The double circle polka dot cue ball.
The double circle polka dot cue ball. I designed the Stealth jump and Masse cue plus new shafts and woods and told few about it at the time. Then later on when I announced I had ...

Inverse 9 Ball Rules
How's this for a mod the 9 ball rules that tries to remove some of the more unwanted characteristics of the game like slop, luck and cheap snookers. It's sort of like turning the rules insid...

Ring Game Formats
ca anyone tell me? Thanks

New Hunting reality show
Have you heard about this new hunting reality TV show that's seeking participants? It's called "Hunting for Bambi" and it's like Fear Factor meets Girls Gone Wild. 6 guys get to hunt 12 nake...

Picking a league
I operate an in-house pool league in Toronto, Canada and wish to sanctioning it but can't decide which league I want to go with. I have ten teams playing presently and more wish to join. I...

Pick a League
I operate an in-house pool league in downtown Toronto, Canada and would like to sanction it. I have ten teams and more will be joining. I will be splitting them into a recreational, fun di...

Break Sticks
So what is the bestest break stick you've ever used? I've tried many, including the Predator BK and Sledgehammer (I *hate* the sound of a phenolic tip) and was pretty much unimpressed....

Interesting old article about Mike Sigel and the birth of the PBTA
With all the talk of "what went wrong" in the Men's Pro game in the USA I thought this article made some interesting reading. (There's no date on the article, does anyone know when the 14....

what's a table worth?
I know the short answer is "what somebody is willing to pay for it", but if anyone has any other input, I'd appreciate it. We're thinking about buying a new 9' table and need to know what ...

Last pool room questions...
How much space between tables do you prefer, at the ends and the sides? Flourescent or Incandescant lighting (given that it is the appropriate amount of light)? Would you us...

back to pool chalk with lead for a moment
I am the founder of IPAL:Iowa Parents Against Lead Poisoning. My son was lead poisoned a year ago by the exterior of our home. During the investigation and testing of our home they tested ou...

bumper pool
Hi I am planning on building a bumper pool table, does anyone know where I can find some building plans? I have found tons of sites with poker table plans, but none for bumper pool.


How can I spoof my address in Outlook Express?
As most of you already know AOL will discontinue its Newsgroups service soon. I already have Optimum Online and have set up Outlook Express for newsgroups. My question is, how can I ad...



Table for sale
I have a Diamond Professional for sale. It is a 7' model(40"x80" playing surface)in solid oak. It is covered in 860 Simonis. Cloth is in good shape. Table is in excellent condition. I n...

Pool Players and "REAL JOBS" Staying Committed
-I have been lucky to have met and been associated with a lot of "A" List Pool Players. I have recently had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the road and getting to know the best OV...

New McDermott on Ebay for anyone interested

Good News! Do you know how simple it is to go to Heaven after this life has ended? Some people believe that belonging to a local church, temple, mosque or s...

hbo special filmed during DCC
I remembered hearing some talk somewhere about HBO doing a special on pool with footage from the DCC. Is there any truth in this and did they actually film any at the dcc?

Racist rag heads hate jews and christians
WND TOP STORY: Report: Saudis spreading hate inside U.S. mosques The government of Saudi Arabia is disseminating propaganda through American mosques that teaches hatred of Jews and Chr...

SHALOM I ask you to read this letter till the end! Don't treat to my words with indifferens. On Your understanding it will depend my fate and the fate of my child! I...

Purple Heart Shafts
I was just curious who here has tried these purple heart shafts on break cues and what did you think? Who makes these for break cues? I'm currently using a sledgehammer and wondered ...

Stance Advice for right-eyed player? (and more about dominant eye)
My dominant eye is my right eye. I use a snooker stance. What I can't decide on is my head position on the cue. To put my cue under my right eye I need to use something like the stance sug...

Joss Tour-$5,000-added Ocean State Open-Jan. 29-30-Rhode Island
The Joss Tour in combination with Snooker's Cafe and Billiard Club in Providence, Rhode Island, will be holding a $5,000-added BANNER EVENT beginning today, January 29th, at 12:00 noon sharp...

$2,000-added PP 9-Ball Tour, January 29-30, Laurel, MD
The season opener of the Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour begins today at 12:00 noon sharp at Champion Billiards in Laurel, Maryland. Check out the website for more info: http://www.planet-poo...

BOOK REVIEWS - "Stroke" & "Something Rising"
I read these 2 books over the Holidays and they make for an interesting exercise in "Compare and Contrast" so I figured I'd review them together. SPOILER WARNING - I discuss some plot...

Winning One Pocket books for sale
I have a case of Winning Pocket Books. They are brand new (old stock), corrected edition. Price $225 + $10 S&H insured to U.S. addresses. Email me if you want one or more. Prices are fir...

Layered Tips Comparison
My stock of layered tips was running low (only a couple of Moori Qs and a Molavia Regular left in the Ziploc bag in the pocket of my Whitten), so when I saw some Wild Boar layered tips for...

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