private collection and used twice.

Look at me... part two
OK, I promised to post a link when the Deadwood pictures were up, so here it is... We're on the bottom left. I'm sure most of you will enjoy the women's picture to the righ...

Who Is The Value Bet?
Take a look at these odds for the upcoming 9-Ball worlds in Taipei: Do any players on there immediately jump out...

There's a product now used by many cue-makers called "HogShine". I've heard it is a combination of several "waxes". It is used on shafts just prior to the final burnishing. Ma...

Conventional wisdom on when to use the second shaft?
So my cue came with two shafts and murphys law suggests that eventually it will warp. So in general is it better to make regular use of both shafts instead of one or should you st...

Am I the Only One That Thinks...
... that women's billiards competitions should be conducted with the women wearing thongs? Naturally, we'd have to apply a weight limit. -Sammy

Ladder Match Report - Ron Shepard Creams Pat Johnson
Ron and I played yesterday afternoon at Chris's and, although I've been playing pretty well lately, Ron walked over me 9 to 1 (guess I wasn't playing as well as I thought). I enjoyed it a...

OT: need some help for a website.
Ive built a website that is collecting pictures that signify "freedom" so far most (ok all) of my entries have been from the USA. If you all could please take 5 minutes and fill out my for...

Free Online Poker Money
Free money from online poker rooms, casinos, bingo rooms & sportsbooks. Bonus codes, freerolls & no deposit bonuses.

How good was Jackie Gleason?
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0008_01C56311.44CB1180 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Ebay: I think I've been ripped off
I recently bought a used bar box pool table with felt on it that needed replacement. I solicitied advice for how to recover a bar box, and bought pool table felt off ebay. ($33, plus $1...

RSB Ladder Challenge - Calling out Bob Jewett and/or Tom Seymour
Bob/Tom - I will be in Emeryville on Friday 10th June. Would you be able to meet for a game or 7 in the afternoon? My meeting is about a mile away from The Broken Cue in Emeryville. I've n...

Time For RSB To Step Up.. imo
I mentioned this in another thread,but thought I'd re-title it here. I've been challenged to name 50 people that share my views on FL. I wouldn't begin to post peoples names or assume that t...

will it work for you?
A little while back, I was browsing some newsgroups and came across an article similar to this that said you could make thousands of dollars within weeks with only an initial ...

Q: Pool cues and rooms in Hong Kong?
I will be in Hong Kong in July. I'm interested in buying a good quality pool cue and shooting some pool while I'm there but have no idea where. Any suggestions? Any help is very much appreci...

Good luck Fast Larry
I noticed from the tournament chart online ( that Larry Guniger is playing in the UPA Florida Open. Good luck Fast Larry.

straight pool league
I'm looking for a format or a handicap formula for a straight pool league for my pool room. ANY suggestions or experiences you can relate (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. ...

Ebay auction...
Here is something very special from my collection that is for sale: Deno -Waiting for Lou to complain about the price...

Miltonio Cue
I finally got around to adding this Miltonio from my collection to the web site: Please excuse the horrible picture. ...

Elk Master and Triumph Tips
What's with these two tips? Why is Elk Master covered in chalk? And what purpose is the pad under the Triumph tips? Does it replace a fibre pad? Glenn

Beer Thread
I notice we haven't had a decent beer thread for a while. What's the best beer to drink whilst playing pool? I just posted the following on AZ... Only the Germans, E...

Hamster Tales is OFFICIALLY Published
I see that people are asking about Hamster Tales and wondering what happened to their hard-earned cash... Well, I'm not going to tell you. So there... Oh, OK... don't get al...

Hey Malone!
Where's our book buddy? Enquiring minds want to know, or should we be asking how the weather is in Mexico this time of year? Never, ever, pay a Pool player in advance for anything ;-) ...

Congratulations Rich!
I just heard (late as usual) that my friend and former teammate Rich Cunningham won the BCA Masters singles! Way to go Rich! He's in Lou's neck of the woods now but lived in Denver prior to ...

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