My Aiming Method, For Free.
I'm a long time snooker addict from The Netherlands, and I can give any good snooker ace a though run at the green table. Amazing how much you read on the net about phoney aiming techniques,...

Golf game in LA or Orange County?
Hi, I haven't played golf in years and wanted to know if there is any regular games going on during the weekend...I played a few times at the bowling alley off of Francisquito and the...

Longoni cue extender
I've been looking around for a decent cue extender that will work universally on all cues and is a cut above the cheap plastic jobs that are commonly available. Have heard that th...

Boycott the APA!
This so called APA Pool Players Association is the biggest collection of scum on the planet! They refuse to grant me a membership for no apparent reason... When I complained to their natio...

What happens when you hilight your collection on the internet?!?!?
or get some of the Kulungian collection for under $1,000.00... Notice the cues from left to right. firs...

how pool grew in Taiwan
There is an interesting article at the world pool championship site about how pool went from nothing to what it is now in 12 years in Taiwan.

Newton's Cradle made with pool balls
Thanks to all the creative RSBers who answered my post, "Things you can make from pool balls." Great ideas - I'm going to try several of them! The first one will be a "giant" Newton's ...

F.S. Sampaio cue being offered Thanks, Jim

Question for cue makers on Ivory
What is the best method for sizing smaller pieces of ivory? I'm talking pieces about 4" x 1" and thickness varying from 1/8" to 3/16". Some pieces are even smaller and harder to work with. I...

Welcome to the WPC Prediction Contest
Hello! You're welcome to enter the prediction contest for the 2004 World Pool Championship. This is your...

Pool DVDS etc.
Folks, I'm new to this message board thing. I've been reading through a lot of the ongoing conversations and I was hoping some of you can recommend where to get some DVDs on pool...

Silver Cup Chalk vs Masters
My favorite pool room got hold of a free box of Silver Cup Chalk, from Viking tour, which they have been using for over a month. Today I complained and the owner through the entire box out s...

WPC Prediction Contest
Hello! I'll try to run a prediction contest for the 2004 World Pool Championship. Hopefully the dra...

Buying a camcorder for break shots?
I want to get a camcorder to record break shots and play it back in slow motion so I can see what is going on. I don't know a thing about these gizmos! Help.... I tried sear...

Really Big RSB tourney. Sat. Oct 2 (sign up)
As many know I have been trying to set this event up for a while, seems like last time we had the tourney the timing was bad. I have checked with a few people and it seems like Oct. 2 is a g...

Will I have problems with leveling a table?
Right now in my basement I have floating laminate flooring installed over concrete, which I really like. I'm considering purchasing a new billiard table, a gold crown table, will I be havin...

book : Billiards : Theory of the Game
Since its first release in January 1997, the book « Billard : Théorie du jeu » [in English, Billiards : Theory of the Game], has prompted significant interest from its readers. This new edi...

I am in love with my Fury NR-8 (and the Sterling case I carry it in!)
...or "how my FURY NR-8 made a man outta me" I just recieved my new cue and case from the kind folks at on Thursday. I then promptly played the best pool of my life th...

The Bobley Match (Very Long)
I was sitting in the old Fidget & Fiddle pub one day just minding my own business, as it were, when that poltroon Shamus McFinney swaggered in. Shamus has to be one of the most annoying peop...

Pathetic Plea for Attention.
I was just racking my brains this morning wondering to myself why I bothered to waste my time writing all of these wacky short stories when I'd be better off finishing all the things I have ...

FL says goodbye, adios, hasta la vista, baby
My new manager has given me absolute orders to lose youse bums now. He says I need to drop you turkeys like a bad habit. He says I can no longer waste my time in bozoland pontificating to y...

Looking for Tournament Listing
Just recently moved to Toronto, Ontario and I'm trying to find a good listing for tournaments (specifically in GTA - Greater Toronto Area), but in general all the Canadian tournaments within...

Cue quality for a single manufacturuer
I'm pondering getting myself a new cue. I have to confess that the available cues make for a dazzling [and dismaying] choice, but let me start with a simple question: are the various differ...

Eat Your Hearts Out, Americans!
Was just chatting with a lady friend in the Philippines! She tells me that the WPC is shown LIVE there, playing all over the country and for those unfortunate souls who have to work during t...

New pool room coming to Denver
This oughta be interesting... an upscale bowling alley on the third floor of the Denver Pavilions, a very posh (and half empty) downtown shopping & entertainment venue. What a place for a bo...

Three-Cushion Billiards in Central Texas
Are there any three-cushion billiard players in Central Texas who might be interested in playing on a really fine table sometime? I have a Verhoeven -- it's located at GQ Billiards in Round...

Summer 8,9 Ball Tours in Pool Paradise
Summer 8 and 9 ball tour in Pool Paradise, Waterloo, Ontario July/10/2004, Saturday, 8Ball Result 1 Dave Parker $380 2 Mike Parkin $240 3 Kenny Chen $50 4 Jim Holl...

Cue Registry
Recently a couple of friends of mine had high end cues stolen (2 Southwest and an older Ginacue). I've had cues stolen in the past as well. Cues that are totally unique that would be eas...

2004 World Pool Championship on TV in Europe
Will there be any TV coverage of this event in Europe (other then on Sky Sport) and when?

WPC Nooz - "Study classical mechanics"
Nice little article on the WPC with quick interviews with quite a few players, including Hohmann, Davis, Strickland and Yang. But the best quote comes from Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou, w...

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