Barnes and Noble and InsidePOOL Magazine
I wanted to let everybody know that we have some great news. InsidePOOL Magazine has been included on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. We have been on the shelves of Tower Records for a fe...

World Pool Championship Daily Reports
Hello all, I've been without a good way to get onto RSB for a while. I wanted to let everybody know we have been and will continue to give daily reports on fr...

what is the best glue to glue your tips on??
as the subject states: what is the best glue for your tips?? Thanks jscott

Pool Table lighting: one man's never ending journey in quest of the ideal setup
As many of you may or may not know by now I am the proud owner of a recently acquired decades old Brunswick GC II. Along with ownership comes responsibility and one of those responsibilitie...

Mental State of Running Tables
Question for you guys. What is it typically like to run tables, I mean mentally? Is there a pattern? How do you get in it? Is what I'll describe a typical mental state when you ...

Shimming Coin-op Tables - Slate?
I bought a used Valley Cougar coin-op table and the slate is supported by pieces of wood around the underside edges of the slate and two aluminum bars in the center of the table. Glued to th...

Bunjee Jump "Tip Shape" Pointed!
I just bought a Bunjee jump cue and the tip is sort of quarter shaped, but instead of being rounded, it is flat and comes to a point in the center. Maybe "roof of a house" shaped is a better...

Advertisement Canadian Cue Sport Association Ontario 8-Ball Championships
For those of you in Ontario, Canada or close, I am happy to announce that CCS is holding an Ontario 8-Ball Championship. The tournament will have men's and women's singles and mixed and wo...

cue tips
what is the best kind of tips to use on a regular playing cue and a jumpreak cue. and what is the different between soft, medium, and hard tips... Thanks Jsc0tt ...

Largest Rooms
What are the largest billiard rooms in the world? The biggest i've visited so far is CJs in dallas.

FWIW: 21 Gold Crown III's up for sale in Boston
pool tables - $35000 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Reply to: [email protected] Date: 2004-07-08, 3:53PM EDT ...

Playing cards under bar table slate?
I've seen playing cards placed under bar coin-op table slate to shim the slate in certain spots. My question: How do you know where to place the playing cards and how many to plac...

2004 U.S. Open
Is there a link to a site with information on this year's U.S. open held in Chesapeak Virginia? I looked on AZBilliards but didn't see anything. Thanks.

Cue repairs done right
Recently someone started a thread on RSB entitled cue sob stories soliciting people’s bad experiences. I had a cue which I thought had been ruined when some previous repairs were made to ...

3C in Portland, OR/Vanc, WA ?
Sorry if this is posted twice- the first server I sent it thru has not posted it after 5 hours :( I played 3C for the first time a couple of days ago. I have ALWAYS wanted to play...

I say if Poker is a sport so is Pool
Good read even if it is off topic Makes you wonder what it would take to do this with ...

Local tourneys (Mon - Wed)
Anyone know of any small(er) tourneys in DC between Monday and Wednesday? Closer to downtown is better. If not, are there any good pool halls near the white house? By good I mean maintain...

Pool Nooz - Shooting at LA Pool Room
No, not HardTimes, somewhere called "Nice Q Billiard store" in Koreatown which I have never heard of myself. The name suggests a shop, but the headline says it was a pool hall. Apparently th...

re-levelling my GC II
I'm going to be moving my Gold Crown II table across the room in a few days. I assume that once this has been done that it will have to be relevelled. After watching my table mechanic metic...

POOL WEB SITE for posting tournament flyer
RSB, I am trying to help out some guys who are digging deep in their pockets to put on a big money tournament SHORTLY, here in Louisiana. Time is of the essence. Are there any po...

FS: Gold Crown 3 near Hartford CT
E-mail me... its in excellent shape, can be priced as is, set up and delivered, and /or with accessories Joe /

Boycott Borders! - Pool relegated to "Game" status
I was in my local Borders the other night, and as is my want I wondered over to the Sports section to see if they had anything in the Pool & Billiards section I had not seen before. Since my...

Looking For Ed Reyes
Hello Ed, I've been trying to reach you via e-mail, but my messages keep getting sent back. I have a potential cue buyer to refer to you. Can you shoot me an e-mail letting me kno...

A gentleman who has been posting here quite a bit recently has re-vamped his website. Have a look at who taught him how to play: ...

Bring The Viking Tour To You !
$50 IN CASH OFFER ! ! ! Here is the proposition..................... If you can have your local billiard room Owner or Manager call us to get information about hosting one o...

Old mystery stick - any clues as to who might have made it?
A local source is trying to sell this stick for a few bucks. He's claiming that it's about forty years old. I've got zero experience in this area but so far I'm not too impressed with wha...

Re: Pool Room Size
Thanks for the information guys :( My current residence won't accomodate a table it looks like. I'll wait on my next place after I get done renting to buy a table. I want a 9' a...

Pool Room Size
Is a room that is 19.5' x 12' reasonable for a 7' or 8' table?

Stroke Question
When stroking the cueball with a lot of english, I've noticed that I tend to finish my stroke in the direction of the english that I have applied. Is this something that better players, or i...

Finally started playing 1P
I just started playing and gambling at this game and it's reinvigorated me. I'm totally into it. I don't know what I was scared of or why I waited so long but I love it. It takes all my skil...

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