McCready definetly one of the best
I can't tell you how surprised and delighted I was to see Keith McCReady plugging my book at unsolicited. Keith was and still is one of my all time favorite pool players who I ...

if anyone has heard from BlackJack (or how he is). Mark0 =

Pool Nooz - Interview with Kia Kapono
Nice interview with Kia Kapono, who won the Women's division in the 2004 VNEA International Championships. Apparently she did not start playing until her late 20's which makes her pretty unu...

Cue ID
Anybody know what these are? The top cue with the white butt was my father's and is probably 50 years old or so. It is kind of cheap looking, has a linen wrap though. The bottom...

My Balabushka
FYI, here are some pics of my cue, along with some old Brunswick titlist cues. The pics aren't that good, but maybe good enough.

Best "Hobby" cue lathe
I have been thinking about getting a small cue lathe, mainly to do cleaning and maintenance on my cues. Maybe replace the occasional tip and/or ferrule for myself or my friends. I doubt I ...

Old Man Perry's Table.
Tommy was from Atkins, Ontario. He was a typical enough kid with tousled hair, freckles, and torn jeans. Looked way too small for his big hands and feet which gave him a hick appearance, esp...

Happy Canada Day!
It's Canada Day tomorrow (sort of our July 4th holiday) and I'm gone until next Monday. I assume all of you in the USA are taking a holiday on Monday. Anyway, to celebrate Canada Day and the...

Moving my newly setup GC II - five feet
Just bought a refurbished Gold Crown II and had it transported from a hundred miles away and installed complete with Simonis 860. The installation was meticulously done by an expert table m...

check vs running english
I do not use english(side spin) unless I have to. I noticed that oe usually runs, ie usually checks. However, this is not always the case. I assume that there is a way to look at the shot an...

Hal Houle
Is Hal ok? He said he would vist me in the spring to teach me his aiming system, but he never showed up. Nat ps: PLEASE don't turn this into a flame-Hal thread!

Smorg ...
... got her address and number?

"Cue Butcher" - Hightower book
RSB, I'm not looking to start a war here, because Willee is gone now, so there should be no problems. I was reading Chris Hightower's book the other day for some light readi...

Schmidt runs 400 !!
Reportedly John Schmidt ran 400 balls in Kenner (New Orleans) at the Corner Pocket Billiards on Monday, June 28! Does anyone (BJ?) know if this is a record on a 4-1/2 x 9 table? There seem...

Who's Going To Grady's Event ?
Is anyone here planning on going to Grady's event on the Mississippi Gulf Coast ? He posted on another board, that this would be his LAST event if he got a poor turnout and lost money. I'd...

A fresh start. Hustlers by Jim Meador
In honor of RSB starting over I am taking the liberty of posting something from Jim Meador's website. For those of you that don't know him or of him, Jim was one the most even-handed and ca...

i have several pool theme tattoos and want to have classic one liners from books, movies and songs, to fill in the blank spaces. i also want the author as well. any suggestions. ...

Willee's last post ...
This will be my last post on this NG. I don't know if I will ever return but for now I am leaving. The bullshit has gotten to be just to much even for me. The lies, twisted half truths,...

Action in Buffalo
Someone, please send some action to Buffalo, NY It is soooooooooooo boring up here in the summer months. Bogie's Billiards is the action room You will get played in 9-...

Mechanical vs. Free-Wheeling (Revisited)
Mechanical Free-Wheeling Kim Davenport Earl Strickland Reed Pierce Efren Reyes Nick Varner Kid D Jim Rempe Roger Griffis Jimmy Wetch Vivian Villereal Jimmy R...

Why All The Newsgroup Terrorists?
I'm new here and don't really know the territory, but as I try to catch up on the posts I notice all these trolls (Barney, William Lee, Fraud Larry, Sandy Lyle, etc.) are here doing nothin...

This fine film from New Zealand is now making the rounds on the premium channels on cable. It really is a cut above most pool movies and is worth a look. Check it out on your local cable...

Raven cues
Hi, any idea how these cues are?? What's the hit like?? Thanks for the info. Kai.

Ping: JAM
I can't wade through all the crap here from Willie and Fat Larry to find the post, but I think I remember you asking me about Richard Broumpton ( a nice guy from Great Britain) Richard...

For the good of the NG
Willee, I accept your challenge. We both leave tonight, midnight EST. No posting, or replying to posts, for 6 months. I don't care if you read the group, but no posting or repl...

What an AD!
What a great, well written ad. This guy knows how to sell!

Is Mike Massey Superhuman?
I was watching the trick shot magic show on TSN the other day and chose one of the simpler tricks to try (2 balls lined up on the end rail, hit with draw and go 3 rails to get back to the co...

What is the one single thing that helped improve your game?
The subject says it all... What is the one single thing that helped improve your game? If possible, be specific. ... Lessons from an instructor? ...

Schmidt wins Pechauer New Orleans
1. John Schmidt, 2. Jamie Farrell, 3. Wade Crane, 4. Tommy Kennedy, 5/6th Keith Schelling & Larry Labauve, 7/8th Jody Smith & Frank White. Payouts: 800, 555, 425, 350, 200, 125. Calcutta: ...

Points****Spliced -v- CNC
OK,OK, I know we have been through this before, but just humor me. I would love to hear from some of the real cuemakers on this group, stop lurking and speak up. I have been invo...

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