[help me!] Chicago best billiard
hi to all, I'm an italian billiard player and I live in Chicago downtown (I'm nearly the John Hancock Tower) since a few weeks. I need help from you: can someone say to me where i...

Jason WIlliams
I can't believe this scumbag got off, this story was worse then the OJ deal if you ask me. Not only should he be doing jail time but I think everyone who helped him try to cover it up should...

Guys calling playing safe cheating
They're making me mad! There was this guy who kept saying that safety play is "chaeting" and unethical. I wanted to break a cue on his head, I swear. He says he doesn't play safe because h...

RSB is like a CB Radio!
I was in to CB radios before it was cool! Before the truckers discovered them! Back in the early 60's there were very few people on the Citizens Band. The ones that were, mainly friendly...

Eddie Robin
An acquanitance of mine would like to get in touch with Eddie Robin (of oublishing fame)? any suggestions?? Last I heard was somewhere in Vegas. Mark Griffin [email protected]

Cue Selection
Hello people, I'm looking on what to look for in a cue. I'm looking to spend around $100. I'm looking at the lucasi vintage cues, and also some scorpion cues. I was wondering if anyone had a...

Got my new Willee Break Ferrule and tip !!!
So, I went down to Corpus Christi this Tuesday and had Bill install one of his new Break Ferrules on my old break cue. WOW. What a hit! I had my whole 8-Ball team break wit...

On a mis-cue do you call foul?
The rules........ VNEA (much like BCA)......... your opponent shoots and mis-cues, the ferrule just hit the cue ball and you heard the click! Do you call foul? I know it is a foul.....

Twist to Bank
Anybody read the article in the new BD? Any thoughts on the validity of twisting your cue to help a bank go in? PJ, you must know this guy and he obviously can bank well, did you ever try...

Thomas Wayne Cues ...
Does anyone know if Thomas Wayne is still making cues? I understand he has a patent on a 4-D inlay. Willee

Cue repair lathe?
I've been thinking about purchasing a portable cue lathe for doing tips, ferrules, shaft cleaning, and wraps. As far as I can tell there are only about 3 makers of this kind of equipment. ...

For sale
For sale, FULL SIZE AMERICAN POOL. For details, see website (Belgium) http://www.jjsroadhouse.be/kopen.htm

John Hager Jr
Just wanted to relate what happened to me last night with John Hager Jr. He shed some nice light on the "pool player" image. I was out at the local spot where Carl "the stake horse" was pl...

Wanted Dead or Alive : starring Steve McQueen as Josh Randall
I think you all have been taken in buy this new poster. Somebody that liked the old TV show. What do you think? Could be an old foe. How about something about pool. ed

Pool/billiard checks
Anyone know where you can order personal checks with pool/billiard background/theme? My searching hasn't turned up anything yet. No, my bank didn't have anything. Rick ...

Cuemaker secrets ...
One of my cuemaking friends that reads the posts here emailed me and informed me of something I left out the discussion. He said a cuemaker can know what to do but lack the skill to d...

Today's Legends of Billiards
Suppose you were going to put together a series like that today -- all at least 60 years of age. Who would the players be? I would assume Miz, who's a bridge to the guys we're all watching o...

eBay Schuler
OK, JimBo, that evens us up on the drinks. 8;) -- Larry

Is this the right group?
I just got my Dell laptop hooked up to the newsgroups. I travel some, and am trying to stay away from the bar room pool I usually go to. It seems I already made some here mad, by tryin...

Players needed for pool league team East Rutherford, NJ
We are looking for players for our team for the Tuesday evening APA league in East Rutherford, NJ. Please contact me if you are interested or know someone who is. Marty ...

Jimmy Moore's Math Trick
Did anyone see his "trick shot?" It was pretty amusing. He mixed up a rack of balls, and without looking, grabs about 5 of them and rolls them to the head of the table with enough speed to...

Legends of Billiards Trick Shots
A few of us were discussing them in the pool hall last night. There was one Joe Balsis performed called the Baloney Shot. He lined all 16 balls up in a straight line near one side pocket, t...

Should I get rid of my GoldCrown 1
Hi, Right now my GoldCrown1 is in the garage because I don't have enough room in the house, I'm moving to another house in September that doesn't have enough room either...The GoldCro...

Cue ID
Local room owner picked this up recently......the former owner always said it was a .....drumroll please.......starts with "B" rhymes with USHKA. There's a letter from Bill Schick (he re-wra...

Looking to buy a cue lathe
I'm looking to purchase a cue lathe, and interested in any info anyone has to offer as to who makes the best lathe for the money, if anyone would have a lathe for sale, or any other info to ...

A Cue is Born ...
Just finished this simple rosewood Jump / Break cue. 13mm tip - 59" - 19.7 oz - four points in shaft. http://home.earthlink.net/~willeecue/ROSE1.JPG http://home.earthlink.net/~wi...

LA Pool Rooms
I spent the weekend in Los Angeles and visited a few old pool haunts and a new one (for me). Here are my impressions for the RSB database: Old Haunts: Yankee Doodle's ...

Where is Hal Houle?
Does anyone know where Hal is and if he's ok? Thanks, nat

Diamond bar table price
Anyone know what a new (or used but in good shape) Diamond 7' table would cost? I want one that looks and plays like their "smart" table but made for home use. Unfortunately I can't fit a 9'...

Respect for One's Opponent
A few weekends ago, Eddie Vasquez, one of New York's best-kept secrets, and NYC's power-house Frankie Hernandez were playing in the winner's bracket of a Joss Tour event in Albany, New York...

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