LOST & FOUND - "Pool, A Love Story" by J. Dolan
I remember finding "Pool, A Love Story" by J. Dolan in an Internet search 5 years ago when I first got into playing Pool. It stuck in my head as great stories do, but I foolishly assumed it ...

jump/break cue
I am in the market for a jump/break cue, any opinions on which one to buy or where to buy from...... Thanks Jsc0tt

Vegas once again...
Well, I'm off to Vegas for the VNEA again this year. As usual, I'm asking if anyone from RSB is going to be there and if they want to get together to practice or gamble or have a beer. If so...

Instroke Cue Cases
This seems like a good time to end my association with Instroke as promised. A year ago I started the sale process and it was complete in August 2003. I have since put in a lot of time doin...

Re: Brunswick's New Store and Cloth
I hear that this is Championship cloth, Teflon-impregnated and rebranded for Brunswick. Championship is the cloth I thought of when I saw the heavier weave, so that makes sense to me. If...

Opinions on American Heirloom?
Has anyone played on American Heirloom (not Heritage) tables? If these really are built as shown on their website, they look pretty solid.

Cornerstone Billiards
I'm considering buying a 9 foot A.E. Schmidt table from Cornerstone Billiards in the Atlanta area. Has anyone had any dealings with these guys?

Brunswick's New Store and Cloth
Last September Brunswick opened a retail outlet near me (their first one, I think), and I finally got around to stopping in today. It's a great store for seeing all the Brunswick tables s...

Looking for a pool league in Northern Vermont
Looking for a pool league in Northern Vermont. Anyone?

Somebody's getting lucky on eBay
The seller seems to have no clue about the "vintage custom pool cue with 4 tips" that he's selling, but it's up to $2850 right now. Started at $9.99. :-)Somebody told him it might be a Harve...

Kamui Tip
Any one try the Kamui tips from Japan? How does it feel compare to Moori? Thanks, KC

Question on Dale Perry cues
I know they're beautiful, but how do they hit

Third Place Champ
Third Place Champ May 29, 2004 This month there was a money-added 9-ball tournament at the Great American Casino in Everett, Washington. (A...

Moving a table during re-construction
I'm a newbie, don't have a pool table yet. Any comments in the this area are always good. Looking to spend 2500, looking at Olhausen and Brunswick, but worried I'm paying too much fo...

OT - Any insurance agents in the house?
Kinda a goofy question, I know, but, if you're there, email me? [email protected] Thanks! BTW, I read and post here a lot during my pool season(8-ball league) but <...

A good cue ?
Hello fellers, I have played with a mcDermott, liked it, what's another good solid straight hitting stick? thanks

pool league opinions wanted
I help run our local 8 ball league, we played under the BCA last 2 years, and with the changes the BCA league is going through, I was wondering what the other leagues are like to play in, th...

TAP now coming to Huntsville, Alabama and to Little Rock, Arkansas
TAP would like to welcome in Randy and Glenna Steele and their Steele TAP league. Their info is below. Welcome to TAP! Randy and Glenna Steele 2703 University Drive Huntsvill...

4 axes vikings
Check these out. http://tinyurl.com/38nzv Tracy Remove "NOSPAM" to reply.

Burn out on shooting.....
Have you ever gotten so overloaded with pool that you almost stop enjoying it? If so, what have you done to be able to keep your mind in the game when shooting? or for that ...

RSB tourney
June 5th, Hamden CT. One week to Go. Don't forget. Jim <---E-mail me for more details

House cues too light
I've been playing using nothing but house cues till now and recently my friend bought a cue. When I held it I immediately thought that it was close to double the weight of the house cues w...

Backed or not?
Should I go with backed or non backed felt? A seller told me that most people aren't using the backed felt anymore. Is it true?

TAP Pool League has arrived in Arkansas
The Association for P.O.O.L.Inc.(TAP) would like to welcome Sheri Walters to the TAP family. Sheri is now offering the TAP pool league in Pulaski County Arkansas. Good Luck!

Flash Player for Linux
I just noticed that there is a new version of the flash player available for linux. I hope this means that Bob Jewett, and maybe others here, can begin to use the Wei tables. $...

Photos of Old Pool Balls/Bushka Butt
OK, so here are the photos of the scrimshaw numbered balls I picked up at the antique dealer the other day: http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/qstroker2004 The 8 and the 1 balls ...

Thanks all - I can now draw...
So I read all the posts I could find on draw... i'm sure I single handedly made "pool draw" one of the top search words in google. I practiced, I sweared (is sweared actually a word? ....

Ebay "You have been outbid by another bidder" BS!
I saw some Barringer Jump/Break Tips sitting at $0.01, so I bid $0.50. As soon as I click submit, it shows "You have been outbid by another bidder". OK, maybe so, I then submit 3 more...

Lend your cue to a drunk?
I had a cue joint fail this last weekend. One of my nice inlayed cues. It broke off sorta clean at the bottom of the joint ring. The epoxyed pin held to the wood just fine and the joint...

Cues and places to use them.
Greetings from beyond the felt. A couple of questions for the pool guru's out there. Is there a decent pool room in South Orange County (Ca.)? I don't mind driving up to Ha...

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