Alex Paguylayan Playing snooker
Apparently Alex is playing a lot of snooker in Toronto Canada. Do you think that he is playing snooker with hopes of going over to England one day and making some serious $$$$$$$. Apparently...

Runned over 4 balls.... TCOM
I was watching TCOM on cable last night. At Chalky's (sp), Newman warns Cruise not to hit any thunderball breaks or any "runned over 4 balls". Anybody know what the latter means? ...

My offtopic Oscar comment
There's something drastically wrong with a world where there are children starving, and some bimbo is wearing shoes valued at $2MM! -- Bob Johnson, Denver, Co. [email protected]

Ping David Malone
Back in Jan we posted this: On Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:14:09 -0500, Frank Glenn <[email protected]> wrote: >In article <[email protected]>...

for the mathematically inclined
I wonder if anyone has any ideas or opinions on the following? When one plays an in-off shot or a cannon shot, there are two ways to play it. Either one plays a tangent shot, or a ru...

Question, and Opinions.
Basically I have two questions that I would like people to comment on if you have some time... First, right now, I'm at the stage of my game where I'm not really good enough to be...

Book Review-The Green Felt Jungle
I received my copy yesterday and I done today. It is exactly what it is like in N.O. and the south. With me knowing alot of the character and having been to the places I was very into it. ...

I'm not sure....
.... but I think I'm alread addicted to this newsgroup... Every time I think I'm going to get off this computer, I refresh and there's another topic to read... It's really not fair to be hon...

Line Up game description
Dear All: Is there a clear explanation of the game 'Line Up' on-line? This game is often described as the predecessor of straight pool. My BCA World Rules Book explains th...

Billiards Digest web site down?
Dear All: Does anyone know the status of the Billiards Digest Cue Chalk Board discussion forum? I have been unable to access it for about a week, my browser seems to be...

Fort Walton Beach, March 6-7
This will be a beautiful event! From the flyer: Andy Grubbs Memorial Emerald Coast Open 9 Ball tournament March 6-7, 2004 Starcade Billiards, Fort Walton Beach, FL 34 Eglin Parkway, (8...

How do you build a florescent ligt for your pool table?
Does anyone have plans or suggestions on how to build a florescent light box for my table? I was thinking that the size of the housing would depend on how far away I hang it from th...

New Cue...
I just bought myself a new cue yesterday... I have some pictures of it here... Everyone take a look and tell me what you think.... ...

I just joined this newsgroup for the first time, and I was just wondering if someone could help me out a little bit... I'm reading through the headers and it seems that most all of the...

Hey Fred...
Damn fine article. Nice interview and well laid out. Good work (for those of you who do not know what I am talking about go get a feb issue of Inside Pool) John <...

Suggestion re ESPN's 7-ball one safety per rack rule
For the first time in the history of billiard games, ESPN has created a rule where a player may call a safety even when he intends to make a ball, AND the ball counts AND he continues his ru...

Betting line on the 2004 WC
The early betting line for the 2004 World Nine Ball Championships is now posted at under the "pool" tag. The tournament will be in Taipei, I think. Efr...

AD: Sanding standards on eBay

Bunjee vs. Froggie
Yep, again... I have not spent enough time with a Froggie or Tadpole jumper to know how well they jump. Can anyone offer a comparison against a Bunjee jumper? It see...

Ring Game's rule
Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the ring games rule they played in Derby City? Thanks, KC

Joe Tucker's "Racing Secrets"
He, I found a couple of these when I was cleaning my office. I am posting them to ebay under the title above. All books are new and unread. Bob Campbell

I buy cues !!! CASH
Hello all, My name is Brad and I buy pool cues. If you need some cash or have a cue sitting in your closet, it could be worth allot of MONEY. Please contact me @ [email protected]

American Humor (OT)
A Frenchman, a Japanese, and an American are captured by a tribe of headhunters. The witch doctor says, ''After we slaughter you, every part of your bodies will be used. We will weave bas...

interested in used table..
Im on the market looking for a used commercial brunswick (gold crown) or olhausen table 9' -- if you have one for sale - please send drop me a line at [email protected] -- pleas...

Orchid or Viking?
I was browsing for a new cue today and two got my attention: An Orchid with nice inlays worth 375$CDN reduced to 250$CDN and a plain Viking without inlays for 225$. 200-250$ is about my bu...

Who uses Hal Houle's system(s) to aim?
I'm just trying to get a feel of who has met with/talked with Hal and actively uses his methods of aiming. I'd like to discuss more about his systems with whoever. I'm not satisfied with Hal...

Happy Birthday JAM !!
and many more !! Ratchet

Re Snooker ProAm
So far Eddie Galati and Cliff Thorburn will be playing in the semis on Saturday. Their opponents will come from the Bob Chaperon, Floyd Ziegler match tonight and the Kirk Stevens, John Whit...

Recommendation for a good book on 9-ball?
Over the years I've primarily played 14.1 and occasional 8-ball. I've recently started playing some 9-ball and I'm finding it a bit tricky to get a handle on the strategy and tactics, how t...

No really .... what is a Pivot Point?
The other pivot point thread went into great detail to state what a pivot point is? However no one seems to want to really examine what a pivot point really is! Fortunately, this recent post...

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