TATER PEOPLE Some people never seem motivated to participate, but are just content to watch while others do the work. They are called "Spec Taters". S...

Cheating or Hustling?
If you hide your speed is that a legit hustle or is that a form of cheating? Or is it just whether money is involved that determines this? (Advantage gained through deception...

jcbilliards, bad online table purchase
Ok, here is a rant for people to steer clear of www.jcbilliards.com. About two months ago, we purchased an imperial black widow 9' pool table from them, and finally after about 1.5 months i...

Quality Control is down at Meucci Cues
Has anyone else experienced a serious downswing in the quality of Meucci Cues and problems dealing with them getting things taken care of? I have long been a Meucci fan and played...

Trump 10 ball in AC NJ??
has anyone heard about the trump 10 ball tournament in atlantic city new jersey? last year it was hit with the big snow storm(around feb 17) and only produced about 90 players. jus...

jay kircher mcdermit cue?
I have reciently recieved a fairly plain mcdermit cue with the name jay kircher engraved in the butt. It looks like the original finish on the cue and the name dosen't look like it was added...

Efren Reyes
I'm told by a friend in L.A that Reyes is moving to the US. Turns out he will be near a new room called: "Good Times". Seems the Phillipine Government wants more and more of his "action" for...

Last call 9ball in Paradise result
Last Call 9Ball in Pool Paradise Dec/27, 28/2003 Champion Jeff White $ 1625 2nd Mario Morra $1025 3rd Aaron Thomas $725 4th Jim Wych $525 5/6 Mike Fischer, John Mor...

Moving a Pool Table
Hi guys. I have to move a 9' Victor circa 1950 table across town. Since I already will have a Budget moving van, I thought I'd break down the table and bring it to the new place. I am not...

*Serious* Issues with American Heritage table -
Hi, everyone. I bought an American Heritage ("Tacoma") 9-foot table in March of last year. This seemed to be a marvelous table at the time. It has 3-piece 1-inch slate. Insta...

Leroy , The redneck reindeer
Leroy, The Redneck Reindeer Well, you've all heard about Rudolph and his nose, But I'll tell you a Christmas tale that never has been told. ...

Pool players and drugs
Hey All, www.thebilliardchannel.com This site used to be a billiard site. It now takes you to a page for Vicodin... I remember one time a road player came throug...

January 3-4 Tournament New Orleans, Louisiana
All players welcome. This is Pechauer tournament so you will have a chance to play and or watch some pretty good players. Any of you Florida boys going to make it like Broxton, Marty ...

Visiting Los Angeles
This is going to be my first time on the West Coast. My pretext is that "well advertised" UPA tournament at the Bicycle Casino as I'm going there with my friend Danny Hewitt to support him. ...

DP cue on ebay
hi there i just put my new dp cue on ebay due to lack of playing these days. you can find a few nice pictures here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3650278461&c...

Happy New Years !!
I just tried something I haven't done in years! I threw up all 15 balls on my 9ft Gold Crown. Anyone who's played on the table will tell you it's one of the toughest Gold Crowns in the count...

JimBo Cue missing
Me thinks my (JimBo) cue has fallen off the map, I will wait one more week before I hit my remote GPS self destruct button and poisonous gasses emit from under the wrap and kill every thing ...

Bushka RD #2 ***QUIZ***
I was at the poolroom the other night and decided (due to the thread) to ask some of the pool players some questions. Now just to clarify it the room is a young crowd, between 16-22 Hi...

Black Boar custom cue
I would like to ask Black Boar to make a cue for me. However they don't have website anymore. Is there someone who knows their mail address? I would like to get in touch with them via e...

snooker loopy
hi biys! Would you like to add your own links and comments to my mates new site. www.snookerloopy.com I think you will like!

Fairfield County's Best (revised)
I erroneously posted the wrong date , I sent it out "EXACTLY" as it was written on the flyers When you see Chris Garey or Jimmy Southers slap 'em silly !! Here it is once more wi...

Pockets in Grand Rapids, MI
Just moved to the area and was curious if anyone watching this group regularly knew why a place called Pockets in Grand Rapids closed. There's Anzeh Sands (sp) closer to GR, but I think Poc...

OK, I think I am going to move to Florida
I hope there is a lot of action rooms / players in the Boynton Beach area. See yas soon

2003 Mosconi Cup will air on...
This is the response I just got via e-mail from ESPN, the link Bob Johnson so kindly provided: "Thank you for your e-mail. "Due to technical issues, the 2003 Mosconi Cup did...

Billiard related sports injury
Two months ago I increased my daily pool playing from 1 to 4 hours every day. After two months I had to stop because of pain in the meaty part of the palm of my bridge hand. Applying press...

Removing a Hex (curse) from a pocket :-)
Sometimes when I am about to win a game, my opponent will place a "Hex" on the pocket I am aiming at. This "black magic" will then of course make me to lose the game since the pocket is "cur...

Hey, JAM... I found the following tag-line and thought you might be able to use it. > It was once thought that a million monkeys, banging on > a million typewriters, would e...

Cincinnati and area
Hey, Ive just started visiting this group in the last week or so. Ive noticed a few people from the cincinnati area in here, and am just wondering how many of you are there, and where...

Gold Crown, Years of Manufacture??
Do anyone know the approximate years each of the Gold Crowns were manufactured? Searched the web with no results so I'm sure I'll get the answered here. Thanks -- Chet ...

Explanation of the missing Mosconi Cup re: espn
AZ Billiards now has the explanation for why espn did not air the Mosconi cup as planned. Does it make me feel any better? No! Linda Moss ( 6days housebound with the flu) CRANKY!

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