Is it my imagination.......
.....or does Deno somewhat bear a resemblance to Steven Lee the English snooker player? Just wondering. :o) Sincerely, Sam

Lucasi Cues?
Any input on Lucasi cues? Homer

A notice apparently from the APA
I received the following addressed to [email protected] apparently from the APA. They seem to me to be laboring under several serious misapprehensions, but here it is. -- Bob

Bob Byrne's "Complete Book of Pool Shots"
The table of contents and an excerpt from Bob Byrne's new book "Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots (350 Moves Every Player Should Know)" are available at: http://www.harcourtbook...

Another Dominant Eye Test -- And a New Thought
If you can stand to hear any more about this... Try this test: With your hand close to your face (say an inch or two in front of your nose), focus on a distant target and p...

FS: Clasic Meucci 333 Series (from early 90s)
Hi All, Just checking to see if anyone would be interested in a classic Meucci from about 10-12 years ago (I cant remember exactly when I got it, but i have been the only owner) <...

Win every game or lose on purpose?
Playing in bars... It seems to me that some people don't want to play someone who wins every time. So the better you are, the fewer people who will play pool with you. Correct? Wr...

Holy jumping cueballs Batman!!!
I just got the Lucasi jump cue and with 3 tries I jumped the cueball a good 10 inches off the table!!! It bounced 3 times and went into the corner pocket... A HOLE IN ONE!!! Damn I am impres...

taking cues on a plane--checking them
I know you have to check them. Has anyone taken one anywhere and checked it? What was the experience? Anything bad? What was the cue in? Just a case? I am goin...

airline travel and cues
i'm not a regular poster here, but i do lurk here a bit... question - how do the airlines feel about cues in carry-on luggage? i know they'll fit in the overhead, but they are kinda s...

Porper cases...
Anyone have any thoughts on them, good or bad? I'm specifically interested in model 6-118. Anyone have a line on a place that has great prices?

Video of ring game at Southern Billiards
I see that you can now purchase a copy of the 12 hour ring game on VHS at the website. It is only $15 including shipping. Just to let anyone know that is intereste...

2003 Glass City Open, November 12-16, 2003, Toledo, Ohio
In less than 2 weeks, the 2003 Glass City Open will be held at the Clarion Hotel Westgate, 3536 Secor Road, Toledo, Ohio, on November 12-16, 2003. Nick Varner (2002 Glass City Open Ch...

A different game........
maybe you have heard of it..... maybe not, I called it follow the leader, other similar names might be pig or horse! I set up a shot, any shot, if I make it you must shoot the same sho...

Ed Young Custom Cues
This post is primarily directed towards Pat, but any answers are appreciated. Pat, have you seen Ed Young hanging around Chris' lately? When I lived in Chicago, I had gotten a cue...

Not getting older just better.
Here is one for you old cue experts. Wooden instruments improve with age as a rule. One that gets a lot of case time does not improve as fast as one that is regularly played. The instrument ...

$2,000 to 1st Place in Chicago Area - This Weekend
Anyone Can Play In These Events, Spectators Are Welcome -- BE THERE !!!!! REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP THIS COMING WEEKEND ********** $5,000 ADDED ********** Quentin Corner Pocket i...

How to pronounce "Bacote?"
Just got a new cue made with Bacote. How do you pronounce it? I've heard bah-coat and bah-co-tay. Thanks, PJ

Room size question
A concern I have with the finished basement in my new home that is going to house my new table almost as soon as I move is this: The main room downstairs is 23' X 19'. That, of course, is ...

Table Advice
Hi folks! I was looking through Google for some information on a few things and saw there are a lot of new people here, I hope some of the old wise guys are still here as well. ;...

Forearm Perpendicular to Cue Revisited
It came to my attention that my forearm wasn't quite perpendicular to the cue (horrors!), so I've been working on moving my arm forward a tad to correct that and see how it works out -- tink...

Michaely cues
I recently purchased a sneaky pete cue that has no markings except a scripy on the butt that reads "Michaely". I am assuming this is the makers name. I searched Google and found a Michaely's...

Interesting URL
Here's an interesting URL I ran across. I know some of you are liberals, and may not agree with this, but I do (and then some of you are not Liberals, eh). http://www.boycottcb...

$30,000 Ring Game
The Ring Game to be held in January at the Derby City Classic is a joint creation of Greg Sullivan and myself. I just want to make sure Greg and Diamond get the credit they deserve. Thanks f...

Annual STARCADES Billiards FALL tournament- Nov 15-16
Andy Grubbs and partners are gearing up for their annual tournament in Fort Walton Beach Florida. The tournament is extremely popular. I am looking at a flyer that he sent. ...

Valley Forge Comment
Just a word of warning to anybody who plans to try to sell cues at the Expo. Hopkins is not like most tournaments. If they catch anyone trying to sell cues without having a booth, they wil...

Fix a Phobia?
I played a guy from north of North Bay last night. That's pretty far north in Ontario, eh. Anyway, he plays snooker and pool and is a solid 'B' player in my estimation. But he has one strang...

Valley Forge
Can anyone give me the prize money breakdown for Hopkins' Expo? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.

APA Handicap System
To anyone who's interested. A new site is now available for ALL Apa members. YOu can keep your stats online,100% free. We're in the process of adding a feature to handicap the stats based on...

Any amateur tourneys ever in New York City?
I live in New York City, and finding fellow pool players is hard enough. I've been playing for several years now and can hold my own. Was wondering if there are any amateur tournaments...

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