News from July 26 and 27, 2007
News from July 26. Dallas signed New Orleans free agent Brandon Bass to a 2 year, minimum contract. Dallas signed 2nd round draft pick (#34) Nick Fazekas to a 2 year, ...

Comparing Olajuwon with Wilt, Bill, Kareem, etc
How would you compare Olajuwon with these guys? Eventhough Olajuwon played against Kareem, it was near the end of Kareem's career, so not a fair assessment.

Why would Feds get involved in NBA ref scandal?
Explain to me why this has anything to do with the Feds? Shouldn't this just be an NBA matter to be resolved by its own people internally?

News from July 23 and 24, 2007
News from July 23 Detroit signed Antonio McDyess to a 2 year, $14.5 million contract extension. Indiana signed Orlando free agent Travis Deiner to a 3 year, $4.9 mill...

The Zapruder Film
ESPN ran a nice story about Phoenix getting screwed. Here it is: The Youtube film in question is being poured over...
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- to prove that Alvarez * had violated the statute before it seized his money, Alvarez had to * prove that he was innocent of any wrongdoing b...

Deer Phoenix Suns fan....
You aren't as bad as Laker fan. Please let me continue to believe that. -- C The Shocker Uh.... yeah. ...

News from July 20, 2007
News from July 20. TRADE: Phoenix traded Kurt Thomas, a 1st round draft pick in 2008, and a 1st round draft pick in 2010 for a conditional 2nd round draft pick. Phoenix also...

Tim Donaghy's games
Here are all the regular season and playoff games that I could find where Tim Donaghy officiated over the last two seasons. I haven't double-checked every game yet, appreciate any corr...

NBA Referee implicated on fixing games by the FBI
The New York Post and ESPN is reporting that the FBI is about to charge NBA referee Tim Donaghy for betting on games he officiated the past two seasons. Below is the ESPN.COM st...

News from July 16-19, 2007
News from July 16. Denver signed Memphis free agent Chucky Atkins to a 2 year, $6.6 million contract. Washington re-signed DeShawn Stevenson to a 4 year, $16 million c...

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News from July 14, 2007
News from July 14. The NBA suspended Ron Artest (Sac) for 7 games for his no contest plea in May to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. The NBA suspended Stephen J...

News from July 13, 2007
News from July 13. Dallas re-signed Jerry Stackhouse to a 3 year, $21 million contract. Houston signed Mike Harris to a non-guaranteed contract. Memphis signed O...

News from July 12, 2007
News from July 12. TRADE: Houston traded the rights to Vassilis Spanoulis, a 2009 2nd round draft pick, future considerations, and cash to San Antonio for Jackie Butler and...

Artis Gilmore
Could he have held his own against Wilt in the NBA?

News from July 11, 2007
News from July 11. In a sign-and-trade, Seattle re-signed Rashard Lewis to a 6 year, maximum contract ($118.2 million) and traded him to Orlando for a conditional 2nd round ...

Best basketball shot ever

Lebron player of the year?
Should he be?

News from July 10, 2007
News from July 10. The salary cap for 07-08 has been set at $55.63 million and the luxury tax threshold has been set at $67.87 million for 07-08 [every dollar a team is ove...

News from July 9, 2007
News from July 9. Dallas has reportedly reached a 1 year, $2.5 million contract agreement with Devean George. The contract can not be formally signed until the July Morator...

News from July 7, 2007
News from July 7. Houston signed 1st round draft pick (#26) Aaron Brooks to a 2 year, $2,018,280 contract with 2 more years worth $3,135,212 at the team's option. ...

Former NBA star may be headed to prison on exposure charge Former NBA star may be headed to prison By Associated Press 7/6/2007 9:3...

News from July 6, 2007
News from July 6. Chicago reached a 5 year contract agreement with Andres Nocioni with a 6th year at the team's option. The contract can not be formally signed until July 1...

News from July 5, 2007
News from July 5. Dallas has reportedly reached a 3 year, around $24 million contract agreement with Jerry Stackhouse. Phoenix has reportedly reached a 2 year, 3.8 mil...

Joe Dumars Bad Choice of Darko Has Messed Up The Pistons
Even though the Pistons won a title the same year, isn't it time that some well deserved criticism be directed at Joe Dumars for his selection of Darko Milicic and the negative impact that d...

News from July 4, 2007
News from July 4. Charlotte has reportedly reached a 6 year, $27 million contract agreement with Matt Carroll. The contract can not be signed until the July Moratorium ends...

News from July 3, 2007
News from July 3. Orlando has reportedly reached a maximum contract agreement with Seattle free agent Rashard Lewis. Detroit has reportedly reached a 5 year, $60 milli...

News from July 2, 2007
News from July 2. One more draft-day trade that slipped through the cracks: Philadelphia traded the rights to #38 Kyrylo Fesenko to Utah for the rights to #55 Herbert Hill...

1996/97 Bulls team-signed basketball

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