Rambow Cue appraisal
Can anyone recommend someone in the Milwaukee/Chicago area who can authenticate and appraise a mid-sixties Rambow cue for me? Also, where would be the best place to sell such an item? ebay? ...

Looking for a type of Instroke Case
Hi Group, A friend of mine has an Instroke case that I got to have. This is NOT the traditional Instroke type with the tubes and opens from the end. This is a soft case with har...

Anyone heard of cuemaker/player Billy Webb?
Hi, Has anyone ever heard of cuemaker/player Billy Webb? He lived in the Seattle area for years, but recently moved back down South again. I have a few of his cues I'm abou...

Seeking someone: bought my accu-stats tapes and books - mall parking lot
Hello, I am looking for a gentleman that I sold my entire collection of about 200 Accu-Stats tapes and 30+ books to about 5-6 years ago. We met in a mall parking lot in Ohio...

Forbes on Brunswick
Article from Forbes.com pasted below: Pocketing a New Market Stephane Fitch, 10.13.03 Brunswick Billiards was a he-man brand in a slump. It's staking a comeback on sl...

Fran Crimi sighting
Fran came to Leisure Time last night and played in the weekly tournament, rusty but getting back in stroke. Any of this flock coming to the $1000 added ABCD tournament? Bi...

WINDY CITY OCCASIONAL: Directions to Chris's Billiards, Chicago
Chris's Billiards 4637 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago (773) 286-4714 Street parking is easy (and safe) around Chris's. I think they also have a free parking arrangement wit...

Eddie Robin- Position Play in 3C Billiards Ebay Ad
I drank too much coffee today and my ebaying is the result: I am selling one of my original sealed copies of eddie Robin's Position Play in Three Cushion Billiards. That's right,seale...

Jack Koehler
Howdy, I am doing an inventory of my billiard books and came across a 1989 first edition of "The Science of Pocket Billiards." The book is signed by Jack dated 6-23-95. I didn't...

Ebay Ad- clay balls
My billiard closet is full again...and the antique billiard items are giving me a hard time for keeping this broken-up pool ball set with them The billiard items don't think they will age a...

Deadstroke Tape
Can anyone tell me where I can purchase The Dead Stroke Tape by Schaller Studio with Tom Majeski. Thanks Cliff [email protected]

Religion and pool...
Geez, I guess Dr. Cue is not alone -- I just came across the Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, at http://www.gospeltrickshot.org/. Does anyone know of any religious organizations pursuing ...

Sound of cue
I had a nice Lucasi that I was very happy with and soon decided I wanted something a little more special and. I worked with a cue maker here in So. Cal (David Whitsell) to design and <...

Unable to find thread Check the URL
Is it just my server or something. I'm finding that alot of the threads that I would like to read are coming up with this. Any help? Thanks EdS

Playing 8-ball in the VNEA last night and we finally got to the last round at about midnight (only one table). I'm the last player and it's a close match so my captain says, "Just make 5 bal...

The Cannon
Anyone know where SHannon Daulton is hiding out these days??? havent seen or heard his name since his tour kinda failed down south. It was a shame to not see him at The Open this year hope ...

Moori Tips
I am in AB, Canada.. Can anyone point to a good place to get Moori tips at a "good" price ?

used cue sales
At one time I noticed a web site that was in someones signature that had a large selection of high end used cues. I've since forgot can anyone point me in the right direction. I think the ...

best place to buy a pool table in DC area
I am looking to buy a pool table in the DC area, either new or used. Where is the best place to go? Don't want to spend a fortune. jj

Anyone ever order from seyberts
Has anyone ever ordered from seybert's website? I tried to order a 314 shaft, two boxes of master chalk and a cue cube. After six tries I decided the website was a piece of shit and decide...

Dress codes for the pro's?
Are there any dress codes for these so called "pro tours"? I know of amateur tournaments that don't allow shorts or halter tops/suggestive clothing for women. Hank <...

Ron De Rueda
Has anyone ever heard of a guy named Ron DeRueda from the Chicago area? He sells cues under the name Cuesmart, Inc. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about him.

Re: Stroke Trainer Review
On 9/28/03 10:34 AM, in article [email protected], "knd" <[email protected]> wrote: > Ken, > > Can you tell us what this device will do fo...

Pool tutors in/around Boston?
Hi, Could you tell me where can I find tutors for Pool in/around Boston, MA area? I've been searching on Google for a while now, but cant seem to find anyone. Thanks, Lax

Manitowoc - Green Bay WI
I will be in the Manitowoc WI area next weekend and probably will be free on Saturday, 10/4. I'm willing to drive to Green Bay, but not too keen on the ride to Milwaukee. If anyone is int...

The Hurricane has had us shut down with no phone or power. Today our power and phones have been restored and we are up and running. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience for anyone. Th...

cue/ball collisision
hello everybody sorry, my English is very bad and the subject is difficult, I will try to be as clear as possible with some friend we try to built a "realistic" simulation s...

Black & White Bumper pool balls?
Anybody know of an online site where I can buy these? All I can find is red and white. Thanks.

What do ya think? It's definitely a Titlist blank. Don't think he used stickers though. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3628955639&category=21212 Tod...

Tang and Efren
Anyone out there know what's going on with the matchup between Tang Hoa and Efren Reyes at Hard Times in Bellflower?

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