Seeking advice on buying cues
Hi folks :-) I am looking to buy cues for my fiancee and myself. The quality of the cues at the local pool hall is pretty dismal. I have been playing recreationally for about 20...

espn pay per view
I heard a rumor that the open is going to be on pay perview, around the 24th of Sept. Anyone got a web site for more info. (I'ld even take a more pedestrian form of info, like a magazine, e...

correct aiming
Lately I have been having problems pocketing a ball after I thought I had positoned and aimed correctly. I do not know if I am jumping up, not following through or looking at the wrong ball...

Need help pricing an old cue
A friend of mine, hearing that I had sold a couple of items on eBay, asked me to help him sell an old cue stick. It's a one-piece cue that has a label on the butt saying, "Willie Hoppe Titli...

Mike Zuglan's Joss NE 9 Ball Tour
Mike Zuglan's Joss NE 9 Ball Tour sponsors - Joss Cues( Webb Custom Cues( Cameron Custom Cu...

billiards and wrist injury?
Hi. Ive had carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis in the past in my wrist. I want to take up pool as a hobby. Have there ever been a problem associated with pool and repetitive s...

Is pool hustling in movies unrealistic?
Ive seen Color Of Money, The Hustler, and other movies about pool. It always seems silly,the hustler lets the chump win a few games, then says "lets double it" and then wins all the money. ...

For sale Predator SPJU
I bought a Predator SPJU to try out. Payed with it for about an hour total time. It is still in new condition but is slightly used now. There are no nicks or dents. Weight is 19 ounces. Aski...

Tampa bound
Tom Simpson (for those NG'ers with some memory) and I will be in Tampa the week of 9/8 for some training. Where and when are the places to go to meet up with some NG regulars? To...

at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last." Wife has been at her Mother's since Thursday and will be until at least Sunday evening, daughter is away until Monday eve...

WTB: 9' Brunswick Gold Crown III or IV in poly black
Looking to buy a used 9' Brunswick Gold Crown III or IV in poly black. Preferably in the NY metro area, but will pay shipping from other areas if price is right. Thanks,

Table Installation Question
I'm intend on acquiring a tournament pool table in the near future. The floor where I intend to install the table in porcelain tile over a concrete floor. Other than for protection of a st...

New Events on Viking Tour Schedule
New Events Added: 10/11-12 $1,000 added- Bankshot Billiards - 8-Ball - Columbus, OH 10/11-12 $1,000 added - J.O.B.'s Billiards - 8-Ball - Madison, TN (Nashville) 11/1-2 $5,000 a...

Johnny Archer vs. Sandor Tot on TV
I was watching Archer vs Tot this afternoon and Grady mentioned that Johhny plays with 'his own' cue and it only costs $200. What cue is that ? Btw, this U.S.Open match will be shown ...

US Open Pool
I'm not sure if it's to close to the CPR or not but I have received a bunch of interest in another pool/Calcutta. I have decided to sell 32 spots on the winner's side and 16 on the 1 l...

Most Frequent One Pocket Mistakes
Long as we're on the subject... A lot of what you need to know to play one pocket well is what NOT to do. I'm usually one pocket roadkill, so what do I know? Well, I've seen p...

Mental part of the game...
I was reading an article by Max Eberle and he recommended the book "The Inner game of Tennis" to help with the mental part if the game.

How do I learn the fundamentals?
Hi, Im interested in taking billiards more seriously and developing good technique. I want to learn the basic shots, stance, strategy, how to control the cue ball, how to position my body, ...

Grady's Tournament in Columbia, SC
Anybody going to the Legends of One Pocket/Straight Pool next week? RSB members from New Orleans will be represented by Casey "the Fireman" Killian in one pocket and the undersigned fo...

Cognoscenti now on eBay
After a couple weeks with this cue listed only via my website... I've placed it on eBay. The auction will start this Sunday- and run 7-days. There is a reserve and a Buy-It-Now price. Both are ...

Does anyone have contact info. on cuemaker Steve Bailey?
Steve Bailey is a great cuemaker from Phelan, CA. I haven't been able to reach him in the last few years. Does anyone know how to contact him? Thanks in advance. Yukon Ed ...

Billardmanager Software
Full featured Application to manage your Billardcenter. PS: searching for translaters (see Homepage)

Let's JAM someone
The JAM saga seems to have come and gone, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. It was a thrill to see JAM standing toe-to-toe with what she thought was only a "Gang of 10", dishing it ...

heat and speed of the cloth
Some billiards tables are heated. My understanding is that it makes them faster. Correct? If so, why do a few degrees make the cloth faster? -- Mathieu Bouville

Caroms vs Kiss Shots, 10 Times Fuller
After all this discussion of caroms and kisses and "10 times fuller system" and so on, I wanted to get back to my original problem, which after some additional shooting, I can rephrase diff...

JOSS Cue On Ebay with Moori TipIvory Ferrule
Take a look @ this steal on a Joss Cue with a Moori Tip and real Ivory Ferrule. Heres the link: ...

Is it poor Aim or Stroke that causes you to miss occasionally?
From time to time, I have missed shots I was certain I would make. Most of the time, now, I know if it was either my stroke or my aim. I am more aware, generally, (credit to Fancher) what...

Email List Sign-Up - It's FREE
Sign-Up For The Viking Tours Automated Email List..... Click the link below... Scroll down below our announcements. F...

US 9-Ball Open
I'll try again. Has anyone got any pre-registration info on the US Open? I've got a great seat but it's a long drive if it's not truely a world class event this year. . Plus I hope...

Last call cue trial
This will be the last call the list will be filled out and the cue will be mailed out next week, if you want on E-mail me with an address (a real address &name) If you did and didn't get a r...

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