Kenny Kwok Is 2004 US National Snooker Champion
Kenny Kwok won the 2004 United States National Snooker Championship at the New York Athletic Club in the heart of New York City. Full report and photographs are on the w...

SS-Joint Conversion?
Say I were to purchase a cue with a piloted stainless steel joint. I want a white phenolic joint instead, but don't want to mess up the forward balance of the cue. Can a cuemaker ...

SS-Joint Conversion?
Say I were to purchase a cue with a piloted stainless steel joint. I want a white phenolic joint instead, but don't want to mess up the forward balance of the cue. Can a cuemaker ...

Blank Tournament Schedules
I'm looking for blank tournament schedules for a 16-man and 32-man, double elimination, event. Does anybody have a digital copy they can email? Also, what happened to the Pool Tournament Man...

New Inside Pool PDF?
JR is looking into it, but when I download the new Inside Pool, I'm getting 6,634,633 and WinZip won't unzip it saying the file is corrupted or incomplete. It actually says there appears to...

Looking for Pool Shooter
Hi everyone, I live in Hagerstown, Maryland and I am looking for someone to shoot pool with. I have a nice table and am 57 years old and am a retired engineer. Please get back to...

SW on Ebay---good greif Charlie Brown
Sometimes, you just have to lead the sheep in out of the rain!

Swap Straight Pool Videos
I'm looking for anyone who wants to swap any straight pool videos. Email me if interested. thanks, dwhite

future plans
I was fortunate enough to win four world titles but those difficult acchievements aren't recognized or listed by the BCA or any trade mags in their Almanac sections. Jersey Red, Bugs, R...

Happy 4th of July Everyone
please have a Safe and Happy Holiday ( I burned my point finger on a firework due to a fast fuse ) hehehe >> Ratchet << P.S. remember why we celebrate it !! nowa...

The War between Bad Habits & Proper Form
Seems to be the way life works in pool is that you get all your bad habits long before you learn about the good ones. If you've been at it long enough those bad habits will get molded and t...

Pool Lessons
Do you guys feel you need to take lessons from someone who is a much better player then you are, I mean just for the respect part of it? Or do you feel you can learn from someone who shoots ...

Regular tournys in and around Louisville, KY?
Anyone know of regular tournys in and around the Louisville area? I'm just looking for something like a small weekly/monthly tournament to play in. I actually live in Jeffersonville, Indi...

Pool Nooz - Mark Lachecki wins VNEA Senior singles
Nice report from local paper on Mark Lachecki. Apparently he's a BCA instructor too for anyone looking for instructors with bar table expertise. Favorite quote : "After I lost, I got o...

need help with cue
i just bought a new jump/break cue and i notice that the treads on the joint collar is made out of wood i usally see that these treads are made out of steal. is there anything wrong with thi...

Poolrooms in Washington D.C./Baltimore Metro Area
Hello all. It's starting to look like I'm going to be relocating to the other coast. Can anyone suggest some rooms that I might like? Please remember where I'm coming from and my standard...

Research project: Boy/older male relationships
Apologies are offered for this off topic post, but it is desirable in this type of research to solicit respondents from widely divergent groups which have no particular interest in the sub...

Brunswick Anniversary model - $500
I have a line on a 1940's Brunswick Anniversary model. It's missing the wooden molding/cross piece at the opposite end from the one with the ball holders but otherwise the slate etc. and the...

BIG BIG BIG Big big big...question
yeah, I'm a nut..... Here it is......... At Walmart, they have a cuestick that is graphite, i think, it's black, with a real nice looking tip and farrel..fe...

William Lee Cue
In "memoriam" of Willie I would like to post a review of the cue I got from him. We traded a cue case for the cue. The cue I received is a nice bacote type wood(it's not bacote b...

Leveling an old pool table
Looking for some advice here. I have just finished recovering an old Frederick-Willys Inc. table. It is a 4x7 1/2 1"thick fiberboard bed with thumb-wheel style levelers under the be...

Robinson Cue on eBay (for whoever was looking)
Someone on here was looking for a Robinson cue, but now I can't seem to find your post. Anyway, there's one up on eBay if you were still looking.

Sportsmen's Club, Columbus O.
Do any RSB'ers play at this place? I heard that Corey D. Howard V. and Dee A. have been there recently. Is it a cool place to play? Thanks, Tracy Remove "NOSPAM" to reply. <...

Odd thread size
So any of you cue guys ever run across a 5/16-16 thread? I measured it twice and its definately not metric, but indeed a 5/16-16. Joe / ...

To all pool players
This article is for all pool players, especially those interested in Straight Pool. It is about a variation of the game of 14.1 Continuous Straight Pool created by Arthur "Babe" Cranfield (1...

Pool School
Boy am I in a slump - Thinking about attending a pool school. Looking for people that have actually attended one and what their opinion is. Currently planning to attend Tom Simpson's weekend...

Coin Flipping Disputes!
OK, I'm playing in this double elimination tournament, it is late (midnight) and we are down to the last 4 players. I've lost one game already. It is *very* unlikely I would win any more gam...

Las Vegas
I went to the VNEA tourny at the Riviera hotel and casino.Decided to go to dinner at the Hilton.I got into a cab,and cabbie said;why you here,I said Pool tourny,he said,I used to play the ga...

Crystal Kelly tournament results
The results for the 11th Crystal Kelly 3-C tournament just finished in Monte Carlo are available as the last item on the web page:

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