The things you see people do in a pool swing and get by with it makes the angles weep. FL.

Re Poolhall annoyances
It's these punks who shoot, miss, and then begin thirling the cue around in a big circle like they think they are in the movie the color of money. It Drives me nuts. FL.

One of the top twenty top players in the USA was playing at my local hangout. His tip blew off and I handed him my Action cue, it was straight and I recently had a Tailsman tip installed on ...

NY Tournament to Honor Sang Lee, August 2005
This should be a great chance to see (if not play with) the best players in the world. -- Bob ------------------ From: "Charles Brown" cbrown54 (at) ...

DRILLS 8-7 and warm up drills.
DRILLS 8-7 and warm up drills. 10-31-04 5 pages CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. Bpn, czm, upp, rsb The Wei table, instructions on how to open it are at the end. ...

DRILLS Soft touch and soft rolls. 9 shots.
DRILLS Soft touch and soft rolls. 9 shots. 10-31-04 Five pages CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. Bpn, czm, upp, rsb. When I do a playing lesson with students shots...

Poolhall annoyances
What have you scene around the poolhall that just really bugs the crap out of you? Have you ever watched a player that had wierd body movements, looks, behaviors that you thought were just ...

Semi-annual time change survey
OK, who forgot to set their clocks back until their operating system reminded them this morning? is now FREE! :-)
Thanks to Deno for getting me interested in lottery laws. ;-) Had to make a few changes to avoid running afoul of U. S. C. 18-1302: "Mailing Lottery Tickets or Related Matter." ...

FA: Oak pool table (Seattle, WA area)
Thea table, 4'x8', excellent condition. Many pictures on the auction page, more available via email if you'll let me know what you want to see in more detail. No reserve, no minimum - th...

Winning One Pocket book
I have the book, Eddie gave it to me right after it came out. It's beautiful. I read it, put it on the shelf and it has not moved since then, its brand new. The signatures are copies and ...

Viking F Series Cues
Anyone know if they are a better playing cue or just new designs? I can get older Vikings for less $$$. Thanks!

Checked out Chris's and Chicago Billiard Cafe
Well today I went out an explored a few places. Finally got out to Chris's and pretty much knew what to expect. It's very similar to the 211 club I use to frequent in Seattle but alas it's n...

FOUR P's to championship play. Practice, Pressure, Persistence and Preparation.
FOUR P's to championship play. Practice, Pressure, Persistence and Preparation. 10-1-04 by Fast Larry Guninger cr, all rights reserved. Five pages. Bpn, czm, upp, rsb. PRA...

Winning One Pocket book
Do all of the leatherbound editions have signature autographs of the 6 major contributors? --Jim

Book On One-Pocket
Whut's the absolute greatest book ever written on One-Pocket? D.DaddytheDave ================================

4 more escapes from the straight in shot.
I recently posted two of them. To see those two go to the bottom and hit next 25, then do it again, then the thread comes up which is: Oct 27, 2004 PROPOSITION TWO SHOTS FORCE FOLLOW...

Yappin Wolf's IP #
172 164 205 234 Have a nice day. FL.

Cribbage: Fast Larry's modern rules of
GAMES: Cribbage. 3-20-2000 4 pages, CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved, Bpn, czm, upp, rsb. Fast Larry's modern rules of Cribbage. Cribbage is a game tha...

WINNER, how to be one means you must think like one.
WINNER, how to be one means you must think like one. Four pages 1-17-04 CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. Bpn, czm, upp, rsb. Go tattoo this...

Boycott ketchup
boycott using ketchup until the factories come back to the usa. Check your Heinz bottles I checked and my bottle of Heinz catsup says "Product of Canada" Guess I'll be che...

Let's clear up a few misconceptions
After monitoring the posts of late, Some of you have formed some misconceptions about me. I'm about to clear those up. Those of you who wish to be ignorant, self-centered, and just plain i...

*** PING Sheldon *** re: Lincoln City
Sheldon -- Just checking to see if you rec'd the email I sent you last night. If not, then let me know where I should send it: mdcollier1946_AT_comcast_DOT_net T...

Predetor Shafts for Nick Varner Cues?
I have a Nick Varner Cue that I'm really happy with. It is my first cue and I really like the way it feels. The weight seems more shifted to the rear than most other cues I've tried and for ...

Stroke it, don't poke it?
STROKE: Stroke it, don't poke it? 8-26-03 Two pages CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. Bpn, czm, upp, rsb. Q: A fan wrote in: I heard you at the last Hopkins even...

World 3-Cushion C'ship, Singles
[Sorry for the delay in the report, but I missed the link announcement. -- Bob] The World 3-Cushion Championship was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands October 6-10, 2004. There ...

Cues Used at Jimbo-Jambo 2004
The thread on cues used at the World Championships got me wondering if Jimbo still has the list of the cues used at the Jimbo-Jambo in Hamden last month...? I'd be interested in a...

Live Webcast : Dutch Championship 9-Ball
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 29/10/2004 - Glimworm IT is proud to present their second online coverage of an international poolbilliard tournament. In association with Koninklijke Nederlands...

Schon cues
Does anyone have a link to older Schon cue pictures?15 to 20 years approx,I can't find any older pics,thanks,Bill

Got my butt kicked
I was in Canada for two days so I played in the tournament at Shooters billiards in Toronto Mon. night. This is a $25 dollar entry nine ball race to seven single elimination handicap tournam...

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