Re: Santos Sambajon's Cue
ANY OUT IS A GOOD OUT. You could not see the angles, so you don't know why he shot one ball when you would have another one. The bottom line is, he ran out pal. The combinations were geni...

What's The Line On Mark Griffin
As most of you already know, I can't play a lick. My right hand can't beat my left hand (and I'm right handed). For the past year I've been getting beat by small children, women, grandmothe...

Chris's Caroms Tables Recovered
if you're in or around Chicago and like to play caroms, you're in luck this week. All 5 caroms tables at Chris's Billiards are being recovered today with Granito carom cloth, in preparati...

Its sooo hot today
Man does Mandy Moore get me so excited that I have to jack off about ten times a day to Mandy Moore movies and pictures.I just cant help but whipping it out in the supermarket everytim...

Re: FS 9 'Olhausen Monarch
Pat wrote: > I have 10 used 9' Olhausen Monarchs for sale. They are all in good > condition. $1500 each OBO or $10,000 for all. > > Pat O'Donnell > www.Po...

the slime bucket is exposed as apa 7
You sir who steals names and posts as in some others name, you also post on az billiards as apa 7, your full identity was revealed to all last week. One by one we are flipping over your roc...

Stack Leather Wraps
Has anyone had a stack leather wrap installed on their cue? If you have how do you like it? I'd like a recommendation for a place to have a stack leather wrap installed on my cue...

outside the pocket
When do you have to aim outside the pocket( side pocket or corner pocket), when do you have to hit the object ball thicker? thank you... @.

outside the pocket
When do you have to aim outside the pocket( side pocket or corner pocket), when do you have to hit the object ball thicker? thank you... @.

I caught this New Zealand film on TV last night. Pretty bad as a movie, pretty laughable as a movie about pool. Interesting glimpse of New Zealand (like the US with cooler accents). ...

Place to play in Greensboro, NC
Just moved toGreensboro for awhile, and was wondering if anyone could tell me where the best halls were to find "action" or to match up against good players, or to play in good weekly tourni...

FS: Hightower Cue Building book
I am selling my copy of Chris Hightower's Cue Building book. I am looking to get $50 for the book, and I'll cover shipping to Canada or the US. Anyone who is interested in the book ca...

Re: I,Fast Liar Guninger have changed my webpage.....
Only a real stalking sick pervert sick pathic fucker steals peoples names to make false posts. You have been exposed on this forum, everyone now knows who you are, tee hee hee....He who lau...

Pool Rooms in Cincinnati area
I'm going to be in Cincinnati for two weeks beginning August 9. Where can I go for big table games? How about small table play? Any bars where "players" frequent? -- Dick Mo...

FS 9 'Olhausen Monarch
I have 10 used 9' Olhausen Monarchs for sale. They are all in good condition. $1500 each OBO or $10,000 for all. Pat O'Donnell

"Do It For The Game" ad/request
As many of you know, I used to own a pool room that recently closed.( Was it the smoking ban? Who really knows.) I also published "All About Pool...Everywhere" As it happens I still have a f...

Seminole Tribe's Florida Men's Pro Tour at Planet 9-Ball
This Florida Men's Pro Tour is at Planet 9-Ball this weekend and the event was pre-Sold Out. All the Robertson tables (20) have been re-covered in new Simonis 860 and new rubber added (the ...

Re: I,Fast Liar Guninger have changed my webpage.....
what a pathic sick fucker you are...What is so sad is now every one knows the name of the sick fucker doing this, you were exposed on this board. Triple D Ding dong daddy... <...

Jimbo's Fishtank Pool Table
Jimbo - I'm thinking about getting some ornaments for your fishtank table -- you know, the one in the front with the 10 watt bulb. I figure maybe a pirate's trunk full of jewels with the s...

Re: TAP welcomes in another new licnesee
Sam at TAP wrote: >Stay tuned!! ... with bated breath. Fred <~~~ a little tired...

TAP welcomes in another new licnesee
TAP corporate would like to welcome in Jeff Pierce and his new Montgomery County TAP league to be starting shortly in the Philadelphia area. You can get in touch with Jeff at this mailing

18.2 balkline and straight rail videos
Accu-Stats has a fine 41-minute video of an 18.2 balkline exhibition between Peter DeBacker and Frederic Caudron. (DeBacker does most of the shooting.) The tape number is SL-12. Call 1-800-8...

Re: Google 2 beta
[email protected] wrote: > For those forced to use google groups as your news reader you may want > to try something I stumbled upon this morning. It is Google's ...

I,Fast Liar Guninger have changed my webpage.....
I took out the unbelievable lies and left in the smaller ones. I'm no longer bragging about my fake 'world champion' title from TASA, or was that NASA, and decided not to lie about Minnesota...

Software to run pool tournaments
New online software has been offered at It is designed to make running of tournaments easy and professional. Everyone can try the test version before opening his full service...

Yankin' my crank in the mall today
I bought a copy of Teen Beat and sat outside of Waldenbooks and started masturbating right there.I just couldnt help myself the Mandy Moore picture is sooo hot.Since this was the secon...

Re: Recording my breaks shots - Great learning experience...
Pat, this is dead wrong, you can't see your self play or stroke. Filming the break on camera from several different angles is a wonderful concept, I do it all the time and for all of my stud...

Rating Inflation
Are players nowadays getting higher ratings than they deserve overall or is this just a local fluctuation? According to the ratings chart Bob Campbell published in 1997, I would b...

apa sucks
apa sucks compared to tap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian's adds $1,000, August 6-8
The San Francisco 8-ball championship begins at 7:00pm Friday, August 6, continuing thru Sunday. 128-player max, $30 entry, $1,000 first prize. Double elim, all matches best 3 of 5. BCA rule...

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