Help in identifying a cue.
Hi, I have a 5 point Joss cue, and other than waiting for the Blue book to be released in March, is there an online line place to help identify it and also get a value on it ?

Off topic and I don't care!
Pro football Hall of Fame inductees: Bob Brown, Carl Eller, Barry Sanders, and JOHN ELWAY!!!! The first ever Bronco to the Hall! Yup, the Broncos were one of the only ...

Pool Table Height?
I play nine ball at a pool hall near my work in Vancouver Canada.The playing surface of the (Dufferin) pool table is about 32" off the ground.I also occasionally play at another pool hall an...

clearing posts
Hi folks, I'd like your help with Outlook Express and newsgroups. I'm able to read messages and threads but I can't clear selected posts. I've got over four thousand posts ...

Nick Varner
I just spoke with Nick's brother, Steve. He says Nick's doctors are pleased with his progress. He had the bypass procedure done on his legs and is now in intensive care but should be out of ...

Suggestions re the Wei Diagram
Having largely been absent from RSB lo these few years, I had missed the advent of the Wei diagram: To: Wei, I just discovered your shockwave diagram. Nice work. ...

ANN: KEM-SOFT releases League Manager software
KEM-SOFT has released the first public version of League Manager. League Manager is the ultimate tool for league operators. Product details including screen shots and a full 30 day un...

Leather vs. Lambskin for burnishing
I used a lambskin chamois (normally used to wipe down a wet car) to burnish my shaft the other day, and it seemed to do the job just fine. Anyone know of any reason this could be a problem?...

The Baltimore Bullet...
Since there seems to be a lack of pool videos in the new release section, I was considering buying a copy of The baltimore bullet from Anyone care to give their take on the movie...

bca board makes undoubtedly the biggest mistake in pool history
>in response to dean bradley's post on the bca selling off the league system i for one am adamantly opposed to this...i have spent 4 years building the state of wisconsin league systems ...


Over the topic: OrangeCrush and Jimbo Ct's comments on Taiwan
I came back to visit this board and am surprised to see the hard case thread I started had became such a mess. I am just sorry to see the comments about Taiwan being a third world country a...

Predator Sneaky Pete Question
Hello, I'm planning on getting a Predator Sneaky Pete (the wood to wood model) as a back-up cue, but have a couple of questions for people who have used or owned one in the past. ...

Draw shot question
When the cue ball is in the certain distance from the rail(i.e. your grip hand is outside of table before you hit and the hand goes to inside of rail after follow-through), my grip fingers w...

Review: Stroke trainer
I got a Stroke Trainer by Doug Carter for Christmas. I wanted to use it for a while before I made any comments and it has been slightly over a month now. Plain and simple it works for me. I'...

Review Webb Break Shaft
Mike Webb now makes a break shaft. About a month ago I got to try one belonging to one of the owners of Renaissance Billiards in Quincy, MA. I immediately liked it, I found I could break bet...

Mosconi Cup coverage
While it would have been much more enjoyable if it had been run as originally scheduled, rather than chopped up as it was finally presented, it was still much better than nothing, and much m...

Ebay Scam or just an idiot.. you be the judge He even signed it..!!!!!!!!!!! Joe /

Question for Ted Harris
Sorry, I accidentally posted this in ASP, I think it belongs here though. Ted, the 'Wand Workshop' in this month's BD is a little confusing to me. It says you core the cue 'butt', elim...

3rd Annual Billiards for Benefits Tournament 2/28/04 in Carlisle, PA
The 3rd Annual Billiards for Benefits Pool Tournament will be held at the Carlisle Moose Lodge, 25 East High Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, February 28, 2004, at 11:00 a.m.

$2,500-added Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour Takes Off (2/7-8/04)
The first tournament of the new season for Planet Pool 9-Ball Tour, formerly Falcon Cue Tour, will commence on Saturday, February 7th, at Orange Ball Billiards in Rockville, Maryland. ...

Can RSBers PLAY Pool ?
I was reading the CCB (Cue Chalk Board) Forum at the Billiards Digest website (I read, but don't post there because I'm not 'registered') and there is a thread about the skill level of parti...

Welcome to RSB, Greg!
In this month's Hall Monitor by Paul Berg, Inside Pool, he visited the Las Vegas Cue Club. In interviewing the owner, Henry Nogiec, Mr. Nogiec had an interesting take on the survival of the...

Congrats to Ewa!!!!
The results of the Hall of Fame balloting are in: In the Greatest Player Category, the winner is Ewa Laurance, the Meritorious Category winner is George Balabushka. -- Bob Johnson...

Olhausen vs Brunswick
<< I am looking to purchase a pool table and have decided that I would like to get a Brunswick or Olhausen. I know both of them are quality tables, but is there really any di...

$5,000-added Joss Tour & 15th Annual Ocean State Championship-2/7-8/04
Snooker's Cafe Billiards & Bar is hosting the 15th Annual Ocean State Championship combined with the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour on February 7-8, 2004, $5,000 added, at 145 Clifford Street, P...

Cross-dominant with at twist
There's been quite a few eye dominance posts lately, but neither reading those nor checking the archives has really kicked my aim into overdrive. I'm left-handed/right-eye dominant. I...

i have just found a new discussion forum
hi all! do you know that the Snookerloopy website has a discussion forum now.. I am planning to do all my snooker talking there.. come on guys and gals and join me .. the add...

BCA Members and Operators
It has been brought to our attention that the BCA league is up for sale. The Association For P.O.O.L., Inc. also referred to as the TAP League would like to offer any services to league mem...

Louie Roberts award at the DCC
I personally think that the Louie Roberts award should have gone to Efren because he provided the best entertainment on both the tournament and action side of things. Efren gave Cliff Joyne...

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