Accu-stats original blowout on eBay for $5 a piece!!!!!!!
Thought some of you guys might be interested. I am putting up over 200 matches this week for $5 a piece. All original Accu-Stats VHS in good condition or better. Thanks,

Action Elite Cue
Hi everyone! I can get a good deal on one for around 100.00. Anyone here ever play with one? If so how did you like it? I think it has a Mcdermot type joint. Thanks!

Last of the "Legends"
A few months back we had a discussion here concerning ESPN's telecast of The Legendary Stars of Billiards. At the time, it was mentioned that Babe Cranfield was the last remaining survivo...

J. Pechauer SE Open 9-ball Tour Update
J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour $1000 Added Per Event Season 2004/05 All tournaments are two-day events unless otherwise stated Make sure to call...

race to 11 - nineball?
what states or areas have a number of players that are willing to play nineball race to 11 for 500.00 per set or more?

RIP F Glenn
Here was an update from Frank in Feb. His own words. I'm home now. I went in for a test and biopsy on Monday last week and after I came home I passed out. Jane called 911 a...

Engles Cases Alert... I'd normally take this with a grain of salt, but Indyq is a rather reputable dealer. Perhaps we should all atleast be aware of this claim...

BCA League Rules Questions
I play in a weekly tournament that supposedly uses BCA 8-ball league rules. A couple of weeks ago before the tournament started I had ball in hand on a shot and "adjusted" the ball with m...

Shameless Plug for Kaizan Cue On Ebay Almost new Kaizan Merry Widow cue by Greg Wilson of Steepleton Billiards. -- Mark...

Cancelled event is now ReScheduled on Viking Tour
NEW UPDATES as of November 27, 2004 ***EVENT RESCHEDULED*** SHARKY'S BILLIARDS in Collinsville, IL scheduled for DEC 11-12 has been rescheduled for January 29-30, 2005 ...

Champions and more Champions
North American Open Tour November 28 - December 5, 2004 Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa Destin, FL This t...

WEB site for publishing Pool tournaments
Do any of you have a favorite web site for viewing tournament dates? Would you suggest ONE site that would be the BEST SITE for tournament promoters to publish their upcoming tourname...

Frank Glenn
Since Frank was a contributor to this newsgroup, I thought perhaps some might be interested in his obituary. Pool at least got a mention. I don't know if Frank was an APA member, but if so...

Death of a friend of RSB and pool
Frank Glen passed away on saturday evening.

McCready and Hopkins in Finals at Joss Tour
What a great Joss Tour finals: Keith McCready vs. Allen Hopkins. That was the feature act that unfolded at Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, PA this weekend! But that wasn't the on...

FA: 3 Bobby Hunter cues

java applet viewer for wei table
Hello group! I know some people do not have access to FLASH and I had some time over the holiday, so I put together a java applet to view the wei diagram. This is a very rough ve...

Greatest Custom Cue(s) ... of all times
If I had unlimited funds ... and if I wanted to buy the very best of the very best ... What cue makers (dead or alive) should I seek out?

Passing of Jimmy "The Rat " Balkus
*As printed in The Metrowest Daily News on Sunday, November 28, 2004 MARLBOROUGH -- James V. Balkus, 58, of Marlborough, MA, died Friday, Nov. 26, 2004, at UMass Memorial Medical Cente...

ref 3 C in Mexico City
Any more pictures? Am looking forward to reading the "story." Back in the day I spent a lot of time in Mexico City, really enjoyed it. Looked like everyone enjoyed the matches and you <...

52 players at NYC tour event
Many top players from the NYC metro area and the north east. Nice crowd of rail birds, great food and a some really great match ups.I believe they're going to post the results at AZbillia...

Cancelled Tournament + New Events on Viking Tour
NEW "Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour" UPDATES as of November 27, 2004 ***EVENT CANCELLATION*** = SHARKY'S BILLIARDS in Collinsville, IL scheduled for DEC 11-12 has been CANCELLED. P...

Pics from 3 cushion event in Mexico City
I returned a couple weeks ago from a nice event in Mexico City. I have posted some pictures that were sent to my by the promoters. Tournament results and a story will be posted shortly. T...

Championship! enjoy the game and get the prize!
Wow!! I got a big news!! maybe some of you already know it.. There'll be held "The 1st Shot-Online US Open" during the Christmas season!! It'll begin from 11/29 (Mon), and the of...

BCA RuleBook Info
The latest BCA Rulebook I have is from 2003. I'm assuming that is the one that was published in April, 2003 (or thereabouts). Was there another one published in 2004? If so, what does t...

I am an American by FL
I am a real American, I love my country. For decades I went out into the woods and killed a wild turkey for my table on Thanksgiving just like my ancestors did. I now no longer hunt and an...

Happy Holiday to you all
It's Thanksgiving morning and I can help but appreciate living in the greatest country in the world and for being a very small part of the pool community. May God Bless you all on this great...

Columbus Ohio Pool on TV
I recieved word today that one of our local TV stations will televise the local BCA league finals that will be held sometime around April 2005. I am not sure of the exact time or place, but ...

>>>>> Happy Thanksgiving FL <<<<<<<
Thanks again for the stories. Enjoy the holidays. Puma

Tournament Dec 5th Pompton Lakes NJ $ 500 guaranteed first place
Crown Billiards , 735 Hamburg Tpk Pompton lakes, NJ is having an open class 9 ball tournament. Here are the particulars: Alternating breaks Race to 7 both sides of the bracket

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