A faster break - How?
Thanks for all the breaking help everyone! The amount of knowledge on this group seems never ending! I've been practicing my break with no balls on the table. Just hitting the cue...

Joke Break
A Mafia Godfather thinks that his bookkeeper has screwed him for $10 million bucks. This bookkeeper is deaf, which the Godfather considered an occupational benefit and why he gave him the jo...

June 24-25, Virginia State Open, Richmond, VA
Just a reminder for anybody in the Virginia area. This tourney begins tomorrow. This is the FIRST time the Virginia State Open 9-Ball Championship has been held in many years. J...

The Undisputed Google Advantage
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=+%22billiards+links%22&btnG=Google+Search One click on the link at the top of the page could make your billiards site really easy to find....

Pool story found by accident....
http://www.poolroom.homestead.com/files/Hustler.htm Author unknown..... JoeyA

WPBA's Cuetec Cues Florida Classic-Sept 9-12, '04-Tampa, FL
What a line-up for this WPBA event occurring at the same time as the U.S. Open for men: Sweet Allison Fisher, ESPY Nominee Jeanette Lee, BCA Champion Karen Corr, and The Texas Tornado herse...

ping Jimbo
Jim a bit back you asked about tournaments around in Aug. for some friends making a road trip. I think mentioned something about a tourney in Oskosh, Wi. Well the dates for that have bee...

Need 20 or more quality tables
Will pay cash for a good deal on some Gold Crown or Diamond 9 footers, valley or diamond bar tables. Call me at 504-328-6003, Humphrey

Recording my breaks shots - Great learning experience...
I got a camcorder to record my break shots and that did not work very good. So I returned it (Did not have slow playback). Then I got an inexpensive "security camera" like those used i...

edwin reyes - aka bandido
please clear your AZ private messages, thanks jerry.

Need newsreader help
I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to help me set up Outlook Express to access RSB. I'm a computer mental midget and am lucky I know how to turn it on, so any help would be appreciated...

Visiting DC (downtown) until the 26th
I'll be working most of the time, but should have some free time late(r) in the evenings and some time on Saturday. Brought down a cue, but the only places nearby are Buffalo Billiards and ...

Non-Smoking Poolrooms Dropping Like Flies
The non-smoking poolrooms are taking it in the shorts, here in Tampa. Poppy's Billiards about two miles down the street from Planet 9-Ball closed last week. The room in Hudson was just put ...

FREE $300 Viking Cue Offer
$300 Viking Cue FOR YOUR HELP ! Here is the proposition..................... If you can have your local billiard room Owner or Manager call us to get information...

To the hypocrite at TAP
Gee Sam, that took all of what, a day? Who won the pool? Kevin

Cornor pockets tight?
I bought a new table 8 months ago and am starting to wonder if I have a problem with the cornor pockets? When I hit straight in along a rail with any power causing object ball to contact th...

Marking or tagging shafts?
Does anyone have a good, long-lastingt way of marking or tagging cue shafts (not joint protectors) to keep track of which butt they go with? I've tried small numbers and dots in supposedly p...

Summer Sizzler
Ct 9 Ball Tour presents "Summer Sizzler" sponsored by Cameron Custom Cues, Webb Custom Cues and Greg's Kues July 24-25 $400 added 9 ball event Ac...

World Poker Tour - Mostly Off Topic
Boy was I surprised! I've always believed that the better poker player will virtually always beat a newcomer. Not True! Last night I watched one of those world series of poker things. A ...

Aiming 102 - Aiming Systems: What Are They Good For?
In Aiming 101 I described how accurate the OB must be hit to make shots of various OB-to-pocket distances. For an "average" shot (which I define as about 2.5-3 feet from OB to a generous ...

New technology and golf
Occasionally we have discussions here -- well arguments, actually -- between the pimps for new technology and the hide-bound, repressive old farts. You know who I mean. Sometimes gol...

Ping Joey A
Hey Joey A please E-mail me, but don't tell Doug he gets all girly when he thinks his pals talk with me. Jim <------Offered to pay Smorgs hotel room

Tips about tips?
I've just added a Joss, a Prather 501b and a Predator 314 shaft to my cue arsenal and they all need new tips. The many tip choices that are available are confusing to a tip novice like myse...

Tourney brackets? HELP!
I used to find tourney brackets online at: http://www.sound.net/~jimbarr/pplofkc/wp/walpaper.html But that site is no longer viable. Does anyone know where I can ...

I Fast Liar Grindinger am no longer banging Bluewolf
I had enough of the skank. Larry Grindinger 1005 Sweetwater Cir Lawrenceville, GA 30044-3141 (404) 840-7106

Crocodile leather wrap
Hi, Is anybody knows where I could find real crocodile leather wraps and the price. Thanks, Guillaume

Action rooms in Ohio / PA ?
A friend and I used to make trips to Akron on the weekends and go Starcher's to find some cheap action. I loved that room 10 years ago. 24/7....couches too ! Is Starcher's still...

Make $500,000 a year with Sports!
I'm looking for people who want to make at least $500,000.00 a year. I bet on sports for a living and before you start rolling your eyes, I have a PhD with advanced mathematics being my fie...

Pool halls in NY that allow smoking?
Hi all, seems like I cant find a cool place to light up anymore. Does anyone here know of any good pool/billiard places in NY(prefer nassau county, I live in Rockville Centre) that still al...

Layani Shaft
I am getting ready to buy a predator shaft from Thierry, and want to sell my extra shaft. (don't need three) Thought I would put a note here before putting it on ebay, as I know some of th...

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