Re: Cue Raffle Charitable Effort- ad
Good luck....would it be possible to ensure a donated ticket wins the raffle?..if the foundation wins a few of these raffles it may turn off repeat donors....hope it works out for you. ...

Cue identification
Was asked to put this cue on Ebay. Its a Brunswick Mosconi. Not especially pretty, but has a joint I haven't seen before. Can anyone authenticate that it is in fact a brunswick and not a ...

Help Needed To Develop Secure Passes For Tournament Event
Hello All, Pehaps some of the more forward-thinking (or the deviously-thinking) people in this newsgroup can help me develop a system to protect the integrity of our passes that are sol...

Re: Google 2 beta
I'm just trying to fine tune it. Is there a place to add the signature line? Bob Johnson, Denver, CO (added this manually) misterpoole wrote: > I like it.....thank...

Re: Google 2 beta
[email protected] wrote: > For those forced to use google groups as your news reader you may want > to try something I stumbled upon this morning. It is Google's beta <...

tap pool
apa sucks tap is great.

"Adhesive Remover" - Coin-op Slate...
I'm recovering my used coin-op table which has years of built up adhesive on the underside edges of the slate. Since the slate edges rest on supports for the slate, it is important that all ...

Olhausen Tables Design Showroom
I heard on the radio today that Olhausen is opening their first ever Design Showroom in Columbus, OH this weekend at Easton Towne Center. Loree Jon Jones will be in attendance, I suppose do...

pool tables
A friend of mine is considering purchasing a pool table and is looking at two tables, one is a HIGHLINE, and ther other is a FIKSE. The Fikse is an older table. Does anyone have any insight ...

Cue Raffle Charitable Effort- ad
Hello all, I have been working on a small web site and concept to raise money for a great charity. The name of the site is: Its purpose is to ...

Re: Google 2 beta
I like it.....thanks misterpoole <---easy to make me happy

Re: Google 2 beta
Ok, testing 1,2,3...its 6pm central

A question for Bob
Bob, I'd appreciate your opinion on the following. If one plays a straight hit with right hand side, the object ball is thrown slightly to the left. And if one hits the ob...

June 31-August 1 Richmond, VA Tournament
The Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour Event No. 9 The Playing Field 7801 W Broad St Richmond,VA 23294 Phone: (804) 755-7700 Total Added Money: $2,000 Open...

Need Help with a Graduate Program Project dealing with Billiard Tables
For a grad school project I'm doing, I'm in search of anyone who is looking to buy a pool table, or who currently owns one. If you fit into either of these categories, or know som...

Re: Are ball racks *all* the wrong size?
Has anyone used the Diamond racks? Are they uniformly good, or does it vary from rack to rack. BTW, when I was sho...

Re: Google 2 beta
This posted in about 2 minutes as opposed to several hours for traditional Google. [email protected] wrote: > For those forced to use google groups as your news read...

Google 2 beta
For those forced to use google groups as your news reader you may want to try something I stumbled upon this morning. It is Google's beta version of their news reader. I just briefly looked ...

OT- but kinda funny... Wal-Mart Winelist
Friend sent this to me... We have any Wine Drinkers here? BENTONVILLE, ARK (AP) -- Some Wal-Mart customers soon will be able to sample a new discount item -- Wal-Mart's ...

To friends of Janice and Leonard Bludworth.
Janice Bludworth is currently in a San Antoino hospitial ICU. Information can be found on AZbilliard fourm board. ...

What do you look at?
There's been a lot of talk about aiming systems, and one thing about them is that you have something to definite to aim at. The thing I've noticed though is that when I aim by feel like I ...

How should I have handled this?
It was my wife's birthday last Friday and I was waiting at our favorite bar for her to come back from shopping so we could go to dinner at a close-by restaurant. I was sitting in ...

nyc 3C tournament
I'm planning on going to the 3C tournament at the Carom Corner next month. Can anyone recommend a raesonable place to stay? Thanks, Gerry

Are ball racks *all* the wrong size?
I ordered new Arimith Super Pro balls and a new wood ball rack as well as a wood 9-ball rack for my new (used) pool table. The balls and rack arrived today.... So I go to ra...

predator break cue
At the recent Planet 9-ball stop in Sterling, Va I continued a long practice of trying to buy a cue on the installment plan - I bought a fistful of raffle tickets. Unlike all the ...

18.2 balkline
I just read Mike Shamos' article in Digest, and I can't, for the life of me, understand how the game is supposed to work (scoring, fouls, etc.). I think it sounds interesting, but the usua...

Longoni Cue Extender
I bought one of these, and I must say, I am both impressed and very pleased with the device. It only weighs 7.9 oz and the the available extension is right at 12 inches. (From the end of t...

funny shit lay=1&ratingBar=off Jim <-------Vote

anyone know what this table is worth???
The table I think is an " ECLIPSE", by Brunswick. It is going to be for sale. First got to figure out what its worth. I will have some pictures tomorrow. If anyone is interested in it you c...

Doug's Stalker
----- Original Message ----- From: "Smorgass Bored" <[email protected]> Newsgroups: Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 12:22 AM Subject: Jackin off ...

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