How much did you pay?
I just started researching pool tables and am very annoyed to find that I can not find a published price list. Not even an MSRP! Let's see how many people we can get to respond. Plea...

I have had so much fun keeping the "V" a secret...
That I decided to keep it that way. Anyone that plays me will figure it out :) Johnny "V"

Superb Competition
Hi all Go to our web site and enter our free snooker competition!! Http:// Cheers JT

Looking to buy POOL table with Tennis
Hello, i am looking ot buy a pool table, and i am new to the field of pool tables. However i do play alot of pool halls and i know what kind of table they have there. Most of the halls ...

Intentionally Hitting Other Players Balls
Went to a $4 entry fee tournament a few nights ago... One player was intentionally hitting the other player's balls to knock them out of the way. The other player got quite upset with ...

Stone Rings
I am looking for a source for stone or recon stone rings for cues. I have sources for the recon stone for inlays but can not find anything that would do for rings. Any help would be apprec...

WANTED: "Racking Secrets" by Joe Tucker (book)
Please e-mail [email protected] with description of book's condition and price. Thanks. :) Title: "Racking Secrets" by Joe Tucker ISBN: 0966079426 Publisher: Merrimack Publishin...

whats the rule? 9-ball
player bangs into a group of balls. it is a legal hit and a ball is pocketed. during the shot, the 5 ball shoots back towards shooter and hits his hand before he could move it. the ball ...

Aiming Theory Questions
Greetings all. Warning: This is a long post, that contains math and really is only theoretical. It is not all that applicable. I am an beginner level player. I used to pl...

mika wins 1st Philippine open...
it was a hill-hill match mika winning 13-12 against efren... pocketing $20,000 top prize. busta and andam finish 3rd/4th place! linds

IVOR-X ferrules
How do IVOR-X ferrules compare to AEGIS and IVORINE 3 ferrules. Is the IVOR-X the same thing as the IVORINE 3 ferrule. If anyone has hit with them how do they hit? I was just wondering if pu...

2 pocket One-Pocket
I was reading some old posts and found one entitled, "Special One Pocket Table", from Jan, 1997. John Walkup asked if anyone had ever made a special one pocket table, one...

PPV??? How to get a show on ppv? Myths and questions???
There's been a ton of theories and speculation presented as facts regarding how a show gets on ppv. If anyone really knows, perhaps you can debunk some myths and answer some quest...

Memorial Service for Andy Grubbs
For all of you who have been asking - services for Andy will be Monday December 1st at 10AM at McLaughlin Funeral Home in Fort Walton Beach. If you wish to send flowers the address is 17 SE...

just in case ya wanna read

Biloxi MS and New Orleans LA
Staying in the Biloxi area through Sunday. Looking for a suggestion on where to see some of the best players in the area. Also going to New Orleans and may be able to get away for a bit. ...

Andy Grubbs was and always will be loved
To all those who knew Andy - this was very sudden and extremely shocking. All of us at our little family known as Starcade will miss him IMMENSELY as I'm sure all his friends and family will...

Wow, what a wild ride...
Heyyyyy, I have returned to the great forum to read amongst the other brethren of the stick. I realize that I have been gone for a long time but must explain my absence. I have official...

Linen wrapped cues
Hi everyone... Is the linen wrap on a cue a useful thing to have or just eye candy? I see that some Pro,s do not use them and some do. I have tried linen wrapped and plain at my local dealer...

Sharking ? (On A More Serious Note)
There's a fellow named Pete (the cueman at Planet 9-Ball) that's SO slow and aggravating when playing pool,either for fun or in a tournament, that he gets on my last nerve. I'd rather not ...

REMINDER - Great White North - Saturday, November 29th, 2003
Just a reminder to all the Toronto and Area players who will be participating in the GWN on Saturday. Official start time is 1:00pm. Please try and get there around 12:45 so I can fina...

Base of Ball or Edge of Ball??
Group; Does anyone know if there is a BCA rule as to whether the BASE of the ball or the EDGE/horizontal-equator of the ball is used to determine whether or not a ball...

I Guess We'll Have PIZZA
I was in the mood for a turkey sammich, but the turkey was frozen. I thought I'd surprize the Barbarachnid (my creepy-scary, red-headed, blood-sucking, spider-wife) and cook the turkey for ...

54 year old cushions ???
I have a National Billiards 9' snooker table I am restoring. It was the 196th table made in 1949 in Cincinatti,Ohio; hence the frame components are all stamped 19649. As a novice (who ...

facing installation
Should the facing material be glued and finished flush with the point of the cushion? I built a table this past summer as an amateur woodworker and pool player on the cheap. I'm fairly ...

ferrule change to reduce squirt/deflection
if i move from a 11.5mm x 1inch long, phenolic ferrule to a lighter thermoplastic ferrule of the same dimnsions - how much reduction in squirt can i honestly expect? the phenolic ...

54 year old cushions ???
I have a National Billiards 9' snooker table I am restoring. It was the 196th table made in 1949 in Cincinatti,Ohio; hence the frame components are all stamped 19649. As a novice (who ...

albuquerque pool halls?
I'll be in albuquerque a couple days next week. Any suggestions?

Steve Cook's story?
After reading the Legends of the Road in the November issue of P&B, I got to wondering about Steve Cook. In 1970, he became the youngest ever All-Around Champ at the Stardust. I'm guessing...

Andy Grubb died
Sorry to say our good friend Andy Grubb died yesterday. Andy was the owner of Starcade BIlliards in Ft. Walton Beach , Fl., a very good player, and a super nice guy. Hope you'll join me in o...

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