How's the market for antique pool tables?
Hi all. I have access to a 10' pool table (the one with pockets) that seems to be a Brunswick from the 1890's. I haven't confirmed all that yet, but I will when I get a chance. I don't kn...

looking for a custom cue...
I have a friend who got his Joss stolen, I suggested a custom cue since he took good care of his last one for the last 12 years. can you guys suggest some places? I dont think he'll spend ...

rules help
OK the game is BCA 9-ball and my opponent has left himself this: START( %Dk0H3%E_8Z8%FD2L1%Gm5L0%HC6M7%Il1G8%Pn6L2 )END After walking around the table a couple of...

Billiards in 1839
If you are interested to gain insight into the game of billiards in and around 1839, I have an excerpt from Kentfield's major work here:

New class of pool, billiards
Thursday, April 28 View Article Needed: Flea market or fair acerage for conversion project. by xtrpool on April 28, 2005 07:19AM (EDT) I'm searching for the right property to laun...

Reno ACS anyone?
Who all is going to Reno this week for the ACS National 8-ball? I'll be there for the team tourney touching down on Tuesday (May 3rd). My team is Albertis2 from Greenfield, MA. <...

Support Your Sport ! - Sponsors of Viking Tour
The sponsors listed below have made it possible for the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour to add $93,000.00 in Guaranteed Added Prize Money to our events in the 2005/06 tour season. I ask yo...

Some Snooker novice Q's
1. Well, not a very objective question, but still: Who are considered the all-time greatest players? I would think of Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry. Anyone else? 2. I might be mi...

Glad 2 B back
I have been computerless since my laptop blew up a while ago and just got another one last p.m. missed you all ( well not all ) hehehehe Ratchet- just dropped in to see what condi...

Even More Off Topic Than 'Going To Heaven' (VERY LONG)
The Barbarachnid (my creepy-scary, red-headed, blood-sucking, spider-wife) brought home a brand new 12 1/2" wide, 3" deep heavy duty commercial grade aluminum/Teflon frying pan made in Ital...

Inside Pool Mag Over?
Any one know what is going on with them? I didn't get my issues for 2 month and can't get hold with them.

Billiards writer needed
First of all, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Dan Benton, and I'm president of Secondary Sports relations for a company called "The Most Valuable N...

Men v. Women (A New Observation)
During the Embassy World Championship (The Crucible) snooker tournament TV coverage, they did a short color segment on the possibility of women competing against men in The Crucible, and oth...

Sittingduck's Missing Report
Duck, Where's the Fast Larry report? SS

European Pool Championships
I have watched off and on and seen some great pool. I have seen the 9 ball several times and have been amazed that they are "racking" without a rack. Does anyone know why or for that matt...

Yellow Micarta
Hi, I am looking for some old yellow micarta material for ferrules and joint. Please email me if you have some or know someone who does. [email protected] Thanks.

Another team title
Well our team won the Deadwood, SD team event this past weekend. That makes it two in a row for us (rocky mtn and deadwood). Next stop Vegas... well sort of. We're going to break into two te...

Where do I go from here?
As most of you know I had never seen a pool table up close until 5 years or so ago. I had no idea what I was doing (or why) but thanks to this RSB forum and some of the great people on...

Live Online European Pool
Hi everyone! The finals of the European Pool Championships can be seen online at the address below (requires Windoes Media Player)

Fractured ladder?
Roger Orsulak managed to tear himself away from the exciting social life in Two Rivers, Wi and make a road trip to Madison yesterday afternoon. Maybe he just escaped from Two Rivers. LOL ...

Secrets of One Pocket Racks
Would anyone like to share their secrets of how different One Pocket racks break? There are always some gaps in a rack---which ones are good and which ones are bad? What side to break from i...

OT Only in California

4-Sale Signature Cue From Viking National Championship
This Cue is 4-Sale The cue is signed by the below players with this exact wording: Earl "The Pearl" Strickland Shawn "The Love Sponge" Putnam Shannon "The Cannon" Dault...

Billardd Management Software
Software to manage your billardcenter or billardparlor. available languages are: english,german,french,portugisean,spanish,greece,indonesia Homepage :

Billard Management Software
Software to manage your billardcenter or billardparlor. available languages are: english,german,french,portugisean,spanish,greece,indonesia Homepage :

PDF Flyers For Viking Tour Events - Now Available
Flyers for the below events are now available in a PDF format. If you would like a copy of the flyer emailed to you in the PDF format, send an email to [email protected] and specify w...

bending at the waist?
All videos and books about pool stances say you should "bend at the waist". What they dont explain is the ideal angle of your torso when you bend. Please take a moment to follow my reasonin...

Ebay Books And Videos Eddie Robin One Pocket

Cue Ball Position
Ralph Greenleaf would try to roll the cue ball within 18 inches of the object ball, and at the same time, try to leave the cue ball with as close to a half-ball angle as he could manage. His...

New Product (Slip Stic)
I have been experimenting with Slip Stic, and it works very well.. It does not take the place of a shaft sealer but it will take the place of items like cue silk and products like it. It's...

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