Shoot a trick shot
Shoot a trick shot, or smorgie, but stop fighting and have some fun dudes. Here is a shot from FL. The Crane 4in4 draw

"short" and "long" tables
Does anyone have a good way to objectively measure a table as being long, short or neutral? Right now I just do it by feel but I would like to come up with a more reliable way of ...

2005 European Pool Championships in April
The 2005 European Pool Championships will take place April 20-30 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. The events will include men's and women's 8 ball, 9 ball, straight pool and team events as w...

Hamster Tales - Urgent - Send me the Money!
I have been requested to submit the manuscript by the publisher but I still haven't received some of the advance payments. Since I need to finish up the 'acknowledgment' page, I need to know...

Pro/Am Snooker Tournament (AD)
For those of you interested in following the Pro/Am results, you can go to and click on the link event info. Roy Mason

On-line Snooker Cue Buying Experience
Hello, I'm looking for any good/bad feedback regarding buying a snooker cue online. I'm looking at or something from Riley or BCE. Can anyone offer any advice as to w...

How many guys on RSB watched the oscars last night.
FL watched Hoosiers, one of the top 10 best sports movies of all time. He then got on the history channel and watched area 51. Then checked out some titty stuff on the x channel and went to...

Newsletter - New Issue Now Online
Hi everybody. Looks like everyone has been entertained thoroughly around here since I last visited. The new issue of my newsletter is up at the following link: http://www.geociti...

Pool Cue Tips Compared - Which is the best?
Download this free PDF report... Compares some of the top brands of cue tips and finally put to rest the age old question: "Does a soft tip grab better and a hard tip?" ...

worldcup 3 cushion - the netherlands
For pictures of this event take a look at:

The good doctor leaves the board
This is my 3rd trip in here and I hope it is my last. All the crazies are back on their meds, we have cuffed and stuffed Ripp and smorgie and the Black VD bitch and they are in the psyco wa...

Make Money Fast And Easy
IT'S SIMPLE AND IT'S LEGAL!!!!!!! I found this on a bulletin board and decided to try it a little while back, I was browsing through news groups just as you are right now and came across a a...

Sands Reno Bar Box tournament
Any RSBer's going to be in Reno Next week? -- JohnA(Kent,WA)

aramith centennials?
A local sporting goods store has a set of these..apparently they've been there awhile...all dusty. I can't google up aramith centennials..just Brunswicks. They're in a green box. Ever...

Birthday wishes in order?
If she's lurking out there, I believe it might be appropriate to wish a happy birthday to JAM! May you enjoy many, many more! -- Bob Johnson, Denver, Co. [email protected]

Nine Ball Wizard
NINE BALL WIZARD (Sung to The Who's Pinball Wizard) When I was a young boy, went to the pool hall Shorty cracked the diamond, watched the one ball fall Two to the nine, the s...

Shark Food
I recently lost to this Shrimp for some clams and realized to play this don't need mussels. Cod up in all the excitement, I was CARPed in to playin another set and said ok, let...

Question for Sincerly Sam
Sam, a while back you ask about info on English Billiards so, how about an updadte? have you played? is it more fun than Snooker? is it the game you can beat pool playe...

"Sneaky Pete" cue sticks
Pardon my ignorance, but can anyone please explain WTF a "Sneaky Pete" cue stick is? I even called the guy at Meucci (he says their M-1 is a "Sneaky Pete") and he couldn't even give me a go...

Billardcenter Software
Billardmanager the solution for your billardcenter. Page :

I, Fast Liarry Grindingleberry will NOT be at Valley Forge this year
Seems like nobody wants me or my sorry act.

R.I.P. Fast Larry
Fast Larry and his dogs died Feb. 28th under mysterious circumstances of unknown causes. All the usual suspects had waterproof alibis. Gala parties to be held everywhere. The world rejoiced...

Winning One Pocket books for sale
I have only a few more of the "Winning One Pocket" books. They are in mint condition and signed by Eddie Robin, $225 + $10 S&H. Email me if interested. Deno

OT: Read the last paragraph, only in NJ Joe

Viking Tour Lodging Info For All Events - GREAT DEALS FOR ALL
You Do Not Have To Be A Member Of The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour To Use The Below Discounts. RED ROOF INN / MOTEL 6 The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour has struck a deal with Accor Hotel...

What is really going on - sorry RSB
Larry is angry because I did not return his affections on Valentine's Day. Forgive me for not responding to the flirts of a sick old fart, but I do have my standards Larry. You got mad at ...

Instruction on how to play pool
The purpose of a pool forum is not to fight, call each other names and run each other down. We need to stop that, and return to talking pool and be polite and civil. As you have ran off an...

Race to 3? Too short?
After league I matched up what I thought was good against another player. Well, turns out, not so good for me. I lost the first set, but it was really close, it was hill hill and I was on a...

Q: How/where to get a Skip Weston cue?
I really like Skip Weston's cues and would like to order one. I have sent a few e-mails to both of the addresses that have been on his website but have not received a reply. Please do not ta...

FA: It's George 1x2 and 2x4 leather cases BRAND NEW! LIMITED SUPPLY!
Hi, I have a very LIMITED quantity of It's George made for Brunswick Billiards 1x2 and 2x4 cases. These are BRAND NEW and have been DISCONTINUED years ago. Please check out my auc...

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