Joss Tour 2004-2005 Season Finale
I received great news from Mike Zuglan today and just thought I pass it on.., Nice job Mike!!! _______________________________________________________________________ Everyone,

Those that cannot view the WEI table - Bob Jewett, et al ...
Please let me know if you can view the following: If I get positive responses, I'll attempt to write a WEI viewer for you... ...

RSB 9-Ball Ladder
9-Ball ladder. The ground rules are 9-ball, race to a minimum of 7, both players to agree on the table (bar box or 9'), neutral site or agreed upon location. Winner replaces the ...

Any billiards or pool, RSBers, in LaCrosse Wisconsin
Anyone know of anything happening pool or billiard related in LaCrosse WI? If there are any RSBers in the area it would be fun to meet you. Basically, is there any reason I should bring a c...

Brazilian Seven Ball aka Sinuca - Anyone know the rules?
A friend of mine came over for our weekly pool night last week, and introduced to a game he played all the time in Brazil. He thought it was called either Sinuca or Bilhards, but those do...

Repair or Replace cushions on old Brunswick.
Hi, I have an old Brunswick Sultana that I am refinishing and one of the cushions is loose. I need to reattach it and was wondering what glue should I use? I have been using hyd...

North Narolina player in Knoxville, TN
Anyone know a guy going by the name of Rocky that plays allot better than average pool. Says he is from North Carolina. Around 45 to 50 something years old. Has a funny looking way of holdin...

Meucci billiard balls wanted
A few years back, Meucci made and sold two different styles of billiard balls. Any one have a set they want to part with ? Dave

Best one piece house cues? ?
Now that Dufferin is gone, who makes the best one piece house cue?

Anyone going to the WPBA San Diego Classic this week?
Is anyone else going to the WPBA Classic tour stop at the Viejas casino in San Diego this week? I will be there tonight for the Charity Pro/Am thing they do as a kick off event, and then m...

Please Help...
Someone has stolen my website ( and is selling it on ebay (

Death of a Pool Hall
Probably one of the loveliest farewells to a pool hall I've ever read. If you love pool, you'll feel like you just been to a funeral of a dear friend. http://www.washingtonp...

Golf or Billiards? Well? Joe

Vintage Aramith balls
Hiya, I recently picked up a set of old Aramith balls at an antique store. I am pretty sure they are authentic, as they came with a foil embossed BAB card, and the box has aramith stickers ...

Meucci billiard balls wanted
A few years back, Meucci made and sold two different styles of billiard balls. Any one have a set they want to part with ? Dave

Nothing like banks...
When we pool duffers watch 9-ball and 8-ball matches, it's easy to delude ourselves into thinking that the only difference between our play and the pros ispractice potting balls and a little...

Egg timer from the 30th century is here!!
Hi, HAPPY EASTER BREAK!!! We are developing the Eggs-Actor 3000 timer for the XP operation system just in time for Easter Season!!! It is designed as a timer for meal preperatio...

shockwave 8ball
Hi Does anybody know of a way in which you could cheat on 8ball by extending the line which is drawn to make your shot? or maybe a predicted line of were other balls are going to go.......

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

I know this shot can be done.
Sorry I deleted the WEI table by accident while trying to create a bitmap for Bob J. So you'll just have to click on the link... Can someone tell me in a little bi...

$42,000 in 4-6 weeks w/$6.00 paypal start
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"authorized dealer"
I am looking at pool tables and went to a Brunswick dealer, and then found another store that carries Brunswick tables. I have not gone to the second store yet, but wanted to know why sho...

Just wondering
I'm wondering if anyone else hears the voices of Mitch Laurence and Allen Hopkins in their head commenting on their practice sessions like I do? I'm wondering if I need professio...

Charlotte Room Reborn
It is perhaps fitting at Easter to announce this. As some of you may recall, I posted around Christmas that my favourite pool room was gone, to be replaced by a gay bar. For...

Is this shot possible?
A guy I know told me that there was some sort of workout or game called "target pool" or something similar where there were a series of shots that got harder and harder. The follo...

micarta ferrules needed(I KNOW I KNOW LOTS OF LUCK!!)
i need a 13mm or 14mm yellow micarta ferrule. LETS MAKE A DEAL!! i have a new schon shaft that i want to get a micarta ferrule put on. help a nice guy out! a blank(no hole) would be allrig...

AD: 1971 Triangle(Kieckhefer) orig. half-gross box 30 cubes of chalk on ebay Thanks for looking, Carter

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Changing cues?
I play snooker to a fair standard (94,high break) and have started to play pool,seriously (tournaments). I am in UK,and have seen Steve Davis cross over to pool,with success. he sta...

the GREAT Break Shot book
Has anyone purchased "The GREAT Break Shot" book, yet? Joe Tucker's book on "Racking Secrets" has been upgraded & included in the new book.

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